Bhara Kahu – A Serene Neighborhood of Islamabad

Besides being one of the calmest and safest cities, Islamabad also has a large surrounding territory. Bhara Kahu, one of the most populated regions of the Islamabad area, is one of these localities. Northeast of Islamabad is where it is situated. The Capital Development Agency (CDA) in Islamabad controls the tiny city of Bhara Kahu.

The present name of the city, Bhara Kahu, is formed from “Bharakao.” The site is excellent, with lovely countryside views and a short drive from the significant Bhara Kahu chowk. Bhara Kahu is a well-liked region that draws a lot of customers and tenants since it gives you the choice of purchasing or renting a house. It offers its people a wide range of amenities and conveniences.

Within the last few years, Bhara Kahu has undergone substantial development. It is regarded as one of Islamabad’s more reasonably priced residential districts and some other regions. Kot Hattial is among the well-known places to live since it provides a variety of houses with modern designs at reasonable prices.

History of Bhara Kahu

More than 119,034 people, as per the 2018 Pakistan Bureau of Statistics data, call Bhara Kahu home. A region of mixed cultures, home to large populations of Murree, Kashmir, Chitral, KP, Sindh, Balochistan, and Hazara. In addition to these populations, there are a few homes for minorities. It is considered advantageous when locating workplaces, schools, etc., because of the diverse culture and low utility costs.

One of the best universities in Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam University, is only 10 minute’s walk from Athwal Chowk. The distance from Prime Minister Secretariat Islamabad to Bara Kahu is 12.3 kilometers.

Bhara Kahu Weather

Islamabad Bhara Kahu experiences scorching, muggy, rainy, clear summers and short, chilly, partly cloudy winters. The average annual temperature ranges from 38 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely falling below 33 or rising above 107.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Bhara Kahu is an exciting neighborhood. It is located in the exceptional metropolis of Islamabad and is close to some fantastic tourist destinations. Following are the tourist attractions nearby Bhara Kahu:

Shahdara Valley at Bhara Kahu

Have you ever eaten while seated with your family and friends on a charpoy while your feet dipped in the chilly stream water? If not, you must visit Islamabad’s beautiful and enchanting Shahdara Valley. Shahdara Valley is one of the best places for a picnic in Islamabad because of the breathtaking Margalla Hills in the background and the cool stream that runs through it.

You can engage in several intriguing activities at Shahdara Valley. Mountain climbing is a sport for kids ages 8 to 15 where you climb a mountainous area using boulders as stepping stones. Additionally, there is a small park with slides and swings to keep kids occupied. Adults can go climbing and trekking over the rocky terrain, and several restaurants and culinary establishments serve tandoori chicken, karahi, and cooked beans. Additionally, you can sip hot tea while eating fried pakoras and samosas from nearby sellers that charge affordable prices.

Shahdara Valley is a vast region home to lush meadows, steep peaks, and a chilly river stream. You may drive a long way down the valley and take in the scenery. The valley is more lovely when the yellow Amaltas trees, which line both sides of the winding roadways, are in full bloom.

Phulgran Village

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Islamabad to reside in is Phulgran. Approximately 10 miles or 17 kilometers east of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is Phulgran in the Punjab area. There are two significant airports out of the nine that we’re aware of near Phulgrn. Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Pakistan is the closest airport and is about 11 miles (or 18 kilometers) away in the southwest. There are other transportation choices besides airports (check left side).

Nearby are several Unesco world heritage sites. Taxila, located 19 miles (or 31 kilometers) to the west, is the Pakistani heritage site nearby. In the area around this location, researchers found four exciting places. You might wish to visit some of the following places while you’re in the area: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Haripur, Abbottabad, and Rawlakot.

Bani Gala at Bhara Kahu

Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The incredible metropolis is well known for its forward-thinking and reformist planning, which the Punjabi government developed. The infrastructure and planning of the city are of the highest caliber. It offers lush vegetation in addition to breathtaking mountain views.

With astonishing and unique house constructions spread out around the city, Bani Gala is known as one of the capital city’s developing residential neighborhoods. The name Bani Gala is frequently connected to elegance. It is recognized as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Islamabad and the entire country.

At Bani Gala, you can find a wealth of plants, stunning landscapes, fantastic weather, breathtaking views, a healthy atmosphere, and the endless rivers of Rawal Lake. Without a doubt, Bani Gala Islamabad is a place of ultimate seclusion and tranquility.

Chattar Park at Bhara Kahu

Approximately 20 kilometers separate Chattar Park from Islamabad’s Red Zone. The location is well-known due to the beautiful scenery it provides. However, this Park’s placement in the center of Islamabad and Murree is its most attractive feature.

As a family theme park, it has much to offer in the way of beautiful hikes, soul-stirring peace, and other fun recreational pursuits. In addition, you can gaze at the mountains surrounding the entire area, a softly flowing stream, and a waterfall for a captivating perspective. In summary, Chattar Park is the top destination and should be considered when planning any journey to Islamabad’s suburbs.

While visiting, there are many activities you can take part in. There is a mini-aviary with peacocks, roosters, parrots, a horror house, a snake house, and mechanical rides (train, merry-go-round, bump the cars, and ship). Boating in the river that runs through the Park is another option. To meet the demands of the guests, numerous little stalls provide food items for refreshment.

Shumber Waterfall

In Islamabad’s Margalla Hills, the stunning Shumber waterfall is located. A periodic waterfall, that is. The river level rises during the rainy season, particularly during the monsoon. Other than that, the waterfall dries up. Due to its location in the Margalla hills, this location is not very well known. But you got to go there. The Shumber waterfall’s splendor is unparalleled. The waterfall is surrounded by trees and large boulders, making for an attractive sight.

Facilities in Bhara Kahu

All services and facilities needed to live comfortably are available to Bhara Kahu residents. You may find grocery stores, vegetable markets, mosques, salons, fitness facilities, and other establishments when residing in Bhara Kahu.

Various commercial banks in the area handle daily financial and banking needs. The neighborhood’s people have a wide range of stores and malls. It is an excellent place to live because of these essential amenities and conveniences. Zero Point in Islamabad is 14.7 kilometers away from Bhara Kahu, while the New Airport Terminal is 44.8 kilometers away.


There are several different places to eat in Bhara Kahu. It has alternatives from fast food to Indian and continental Pakistani cuisine. Similar to that, Bhara Kahu locals can find a variety of bakeries nearby.

Transport Facility

A number of the city’s top attractions are close to Bhara Kahu. Within a short drive of the region are well-known public spaces such as Lake View Park, Sharada, Kot Hathial, Phulgran, and Sanjalian. Residents may quickly and conveniently move inside the city thanks to vans, minibusses, and other internet taxi services like Careem, Uber, and InDriver.


Numerous private hospitals and clinics with top-notch clinical and pharmaceutical facilities are located in and around Bhara Kahu. For crises, these hospitals offer a 24-hour emergency response. There are many medical facilities nearby.

Educational Institutions

The location of Bhara Kahu is ideal—close to educational institutes. While there are a few universities in the neighborhood, several prestigious colleges and schools are nearby, notably Quaid-e-Azam University.

How much is the Distance to Reach Bhara Kahu from Islamabad?

Islamabad and Bara Kahu are closely connected through the G10/4 sector. It only takes 27 minutes to reach Bara Kahu from the center of the capital city of Pakistan. Since the road network is perfect, you can quickly get to your destination without much hassle or traffic jams. 23km is not a problem on the carpeted road of Islamabad.

Location of Bhara Kahu

Bara Kahu is a top-rated residence area located a few miles from Islamabad. It can be reached at 33.73, 73.18 coordinates. It is only a few miles for Islamabad and Murree.


Is there any waterfall near Bhara Kahu?

The beautiful neighborhood of Bhara Kahu is also quite famous for being close to fantastic tourist locations like Shahdara, Phulgaran village, and Chattar park. Besides this, some tremendous waterfalls are near the area, including Brutti waterfall, Kuri waterfall, and Shumber waterfall. Even though these places are jam-packed on holidays or weekends, they are a must-visit, especially if you can visit them during weekdays.

Is Bhara Kahu a Housing Society?

Bhara Kahu is a serene neighborhood of Islamabad. It emerged as a popular residential area, but now it is a commercial hub for many businesses. It also has a housing society administered by Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation. It is a perfect place if you want to have your dream home near the capital and still don’t want to be a part of the busy metropolitan area.