Rawalakot Azad Kashmir

Rawalakot Azad Kashmir is one of Pakistan’s most known, most visited, and most respected places. Over the years, the popularity reached significant heights, so much so that today Rawalakot Azad Kashmir is considered one of Pakistan’s most substantial and beautiful travel/tourism spots. The Poonch District’s capital is Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. It is located 76 miles from Kohala in a valley with a saucer-like form at an elevation of 1615 meters (5300 feet).

Additionally, there is a road connection to the nearby districts of Azad Pattan and Dhalkot, as well as to Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Muzaffarabad via Kohala and Sudhangali. Many individuals all around the world have ties to this region of the world in some way. Many people here have relocated to South East England, including London and Sussex. Tattapani, in District Poonch, is a unique location because it is the only place in the world where clean water that is 100 degrees Celsius can be drawn from the ground. An airport that used to service the city and areas has been shut down and is no longer in use. By way of the Guoien Nalla road that connects Rawalakot and Azad Pattan and Goin Nalla to Mong, Rawalakot is connected to Islamabad and other major cities.

It is 120 kilometers from Islamabad. Rawalakot, commonly known as “Pearl Valley,” is reachable by car in two to three and a half hours. Its specialties are the natural beauty of its peaks and the friendliness of its residents. It takes at least five hours by bus, approximately three hours, and, in exceptional cases, three and a half or so when traveling by wagon.

History of Rawalakot

The feudal history of Rawalakot ever since partition is specifically brief. All historical accounts mention the Poonch rebellion of 1955, which occurred eight years after the subcontinental partition of India and Pakistan. Not all the other castes had successfully moved to India during those times. The people called Sudhans raised an uprising that rebelled against the governance of Sher Ahmed khan. The rebels tried to reinstate chief Ibrahim khan in place of Sher Ahmed and called for people’s rights and other reforms relating to democracy.

Weather in Rawalakot

The weather here remains exceedingly moderate throughout the year. Since the place is located high above sea level (at an altitude of 1,638 meters above sea level), it can get freezing in winter. Some winters report weather exceeding 2 degrees during December and January. The temperature in Rawalakot remains moderate. On average, it never exceeds 25 degrees, even during summers, which is considered very reasonable by the locals and visitors.

Why is it Called the Valley of Pearls?

Rawalakot is regarded as the jewel of Kashmir, and the Valley of Pearls is also sometimes referred to as “paradise on earth.” Extreme natural beauty can be found there. Although it lacks a vibrant culture, it is primarily known for its breathtaking scenery and tourism. Most villagers live in poverty, and an increase in tourists is one source of employment and income for them.

When to Visit Rawalakot Azad Kashmir

Mid-year summer months like May to August are when the atmosphere of Rawalkot can be found at the peak of its natural beauty. These are when the natural vegetation all around comes forth lush and green, standing out as if nature is proud of her various designs. Thus it is recommended that one should visit at the ideal times.

Why is Rawalakot Most Famous?

It is most famous for its natural beauty and calm, soothing recreational environment. Tourism destinations have been long since the advent popularity of Rawalakot, set on increasing visitation to this beautiful place.

What to Pack for Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir

As Rawalkot is situated high above sea level, some recommended gear and equipment which is deemed of great importance are:

Hiking Shoes

Warm Clothes


Camping Essentials

It is always better to have your equipment with you, which is why the abovementioned stuff can significantly increase the quality of your traveling experience.

What are the Top Attractions in Rawalakot?

Four significant attractions initially began to attract other Pakistanis besides the residents to Rawalkot. Banjos Lake, Poonch River, Toli Pir, and Tatta Pani are great attractionsThe Nergola waterfall is a famous beautiful waterfall of these lush highlands, which many tourists visit. Details of these attractions are as follows.

Tatta Pani

Tatta Pani, located 45 kilometers from Rawalakot City, offers a singular experience: hot springs that erupt from the ground, the naturally warm water issuing forth from the ground in such a spectacular way, subsequently making its way down to the Poonch river. These sulfur water springs have water that is 65°C in the winter and 86°C in the summer. During the River Poonch flood, hot water baths that already existed were devastated. There are, however, a few rest houses nearby.

 Tatta Pani, “Hot water” in Punjabi, comes from the sulfur-filled hot springs that give the area its notoriety. Located 45 kilometers from Rawalakot City at an altitude of 2,237 feet, it is a settlement in the Kotli District (682 m). The Poonch River receives water from underground hot springs that emerge. A few rest homes are located on the property. The AJK Tourism & Archaeology has this tourist bungalow. Department for lodging for visitors Tatta Pani provides a distinctive experience as well. Some people go here to bathe in the water to treat skin conditions, weariness, and joint pain. 

Banjosa Lake

In Azad Kashmir, Banjosa Lake is located close to Rawalakot. An artificial area with a mimicked lake at a staggering height of 1981 meters is a popular tourist destination with vibrant trees and blossoms because of its spectacular and shocking views. The location, which is also polarising for kids, is encouraged by swings and slides. This glistening little Lake, known as Banjosa Lake, is surrounded by mountains and a magnificent green garden filled with flowers and trees. Only 12 kilometers separate Rawalakot from Banjosa Lake.

Guests are enthralled and hypnotized throughout the tour by the breathtaking scenery. Banjosa Lake is around 20 minutes away from the city. The area’s streets are exceptionally well-maintained, and the security situation is also acceptable. Near Banjosa Lake, there are various opulent guest rooms and Inns.

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir government has built some alluring resorts near the Lake, which may be booked from the AJK office directly, which is situated in Rawlakot, Azad Kashmir. A few privately owned hotels and restaurants within a short stroll of the Lake also provide delectable meals and other services at very decent and considerably affordable prices. It is always advised to reserve your rooms in advance because Banjosa Lake is a well-known vacation destination and attracts many visitors in the middle of the year.

The beautiful Lake Banjosa’s captivating excellence is reflected in its calm, still waters. The primarily organized tourism resort in the area is Banjosa Lake. It is enjoyable to stay in one of the guest cottages constructed around the Lake. While appreciating the area’s quality, one can enjoy casually swimming in the Lake, reading a book, or listening to music.

This enchanting Lake in Banjosa, mesmerizingly lovely, induces a calming effect that improves the person’s mental health by eliciting comforting feelings. It is a luxurious ordeal to stay at nearby built-in guest houses around the Lake. A good starting point could be to enjoy floating while doing other recreational activities, such as reading on your phone, listening to music, talking with friends, etc.

Poonch River

Only 35 kilometers separate the Poonch River from Rawalakot City, so it is very easy for travelers who come to Rawalkot to go and see the Poonch river, the experience afforded at this beautiful spot is hugely worth it. The river is split evenly between the Pakistani and Indian sides. There are a lot of places along this road that offer beautiful waterfront views.

The potential to build water-based recreation can be taken advantage of because the water route is relatively large in some places. Summers are hot, and winters are chilly. With a height of 886 meters above sea level, the Poonch River is situated in Tehsil Hajira, 35 kilometers from the district. The Poonch River runs through Pakistan and India, with the Indian portion being the most intriguing aspect of the river. Along this path, many picturesque locations, including Kotli Tatta Pani, provide travelers with an appealing outlook.

 But overall, the weather and temperate are very moderate, considering the location is found at such heights above sea level. The atmosphere is usually very chilly, and one does not feel as much heat here in summer compared to the other parts of southern and northern Pakistan. 

Places to Visit in Rawalakot

Among the most visited places in Rawalakot, the highlights of every tasteful traveler are as follows.

Toli Pir

The distance between Toli Pir and Rawalakot City is 40 kilometers. In the city’s northeast, it is both the highest mountainous site and the region’s most beautiful point. The location of Toli Pir places it as the beginning point of several mountain ranges. The spot always provides a tremendous spectating point that oversees the distant leisure of expansive green fields with aspirational vistas. On the route, a tourist rest stop is also situated in a beautiful area. You can see Abbaspur, Bagh, and the Poonch River from Toli Pir.

 On the highest point of Tolipir, there exist some ancient remnants of a Mazaar. The summertime climate is pleasant but colder from October through March when wintertime snowfall begins. The summer months of April through August are when the region’s natural splendor is at its best. It is the highest alpine peak in Rawalakot (that is;), Toli Peer. 

 Its height is mesmerizing, and is located at a magnificent elevation of around 8800 feet above sea level. Its expansive grassy field offers a beautiful view of nature and a serene atmosphere that gives you the impression of one standing on top of everything and looking down. You can see the Poonch River, Bagh valley, and other beautiful places.

Thus the destination of Toli Pir is considered the place of genesis for three mountain ridges. Camping, paragliding, hiking, and trekking are all beautiful things to do in this area.

Gurdwara Rawalakot

Gurdwara is a known historical monument of Pakistan; after a century, the structure of the gurdwara is still inherently reminiscent of the Sikh culture. The Sikhs constructed it for them about 100 years ago, and many still visit the remnants. The ruins are 3 kilometers away from the city and can provide a great view of the surroundings because they are significantly high.

Nergola Waterfall

One hundred twenty kilometers from Rawalpindi, in Rawalakot, is where you’ll find the Nergola Waterfall. A three-hour drive from Rawalpindi is required. Even though the road isn’t very rough, it will make you feel better when you get there. Its location is in a place named Mutialmera, just outside the city. When you get to Nargola Waterfall, a visitor center can be found across the road. They are allowed to spend the night in that guest house.

There are a few other hotels within a kilometer of Nargola Waterfall. To get here, you must park your car on the main street and take a 15-minute walk down the slope. There is a small tuck shop on the main street entrance, which leads to Nergola Waterfall. You can visit this location to enjoy the cascade and gorgeous trees; the area is situated at the mountain’s base and is not directly accessible from the street.

Things to Do in Rawalakot

The most known activity, which has become common for all, is hiking. The steep pathways and naturally constructed hills provide the best hiking experience. This exercise done by hiking is worth more than any amount of jogging. Hiking in a place such as Rawalakot produces excellent mental and physical benefits for the human body.

Camping is also considered a favorite public activity, and besides the necessary equipment you need for camping, nature provides all the rest of the facilities. Paragliding is also available, and many people partake in it. The parachutes allure a lot of people and are provided at certain costs. If a person is visiting this place, it is recommended that they must try paragliding. The experience is unique, and the place’s natural beauty makes it memorable.

How to Reach Rawalakot?

The distance from Islamabad to Rawalakot is approximately 130 kilometers. The distance depends upon the quality of travel. Some transport can take up to 4 hours and some 3. It is recommended that you should use your vehicle and leave early. Sometimes due to exterior agents and other circumstances, it can take even longer than 3 hours, depending on your mode of transport. You can drive yourself or use public transport options from your city.

Facilities in Rawalakot

Rawalakot provides exceptional food and staying facilities for travelers. The restaurants and local eateries offer the best local foods known to everyone, with traditional Pakistani drinks like Chai and Qehwa. The  Bazar is busy, filled with local shops and street vendors. You can also find different foods, vegetables, and footwear, from textiles to carpets and winter wear. The bazaar offers a diverse variety of other products and is worth visiting.

What are the Best Hotels in Rawalakot?

Most popular tourist destinations have a variety of hotels, motels, and guest homes run by the private and public sectors. The Rawalakot International Hotel & Restaurant, the Green Valley Hotel and Restaurant, the Marjan Hotel, the Pearl International Hotel & Restaurant, the Gulf Palace Hotel, the Swiss Cottage Guest House, the Heaven Dreams, the Night Bridge Hotel, and the Green Valley Hotel are some of the well-known and comfortable lodgings. Popular hotels for tourists include Gulf Palace Hotel and PWD Guest House Banjosa.

Azad Kashmir to Rawalakot Distance?

The distance depends on one’s destination point. The approximate distance from the Kashmir Bagh destination to Rawalakot is about 40 kilometers.

Location of Rawalakot Azad Kashmir

The capital of Poonch in Azad Kashmir, Rawalakot, is located in the Pir Panjal mountain range and is one of the cities in the central district.


What language is spoken in Rawalakot?

Pahari is the commonly used language, but Urdu is also spoken and understood.

Is it safe for families to visit Rawalakot?

Yes, it is safe for families to visit. Most tourism groups have consisted of families.


Concerning the Experienced description of Rawalkot, it remains One of Pakistan’s most vibrant cities. It allows you to enjoy the country’s natural beauty. Upon the first visitation, the experience is such that one cannot help but blink because of its unparalleled visual splendor. As a result of its distinctive natural beauty and breathtaking scenery, it is sometimes referred to as the “Pearl Valley” of Azad Kashmir.

The Valley is renowned for its brilliant green meadows, beautiful flowers, gorgeous lakes, strong streams, and opportunities for wildlife adventures. Rawalkot is located at 1615 meters above sea level, where it is calm and beautiful and provides the enchanting experience of nature. Every season is worth experiencing for its beauty. Due to the relatively good weather, May to October is the finest month to visit this tourist attraction. If you want to view the snow, December to February is the best month.

The Valley offers a variety of enjoyable activities, including mountaineering, trekking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, and water sports, to all visitors. So, if you are a Pakistan travel enthusiast, it is worth the visit.