Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad

Azad Kashmir is home to many natural beauties. Among the many places you can visit in this region, Pir Chanasi stands out because it offers visitors a scenic view, easy access, and some of the tallest mountains around. Known as both a sanctuary and a tourist attraction, Pir Chinasi has situated roughly 30 km (19 mi) east of Muzaffarabad – the capital city of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan’s main summer resort. 

At an elevation of 9500 ft or 2900 m above sea level, this mountain peak holds immense religious significance for Muslims who come here for the ziarat of a famous saint, Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari. Visitors often enjoy its spectacular views while admiring sites such as Muzaffarabad and nearby rural villages. The area has become increasingly popular among adventurers and paragliders thanks to its stunning backdrop and perfect weather conditions year-round.

Weather at Pir Chinasi

Weather conditions are favorable at Pir Chinasi; however, it is advised to carry one’s safety gear. Beautiful sunsets and clear skies make this the perfect destination for a vacation from the noise of busy cities. Tourists come here to see the bustling town of Muzaffarabad below them while enjoying nature’s splendor. All those people love what they see since they keep coming back repeatedly!

When is the Best Time to Visit Pir Chinasi?

The best time of year to visit is from June through September. It’s too cold outside during the other months, and people often need to bring warm clothes with them when they go, but in the summertime, it becomes a little hot so that visitors can stay for long periods.

Recommended Gears

So many people visit Pir Chinasi every year for many reasons one might want. Before heading out for the trip, though, please keep in mind that unless you want to bring a ton of supplies with you for your use, there are no authentic hotels outside this village – which means if you’re coming during winter from October through March, the higher elevations will be covered in snow (and very slippery). Tents will not cut it when temperatures plummet during nighttime hours. So, please ensure that safety equipment is for the snowy season and enough food is needed.

Moreover, there is heavy snowfall for those who want to go in the cold months but beware- camping is only sometimes recommended since accommodation options inside the town start getting few and far between. For those looking for warmer weather instead, bring some ear muffs and sunglasses along – because while summers here might seem milder than what one typically experiences elsewhere, it can still get pretty chilly after dark!


Pir Chanasi is a fantastic day-trip site from Muzaffarabad. Located high in the mountains, it provides incredible views of the valley. However, we recommend bringing an umbrella because of the snow-covered ground and icy winds!


Situated in mountain terrain, Pir Chinas provides marvelous views over the valley below from its perch. However, a jacket is highly recommended for anyone visiting the area because of its snow and cold weather conditions. This will keep them safe and sound – but most importantly, warm! They’ll also have plenty of time to explore what Pir Chinasi offers before returning home!

Snow Boots

Pir changes offer amazing views. However, because of its snowy weather, tourists must wear snow boots to take this scenic tour easily. Travelers planning on coming between October and March should also prepare for cold climates by wearing thicker snow boots and walking cautiously – because getting caught off-guard could lead to injuries if one isn’t careful.

Warm Clothes

During the coldest winter months, from October to March, most Mount Pir Chinasi becomes blanketed with a soft white powder. It is best for those who travel during these months to pack for wet and cold weather, dressing in warm layers which allow air circulation so that you can maintain body temperature.

Attractions at Pir Chinasi

Peer Chanasi Peak is a beautiful place to visit year-round, but it shines on the snowy days of winter. During this period, many people come up to the mountaintop shrine Pir Shah Hussain Bukhari, which is located in the highest part of the hilltop Peer Chana’asii peak; because of heavy snowfall covering everything below—even during visits to the shrine itself, visitors can enjoy playing in the powdery fluff and enjoying other activities. Families usually bring their children too, so they can play together, ride on horses and even eat delicious food before returning from this incredible adventure. Visitors often stay for most of the day and bask in every activity available at this one-of-a-kind location.

Snow Falling in Winters

Pir Chinasi is an excellent destination in the winter, but care should be taken because it can get frigid. There are plenty of things to do there year-round, but remember that it gets colder during the winter, so dress appropriately for the weather when traveling there.

Beautiful Dense Forest

The dense forest of Pir Chinasi is an exquisite sight to visit. Its lush green canopy houses all types of trees – Oak and Pine are common yet share space with other evergreens. The best time to visit this location is from March through September.

Panoramic View of the Surrounding Hills

The elevation of Pir Chinasi Hill Station is just over 9,500 feet above sea level. You can see the stunning panoramic views of the hills and waterfalls below. This particular region has scenic views and trails in every direction. It is one of the favorite spots for travelers looking for adventure; one with a strong heart would love to explore these magnificent landscapes from this vantage point!

Hiking Track to Neighboring Peak

Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad stands proudly at 9,500 feet high. Even more inspiring are its wide roads that make reaching the summit easier than ever. With such a powerful engine, you can quickly move your car. But if you hike instead, you can experience nature and its beauty! Visiting here will also offer visitors a spectacular view of the Jhelum Valley and nearby snow-capped mountains. Hiking provides an opportunity for something new – adding some spice to the rest of my trip.

Shrine of Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari

The peacock is a popular favorite among pilgrims, symbolizing spirituality and self-reflection. Naming itself after Saint Pir (famous for his generous heart), this spectacular creature can be found in the sanctuary of old Saint Shah Hussain Bukhari. Tourists flock to witness these magnificent birds within their natural habitat, and for them, this trek through the grounds is an essential step to fulfilling their wishes and getting closer to God. Locals also cook niyaz—a traditional sacrificial feast given to worshippers–daily and serve it up free to visitors who stop by. For many worshipers, cooking food for guests comes hand-in-hand with being welcoming and hospitable—even if you’re merely passing through town or camping out nearby!

View of Muzaffarabad from Pir Chinasi Top

High altitudes provide new perspectives on life and how it affects others around you. With every turn, the beautiful views change; the people change; what they do changes- yet remains the same. Standing at the edge of each mountain peak offers incredible views over Muzaffarabad, a remote area within Azad Kashmir- with many amazing sights to behold. From here, one can see parts of Pir Chinasi Top. The Pearl Continental hotel sits atop- thus making it easy to understand why this place would make such an excellent destination spot for travelers looking for something out of the ordinary in Pakistan. Of course, this isn’t always possible because there are vast spaces between some mountains that lead down towards lush green valleys where even under hot temperatures, trees offer respite from the pollutants released into such thinner air.

Urs of Hazrat Pir Chinasi

Pir (meaning a Sufi mentor/teacher) Chinasi, who we lovingly call Saint of the Summit, was an incredible man. Those who went to his place felt they were on top of the world! They’d talk about how they had never felt such exhilaration and panic at once before experiencing all that he had to offer there. The event they are preparing for now – Urs of Hazrat Pir Chinasi – will only remind us that “The need of the world today is not learning, but how to become considerate towards one another. To find out in what way happiness can be brought about, and in this way to realize that peace which is the longing of every soul; and to impart it to others, thereby attaining our life’s goal, the sublimity of life”.

Things to do at Pir Chinasi

There are many reasons why any tourist guide to AJ&K would only be complete by mentioning this particular destination. What makes it unique is the paved path up the hillside, allowing cars or even adventurous hikers easy access to the top. If you climb up – with a powerful engine or by foot – you’ll experience nature at its most beautiful best. Remember that you’re going around the mountain once you start climbing (or driving)! Some parts require a taller stride but keep guard when navigating sharp turns along the edge. Every corner offers new sights: lush vegetation amidst picturesque views of life below in Muzaffarabad Valley. Even from such great heights, Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad can still be seen in perfect detail on every side of the horizon.


The area is also a popular tourist destination because of Muzaffarabad and nearby villages. It is known for paragliding and snow cross jeep rallies during summertime. Adventure tourists can enjoy walks through snowy terrains in winter with company tours provided by AJ&K Dept. of Tourism and Archeology. Paragliders can then explore mountain sides of Pir Chinasi- carefully maneuvering from one point to another without falling or losing control due to the possibility of hitting trees. 

Snow Cross Jeep Rallies

Pir Chinese is famous for snowcross jeep rallies. If you’re planning your next trip to Muzaffarabad, try and design it so that you’ll be able to see some live race action! Or take the Kashmir Highway if you’re leaving Islamabad- it will save you time. When most people come here, they usually go around town or do some paragliding. It’s also known for its annual snowcross jeep races and gorgeous scenery, perfect for a day out with friends or family!

Sight Seeing

Pir Chinasi is an ideal destination and summer resort for those looking to escape their everyday lives. Boasting many hotels in Muzaffarabad, a Tourist Lodge of the Kashmir Tourism Department and the recently constructed Mir Continental Hotel at Saran is also there to provide housing as well as various essential amenities. The valley’s natural beauty will charm you with its scenic views, which only grow more captivating when you see the nearby mountains-peaks. With plenty of attractions to explore and itineraries explicitly designed to maximize everyone’s experience, Pir Chinasi always impresses those who come across it.

Facilities in Pir Chinasi

A day trip to Pir Chinasi from Muzaffarabad is a great way to unwind and have various facilities. A government guest house in Saran can offer accommodations while tourists enjoy the tranquillity of this serene location. Those who wish to spend more time here are advised to book a reservation beforehand with the AJK Tourism Department because they have limited capacity.

Dhabas & Tuck Shops

Two points on the mountain lead to the Neelum Valley. It is usually covered in thick snow all year round, but thanks to its well-maintained roads, plenty of tourists come up here for a day trip. There is a small cafeteria at the top where you can buy some pakoras (tempuras) with spicy dipping sauce. They also sell other refreshments, such as drinks and chai tea. You can explore dhabas and tuck shops nearby as well.

Beautiful Huts for Night Stay

A perfect day trip destination from Muzaffarabad, Pir Chinassi takes you high up in the Himalayas and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. If you want to spend the night here, try staying at AJK Tourism Department’s Tourist Lodge at Saraan. The Beautiful Huts for Night Stay are recommended in Pir Chinas.

Saran Guest House

Pir Chinasi is the perfect place for escaping one’s ordinary life; though a day trip may be sufficient, an overnight stay would provide more significant benefits. For tourists who desire to stay overnight, there is lodging in the government-run guesthouse known as Saran Guest House or local stores that sell food. 

How to reach Pir Chinasi?

Pir Chinasi mountain has a paved way up to the summit. It is called Pir Chinasi Road. The road usually stays open year-round but can be closed when the access road gets blocked by snow. It is a twisty series of hairpin turns (with over 30) and very steep sections.

It takes about 1 hour to drive there from Muzaffarabad City, so it’s best to hire a car if you plan on making this journey alone.

In Muzaffarabad, plenty of rental car offices are ready to provide knowledgeable advice and assistance for tourists exploring Pakistani cities while enjoying our scenic views.

How Much is the Distance to reach Pir Chinasi From Muzaffarabad?

Pir Chinasi is positioned just over 9500 feet (2900 meters) above sea level, which means good quality roads carry people from Muzaffarabad to here in about an hour and a half. This location is about 30 kilometers away from the urban area of Muzaffarabad. The views up here are breathtaking. 

Location of Pir Chinasi Muzaffarabad

Peer Chinasi is a place in Azad Kashmir that provides views of lush forests and the nearby Prison Valley, just below the shrine. It sits atop a mountain of about 2,900 meters and has dense forests. And though you might think that having such a fantastic sight overlooking one’s home would be enough for some people – some decide to make Peer Chinasi their final resting place. This makes it one of the most beautifully haunting places on Earth, so if you ever find yourself wandering through these parts, stop by and see what all the fuss is about.


Why is Pir Chinasi famous?

The thrill of flying in the air and looking down at the ground below is something that Pir Chinasi is quite famous for. It offers unparalleled freedom to those who dare to fly, allowing them to experience serene nature, overcome the soaring pine trees, and even measure their might against this immense mountain.

Is Pir Chinasi worth visiting?

Pir Chinasi is a genuinely remarkable attraction located in Azad Kashmir. It has something for everyone, from family-friendly attractions to those looking for some serenity or adventure.

Are the Roads to Reach Pir Chinasi Safe?

Roads are passable at Pir Chinasi. However, there is one slight stretch near the top of Pir Chinasi Road, where it becomes quite steep. At this point, though the surface, for the most part, has been well-maintained and kept clean, drivers should take extra caution when ascending this hill. Careful driving is needed here! Ensure you are going slowly during the ascent because if you do, you might break down or crash into something else on your way back down again.


Pir Chinasi is an exceptional place for tourists to explore. Tourists can experience two different types of sports at Pir Chinasi, just for summer and winter visitors. This makes it the best place for people who want to do paragliding or snow jeeping. Pack up your things and head to Pir Chinasi today to experience its wonderland firsthand!