Karachi Zoo

Karachi has quickly developed into a supercity. However, the rushing about of city life leaves no time for unwinding. Fortunately, there are a couple of attractions in the big city where you can enjoy your day with your loved ones. Among these attractions is the Karachi Zoo, which gives an ideal chance to rest while getting close to the wildlife.

The Karachi Zoo, also known as the Karachi zoological garden, is one of the oldest zoos in Pakistan. The Zoo was established in 1878. While you might have known about the Zoo, having lived in Karachi for your entire life, they are worth visiting or returning to, mainly because your children love animals. It is one place that equally fascinates young and old. Also, Visiting a zoo can be an excellent learning experience for the young. They can see and notice animals in front of them, which develops a good interest in children.

The Zoo is the biggest in the city. A new name, Dan Zoo, was recently established in Karachi, but Karachi Zoo is most popular among the locals. Additionally, Karachi Zoological Garden offers uncounted delightful Birds, Species, and mammals that come from inside and outside the country for the guests engaging lengthy reasons.

Numerous families accompany their youngsters to develop their insight about birds, species, and creatures and use catch the commemoration minutes in their cameras in a generally excellent way.

Karachi Zoo Attractions, Tickets, Timings & Locations:

Every day many residents, travelers, and visitors come from various urban cities of Pakistan to enjoy this engaging spot where many animals can be seen. The visitors can see animals busy in their activities, whereas animals are conscious of many people around.

Karachi Zoo has many other appealing zoo highlights for the nature sweetheart guests, who come from various districts to gather data and partake in nature’s magnificence. In this manner, it additionally has a Natural Museum, which addresses numerous extraordinary things before the guests, like Creature Skins, Prongs, Horns and Quills, Species Living Style, and a few highlights close to others in an exceptionally proficient manner.

Karachi Zoo

Tickets for the Karachi Zoo are available at the entrance and are only thirty rupees, making it affordable for everyone.

Karachi Zoo Garden is located on Nishtar Road, Garden East, Millat Nagar, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It was established in 1878 and handover to the municipality by the government for more improvements.

History of Karachi Zoo:

Spread over a large area, 33 acres of land, Karachi Zoo opened its entryways for general society in 1878, and they stayed open from that point onward. It is Pakistan’s second-most established Zoo, with Lahore Zoo being the most established (1872). Presently otherwise called Karachi Zoological Garden, it was once renowned as Mahatma Gandhi Garden before the partition of the Indian subcontinent. The Zoo is likewise home to a National History Museum.

Karachi Zoo was opened to the public in 1878 and was named the ‘Mahatma Gandhi Garden’ in 1913. As per history specialists, the site where the Zoo is now found used to house a factory owned by the East India Organization back in 1833.

After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the name of Gandhi Nursery Gardens was changed to Karachi Zoological Gardens, all the more customarily called Karachi Zoo.

Attractions and Facilities Offered by Karachi Zoo:

Karachi Zoo has over 80 types of birds, reptiles, mammals, and fishwith 800 creatures. Be that as it may, the most renowned among these have forever been elephants. The Elephant House was home to ‘Anarkali,’ a female Asian elephant, for years before she died in July 2006 at 65.

Two female African bush elephants are present in Karachi Zoo. They were born in Tanzania in 2007, brought to the Zoo in May 2010 from Karachi Safari Park, and named ‘Noor Jahan’ and ‘Madhu Bala.’

The Natural Historical center is another renowned show where preserved animal parts are on display for viewing, including horns, feathers, skins, and antlers. Zoology understudies frequently continue the spot for research purposes. The historical center was redesigned in 1992 alongside the Reptile House, which contains 13 distinct types of reptiles and snakes. Baby turtles and crocodiles can be seen at Karachi Zoo in various fenced enclosures.

The reptile house is home to several species of lizards and snakes, including Cobra, Coral, Python, and Sand Boa. Newly hatched tortoises and crocodiles are kept in the Reptile House for proper feed and nourishment. It is an excellent attraction here.

Karachi Zoo

If you are visiting the Zoo, remember to check out the delightful Mughal Garden, which is open to the general population and contains blossom displays and Mughal-styled fountains, which look very attractive. There is a lovely lake which was made for the water species to swim uninhibitedly like Swans, White, Dark Ducks, Geese, and a piece of the other lake which the enormous crocodiles possess, carry on with their existence with a fantastic quiet climate.

These lavish green yards with beautiful flowerbeds, delightful fountains, and an exquisite Baradari suggest the Mughal-period gardens tracked down in Lahore. According to the guide of Karachi Zoo, they involve a significant piece of the Zoological Gardens and generally act as the setting for occasional flower shows. Everyone loves to visit their number one spots. Extraordinary youngsters with their folks, for the most part, come at the end of the week to get amusement from this staggering spot.

Different Types of Swings:

Inside the Zoo is a playing area where the children can enjoy some swings once they visit the Zoo. There is a tuck shop where you can buy snacks and drinks for your zoo visit. However, it is strictly prohibited to feed the animals as it is dangerous for them. Having swings and recreation places are significant so families can visit and enjoy a nice picnic and day out. Karachi Zoo is one example where people see their families and friends have a good time.

Species Inside Zoo:

There are more than 80 species of birds, reptiles, and fish in Karachi Zoo, with 800 animals. Nonetheless, the most renowned among these have forever been elephants. As per IUCN, Pakistan has 45 universally endangered species. Four of these 45 species are endangered, 12 are endangered, and 29 are vulnerable.

The following are the Species at Karachi Zoo currently:

·         Black crowned crane

·         Common pheasant

·         Greater Flamingo

·         Green peafowl

·         Indian peafowl

·         Mute swan

·         Ring-necked parakeet

·         Rock pigeon

·         Arabian oryx

·         Asiatic black bear

·         African bush elephant

·         Bactrian camel

·         Bengal tiger

·         Blackbuck

·         Chital

·         Fallow deer

·         Giraffe

·         Hog deer

·         Indian crested porcupine

·         Indian wolf

·         Lion

·         Llama

·         Mouflon

·         Nilgai

·         Olive baboon

·         Plains zebra

·         Red deer

·         Sika deer

·         Spotted hyena

·         Wild goat

·         Gharial

·         Indian cobra

·         Indian sand boa

·         Mugger crocodile

·         Oriental Ratsnake

·         Spur Thighed Tortoise

As per expert Zoologists, many animals are vulnerable and endangered species. This species is the Asian black bear, additionally kept in Karachi Zoo now with another female Syrian brown bear. They need extra care and protection to keep them safe and suitable for survival.

Asian white-backed vulture, Baluchistan black bear, cheetah, golden Mahaseer, Markhor, snow leopard, green sea turtles, long-billed vultures, Indian vulture, mountain weasel, and Marco polo sheep are likewise near the very edge of extinction in Pakistan.

Karachi Zoo

Consistently a study by the Sindh Zoological Overview Division happens, which makes a rundown of the relative multitude of imperiled species in Sindh, likewise called the ‘Red List. Whether a specie is terminated, undermined, or helpless – the status is referenced in the report. The report is then sent to the US. Tragically, under the eighteenth Amendment passed in 2015, Sindh Zoological Review Division was dissolved. From that point onwards, we have yet to get any study. Barely any years back, we heard that the establishment was given under KPT. Be that as it may, no indications of the study divisions or the reviews have been seen from that point forward.

Karachi Municipal Aquarium:

In 1952, an aquarium named ‘Machli Ghar’ was laid out inside the Zoo. After a year, Karachi Metropolitan Company (KMC) presented the situation for a zoo keeper and a veterinary specialist to guarantee the health and well-being of animals and to protect animals from catching infections and diseases.

 In 1991, the regional government redesigned the Natural History Gallery inside the Karachi Zoo, which the Japanese Princess initiated in 1992. The Reptile House inside this Zoo in Karachi was likewise broadened and revamped that same year.

Please visit the Karachi Municipal Aquarium inside the Zoo, as it is a pleasing experience. It contains 28 tanks brimming with more than 30 types of fish. Flamingos, swans, peacocks, Asiatic mountain bears, elephants, lions, white lions, Bengal tigers, deer, monkeys, zebras, Mugger crocodiles, turtles, and Indian cobras are only a portion of the numerous creatures you can observe when you visit Karachi Zoo.

Karachi Zoo Entry Tickets:

The entry ticket for the Zoo is Rs. 30 per head. You can purchase a ticket at the entrance of Karachi Zoo. It is affordable for everyone; many people like to visit from all over the city.

Karachi Zoo Timings:

Timings are subject to change for special occasions and public holidays. Karachi Zoo’s opening hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM from Monday to Saturday. Sunday, the Zoo is closed. Please make sure you plan your excursion accordingly.

Location of Karachi Zoo:

Karachi zoo is on Nishtar Road, Garden East, Millat Nagar, Karachi. You can use the navigation to access the Zoo from far-off areas.


How many zoos are in Pakistan?

Pakistan has over 14 zoos, 10 of which are government-owned and 4 of which are private.

Which is the enormous Zoo in Pakistan?

Lahore Zoo is the most significant and oldest Zoo in Pakistan.


You can add visiting Karachi Zoo to your list for leisure time. It is the biggest and oldest Zoo in Karachi, and the best part about it is that it’s affordable for everyone. People from far-off areas visit the Karachi Zoo. Please check opening hours if you stay on holidays or special occasions like Eid.

Many animal deaths have been reported in the past, which has created a stir in the news. One such example is the death of the Bengal Tiger and Arabian oryx. It is an excellent spot for recreation. However, local authorities and government should pay attention to the zoo situation as it has been the talk of the town. Poor living conditions and lack of facilities for animals remain the biggest concern. Animals should be in a healthy and safe environment to keep them disease free.

The Zoo has a large area and requires maintenance to keep it up-to-date with quality standards so that people can enjoy and become famous attractions. Maintenance and cleanliness are required to retain this Zoo active and interactive.