Poonch – The Mini Kashmir Of Pakistan

The Pakistani-controlled territory of Kashmir, located west of the Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir, is known as Azad Jammu and Kashmir, or simply Azad Kashmir (basically, Free Kashmir). Azad Kashmir is one of the most attractive regions in the Subcontinent because of its friendly people and verdant, fertile, and picturesque mountain valleys. Kashmir is unquestionably one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Tourists sometimes refer to it as “Paradise on Earth” for its picturesque natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. One such mind-blowing destination in Azad Kashmir is Poonch, Pakistan. This post will take you on a virtual tour of the beautiful District of Poonch, Azad Kashmir. So please relax, sit back, and let us take you on the most breathtaking journey.   

About Poonch District

One of the ten districts that make up Azad Kashmir is the Poonch Kashmir District. The sub-districts that make up the District at this time are:

  • Haveli District
  • Bagh District
  • Poonch District
  • Sudhanoti District

Bagh District surrounds the Poonch district on the North, Haveli District on the north-east, Sudhanoti and Kotli District on the South, Poonch District of Indian-occupied Kashmir on the South-east and Rawalpindi District of Punjab Province of Pakistan on the West. The more significant conflict over Kashmir between India and Pakistan covers the dispute in Poonch District. The city of Rawalakot is the headquarter of this District. The third-most urbanized District in Azad Kashmir is this District. 

History of Poonch Azad Kashmir Pakistan 

Muslim rulers of Loran in Haveli Tehsil controlled it from the end of the 17th century until 1837 CE. Raja Faiztalab of the Punjab administration eventually seized Poonch Azad Kashmir. Under the conditions of the Treaty of Amritsar, Maharaja Ghulab Singh acquired Poonch Kashmir in 1848. It was a jagir bestowed to Raja Dhian Singh before this Treaty. Jawahar Singh and Moti Singh, sons of Dhian Singh, acquired possession of Poonch Kashmir and the surrounding lands from Maharaja Gulab Singh. The Raja of Poonch Azad Kashmir had to gift one horse with gold decorations to the Maharaja. After first consulting Maharaja Gulab Singh, the Raja of Poonch Kashmir could make any administrative changes in his domain. 

The western portion experienced a revolt when Pakistan gained independence in 1947. Under Sardar Ibrahim Khan’s leadership, the rebels requested assistance from the Federation of Pakistan, providing weapons. As a result, the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir aligned with India, and a war between India and Pakistan broke out. An implementation of a ceasefire divided the District into two distinct districts. The former headquarters of the city came under Indian rule. And Rawalakot contained the office of Poonch Pakistan, in the Western District.  

Poonch Weather 

The high elevation and northerly location result in humid subtropical Weather significantly colder than most of the rest of Azad Kashmir. Winters are chilly, with an average daytime temperature of 2.5 °C (36.5 °F) in January and nighttime lows below zero. Summers are brief and typically enjoyable. Typically, the summertime high does not exceed 30 °C. Because of disturbances in the West, winters are chilly and wet. During January and February, snowfall is relatively frequent.  

Location of Poonch Azad Kashmir Pakistan 

It is a second-order administrative center in Pakistan-administered Azad Kashmir and a stunning tourist location. The mandated boundary between Pakistan-administered Azad Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir, known as the line of control, is not far from Poonch, Pakistan. The Pir Panjal mountain range isolates the Kashmir valley from this valley. For a considerable time, Jammu was the only road connecting the two valleys. The 2010 completion of the Mughal Road created a direct link between Bufliaz in Poonch and Shopian in Kashmir.

Top Places to Visit in Poonch Pakistan 

It is popularly referred to as “Mini Kashmir” because of its resemblance to Kashmir in natural beauty, environmental conditions, and topographical features. It offers enormous potential for adventure activities, and people envision it will become a haven for explorers, campers, and excursions in the future. Poonch Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, is a popular tourist destination with many attractions and activities. Whether you want to unwind and relax or explore great visiting places, it has something to offer everyone. So let’s look at the tourist attractions present here.

Banjosa Lake

Located at an elevation of 1981 meters and 20 kilometers from the District of Rawalakot is a stunning Banjosa Lake. It attracts the attention of tourists with its exquisite beauty and magnificent surroundings depicting the marvel of nature. In the middle of Banjosa’s breathtaking natural beauty, the artificial lake reflects the thick trees that line the area where Banjosa Lake’s still waters are resting. Jandali, Hussain Kot (the hometown of the renowned independence hero Captain Hassan Khan), and Devil Gali are local attractions that should be visited when traveling toward Banjosa Lake. Near the mesmerizing Banjosa lake, there are also a few resorts, guest rooms, and snack stores for the convenience of visitors. You can also locate a market One kilometer away, in Chotta Gala Bazaar and Banjosa Bazaar, to fulfill your various necessities.

In this area, the summers are fantastic, and the winters are chilly. It gets freezing here in December and January when the temperature drops to -5 °C. Summertime temperatures range from 16 to 25 °C. So pack your belongings according to the weather and forecast.

Toli Peer  

The scenery of Toli Peer is breathtaking. Here, you’ll get a sense of being on the edge of the world. The hilltop, which is 2,666 meters (8,418 feet) above sea level and about 30 kilometers from Rawalakot, is set in the Poonch Azad Kashmir, on the Line of Control (LOC). The highest point on the mountain and the starting point for three summits is Toli Peer, situated in Rawalakot’s northeastern region. Once you get to the summit, you’ll need to stroll because the mountain top is entirely green and has beautiful views in the summer. The best time to visit Toli Peer is in the summer. There is heavy snowfall in winter. Toli Peer is a fantastic location for strolling and grilling. It is the place to go if you like the outdoors and want to escape the tension and pollution of the city. With a wide variety of hotels, cottages, and amenities, it is the perfect place for tourists and travelers to unwind, eat, and take a stroll. As a result, tourism has dramatically increased in the area.

Poonch River  

A tributary of the Jhelum River, the Poonch River traverses Azad Kashmir in Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir in India. Its source is in the Neel-Kanth Gali and Jamian Gali regions of the western Pir Panjal range. It initially flows southerly before entering Mangla Lake close to Chomukh. On the banks of this river are the cities of Poonch, Sehra, Tata Pani, and Kotli. The beautiful River is approximately 886 meters above sea level. One of the most beautiful sights is the sunrise view. The sun’s golden rays peek over the horizon, casting a warm glow over the water and the surrounding landscape. Many visitors watch the sunrise to walk along the shore and view the scene from different perspectives.

Tatta Pani 

Located on the right bank of the Poonch River, Tatta Pani is 29 kilometers from Hajira town. Hajeera-Madhol & Balouch-Pakhonar, two roads are connecting Tatta Pani to the city of Hajira. Tatta Pani is located on the right bank of the river, 29 kilometers from Hajira town. Hajeera-Madhol & Balouch-Pakhonar, fair weather roads, connect Tatta Pani to Hajira. You can reach Tatta Pani traveling 26 kilometers from Kotli, the district center of Kotli. The sulfur springs at Tatta Pani are incredibly famous among travelers. Many people travel here in the winter to use hot water to treat their dermatitis and rheumatic conditions. The Azad Kashmir Tourism Department built a tourist lodge and restrooms to comfort the guests. This gorgeous location offers a serene atmosphere and large green meadows that span a sizable area. The place holds the ability to enthrall its visitors.

Bhalgarn Village

Rawalakot, the District’s capital, is about an hour’s drive from Bhalgran Village. The Jhelum River flows in Bhalgran’s West, and the village of Thorar is in its east. This region offers stunning views to its spectators.

Chhota Gala  

Chhota Gala is a village in Poonch Azad Kashmir that is 1,929 meters above sea level. One of the most adorable features is the vast verdant landscape. The water at the Chhota Gala lake is known for its clarity and visibility. The lake’s clear waters are also a significant draw for tourists, who come to see the stunning views and take photos of the beautiful surroundings. The clear waters are a testament to the area’s commitment to environmental conservation and help to make the lake an exceptional destination.


Among the must-visit places in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan is the stunning town of Abbaspur. Located at the Line of Control, separating Azad Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir, Abbaspur offers diverse experiences and attractions, making it worthwhile. At Abbaspur, the lush green surroundings and fine weather will delight you. The never-ending greenery and breathtaking landscape will leave you awestruck, and you will marvel at the creativity of mother nature.  


Why is Poonch Pakistan famous?  

Poonch Azad Kashmir is famous for its expansive valleys, pleasant weather, and tall, lush green mountain ranges; there are many outdoor enjoyment opportunities. Because of such breathtaking scenery and attractions, people refer to Poonch as Mini Kashmir.  

What language do people speak in Poonch Azad Kashmir, Pakistan?  

Approximately 95% of the population speaks Pahari, often known as “Punchi,” but Gujari is also widely spoken, and Urdu is the official language of Poonch Azad Kashmir.

3. Can Pakistanis go to Poonch Azad Kashmir? 

Pakistanis can visit the Poonch district and the surrounding tourist attractions administered by Pakistan. They will need a permit from the Azad Jammu Kashmir department.  


Poonch Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, is home to several picturesque areas and lovely locales that have kept the surrounding area’s natural beauty. Above mentioned sites are worth visiting each spot to take in the breathtaking scenery because of the serene and unhurried vibe. Once you see this beautiful Pakistani territory, Poonch Kashmir, you won’t get bored of the panoramic vistas or the physical attributes! Remember to visit these stunning and well-known locations!