PNCA – All About the Pakistan National Council of the Arts

A complete and competitive education is the right of every young person. Innovation, entrepreneurship, spirit, and cultural values help individuals grow strong, independent, and learn. Arts is not a hobby but a form of education that can help students achieve their goals. Art will enhance people’s creativity and sharpen their critical intellectual skills. 

People participating in Earth also develop a sense of leadership, decision-making, and planning. Such attributes groom not only the person but the society as well.

 Keeping this in view, the government of Pakistan also came up with a prestigious institution where you learn and reflect on art. 

PNCA is a national art institute that came into existence intending to promote different types of art forms. It is managed and administered by the Ministry of Education.

PNCA Attractions

The Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) is a renowned national-level organization that focuses on all genres of art, including performing and visual arts and seeks to encourage artistic activities.

PNCA aims to promote various genres of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Film. It also aspires to strengthen provincial connections and connections with other cultural organizations on a national and worldwide level to promote culture, heritage, and the arts.

It comprises 14 galleries and accompanying display areas and contains 1800 square yards of space for lectures, classrooms, workrooms, storage areas, labs, and a library. The 400-seat auditorium, stage, and outdoor theatre are among the sophisticated amenities of the four-story gallery.

History of PNCA Islamabad

In 1973, a law passed by the parliament established the Pakistan National Council of the Arts to lead the growth of the arts in Pakistan. Everyone can access the skills by fostering a supportive climate where the skills may grow. It aspires to create a vital arts ecosystem by providing artists and art organizations with the resources they need to succeed domestically and internationally. The Board of Directors of the PNCA develops the organization’s policy and is accountable to the federal minister of information for National Heritage and Integration.

It officially opened to the public on Sunday, August 26, 2007. The Pakistan National Council of the Arts is the umbrella organization that includes the National Art Gallery of Pakistan. In 2007, Naeem Tahir served as the PNCA’s director general. Jamal Shah was president of the Pakistan National Council of Arts in 2017.

Suhail Abbasi and Naeem Pasha of M/S Suhail & Pasha, Architects & Planning Consultants Islamabad won first place in a national design competition in 1989, and their creation was used to build the NAG (National Art Gallery).

Attractions Offered by PNCA

Given that the Pakistan National Council of Arts was the nation’s first national art gallery, anyone would be inspired to go there. For a reason, it is a unique place. The art center opened its doors to tourists in 2007 and has 14 galleries, including works by regional artists. The general public is welcome to visit these galleries. Besides hosting art exhibitions, this facility hosts various activities, including musical performances and dances.

The art gallery, which features numerous creative works by well-known Pakistani artists, is the location’s main attraction. The gallery is home to many famous paintings by the two most popular Pakistani artists, Sadiqain and Ustad Allah Baksh. However, the gallery also exhibits masterpieces made by other emerging talents.


Performing Arts

Performing Arts is authorized to support and protect intangible cultural heritage. It organizes a variety of performances and programs that highlight the provinces’ and regions’ histories and cultures. 

Through stage plays, stage performances, regional dances, music programs, and other similar events locally and internationally to project cultural diplomacy, PNCA has significantly activated its functions to cast a soft image and enlighten Pakistan.

Visual Arts

In its inaugural form in 1974, the Visual Arts Division (VAD) was known as the “Plastic Arts Division.” The National Art Gallery (NAG) and Design Section are the Division’s two functional subcomponents.


The Film Division of PNCA actively supports the growth and promotion of movies in Pakistan. A year-long online film production course lays a foundation for Pakistani film education.

After the dissolution of NAFDEC, the field of film is also under PNCA. National Film Development Corporation scrutinized and screened films and movies made in Pakistan. However, now PNCA manages all protocols regarding the film.

Children’s Art Workshop

The goal of the Children’s art workshop and objectives are to discover students’ and youths’ hidden talents. Young talent and kids alike are given opportunities through PNCA. 

National Puppet Theatre

Almost all human communities practice puppetry, which involves using puppets to provide entertainment through performance. The National Puppet Theatre’s primary goals are to preserve and promote puppetry as a disappearing art form and to gently and subtly use puppets to teach youngsters about moral codes.

Art and Craft Festivals

The arts and crafts festival is not only centered on the visual arts but also includes a variety of other art forms, such as opera, theatre, film, fine art, writing, and poetry. To commemorate Pakistan’s 75th anniversary of independence, the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) held the art exhibition “Scenic Pakistan.”

This exhibition features works from the National Art Gallery’s permanent collection that have never been on display, adding to its allure.

It is an honor to be able to praise such delightful masterpieces.

Pictorial Exhibitions

The Exhibition of Pictorial Photography aims to change photography’s perception from a scientific endeavor to a visual medium for artistic expression. Two sections make up the exhibition: the Exclusive Section, which includes extensive displays of the work of a few globally renowned photographers, and the Open Category.

Modern Sculpture

PNCA hosted an exhibition titled Collective Ground. Guests from the twin cities, ambassadors, and students attended the inaugural ceremony. Each artist experimented with various mediums while showcasing their unique talents in their works. At the inauguration were senior artists Abbas Shah, Mansoor Zuberi, and Qamar Siddiqui.

The show’s organizers said it was a fantastic tour and a one-of-a-kind experience that gave access to a world filled with poetry and craftsmanship, whose only bounds were the creators’ creative visions.

Brick Walkway

The students at PNCA make a magnificent brick walkway by choosing bricks pattern for the design. Lining a wall and box loom are two more well-liked motifs.

Zen Garden

A classic Zen Garden is a barren, dry landscape made entirely of natural materials like wood, rock, gravel, and sand. There are very few plants, and there is no water. Bridges, statues, and stone lanterns are manufactured elements, and a wall or fence surrounds the area to keep the outside world out.

PNCA Ticket Price

The ticket price for PNCA events varies, and no fixed charges exist.

PNCA Timings 

PNCA is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It remains closed on National holidays. 

PNCA Location & Contact info

The PNCA was founded in the middle of the 1970s. It is situated in the capital’s F 5/1 SECTOR and constructed on a tiny mound in opposition to the Majlis-e-Shoora and the Aiwan-e-Sadr.

The address is:

F-5/1 F-5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

You can contact them at 051-9205273. 


Art is essential to encourage creativity, engagement, and societal leadership qualities. The education ministry of Pakistan also manages such institutions to promote art and local culture reflected in different art forms. Numerous events are arranged around the year where various forms are arts are encouraged. If you are an art lover in any form, PNCA is a must-visit place for you.


Where is the National Council of Art of Pakistan located? 

PNCA is the center of art-related activities in the City. PNCA organizes numerous cultural shows and performances to promote art and national culture. It is also home to the original artwork of famous Pakistani artists. PNCA is located in Islamabad and can be reached at F-5/1 F-5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

You can also contact the PNCA administration at 051-9205273

What is the PNCA function?

There are two central departments of PNCA, i.e., performing arts and visual arts. Numerous displays and exhibitions are arranged to promote local art and artists.

What is the price of tickets for events in PNCA?

There is no fixed ticket price for the events organized by PNCA. The ticket prices will be visible once the event dates are announced.