Khari Sharif

Khari Sharif is placed in the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir. It is famous for the shrine of Peer-e-Shah Ghazi and Khari Sharif Mirpur. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was a Sufi saint who lived in the 19th century and wrote Saif-ul-Malook, a famous Sufi poem.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was buried at Khari Sharif, and his shrine is known as the Khari Sharif Darbar. The Shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh has become a popular pilgrimage site for adherents of various faiths in Pakistan, India, and across the globe.

When visiting Khari Sharif, people can participate in several activities, such as reciting the Holy Quran, offering prayers, and special qawwali programs.

Visitors to Khari Sharif are welcomed by Mian Muhammad Bux’s family members, who continue to follow his teachings.

About Khari Sharif

A fertile stretch of land in Mirpur, Azad Jammu, and Jhelum is known as Khari Sharif. It is an area with almost 80 villages near Mian Muhammad Bux’s shrine. As per the last census, Khari Sharif’s population is more than 9000. With Mian Muhammad Bux’s shrine in the center, Khari Sharif is full of spiritual energy.

Khari Sharif Darbar

It is a temple complex located in Khari Sharif, Mirpur District. The site is dedicated to Mian Muhammad Bux and his works and teachings.

The temple complex consists of several buildings that house Mian Muhammad Bux’s shrine and the book he wrote, Saif-ul-Malook. Visitors can also visit Mian Muhammad Bux’s tomb, which is located inside the complex.

The shrine also houses a mosque, library, and museum dedicated to Mian Muhammad Bux’s life and teachings.

The complex is an important pilgrimage site for devotees of Mian Muhammad Bux and followers of Mian Muhammad Bux’s teachings.

The Darbar also hosts several festivals annually, including Mian Muhammad Bux Day, which celebrates his birth anniversary.

Visitors to the shrine can also explore his home, which has been preserved and is open to visitors.

The shrine also houses his items, such as robes, books, and manuscripts.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

He is known as the spiritual father of Mirpur Sufism, and devotees can visit Khari Sharif Darbar to pay homage to Mian Muhammad Bux’s legacy. The shrine also serves as a place for devotees to gather for prayers, meditation, and other religious activities.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh believed that all religions have value and should be respected. He also taught his followers to respect the beliefs of other faiths and to strive for harmony between them.

He was a great teacher, mystic, and poet whose teachings still influence people today. He wrote 18 books in his lifetime, including Mirza Sahiban and Saif-ul Malook, two of his most famous works.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was born in the Paswal tribe in Jhelum, Pakistan.

He was buried in a shrine known as Khari Sharif Darbar, which is now one of the most important spiritual sites for Muslims in Pakistan.

Famous Folklore Saif-ul-Malook at Khari Sharif

The famous folklore of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is the epic poem Saif-ul Malook, which tells the story of a prince who fell in love with a fairy. The fairy was Badi ul Jamal, whom the prince saw in dreams. Captivated by her beauty, the prince embarked on a journey to get her.

In the poem, he tells the story of how the prince went out to search for the fairy and the trials and tribulations he faced along the way.

This journey led him to salvation, and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh used this story to illustrate the importance of spiritual devotion.

Whenever he recited the poem, it was so captivating that people would gather around him and listen in awe.

Today, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is still remembered for his spiritual legacy, and Saif-ul Malook remains an integral part of the Sufi culture in Pakistan.

The story is the epitome of his teachings and is celebrated at the Darbar, where he is buried.

Peer-e-Shah Ghazi (Dumriyana Wali Sarkar)

Peer e Shah Ghazi is another revered Sufi saint whose shrine is situated in Khari Sharif, Punjab. He was a follower of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and studied under Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s guidance.

He taught his followers to uphold the values of a Sufi lifestyle and live spiritually devoted lives. He is known to have blessed Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and declared him the spiritual successor of Khari Sharif.

The shrine of Peer-e-Shah Ghazi continues to be revered by locals, who visit it to pay respects and seek guidance from Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s teachings.

He built the Darbar, the town’s leading site of Sufi activities.

The shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh can also be found here, along with many murals depicting his lifetime teachings.

Preservation of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s Teachings at Khari Sharif

For Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, Khari Sharif was a hub of spiritual activities and knowledge. Special Qawwali programs are conducted here, attracting devotees from all over the country.

His teachings continue to be preserved by Khari Sharif Mirpur, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting his teachings and legacy.

They have established a special place for Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s teachings to be shared, discussed, and celebrated by devotees.

Attractions At Darbar Sharif

The Khari Sharif Darbar is home to a large mosque where the locals recite his teachings. This also hosts an annual festival in Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s honor, during which devotees come from all over the country to pay respects.

Let’s discuss the main attractions here.

1.     Chilla Gah of Muhammad Bakhsh

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was the custodian of Chilla Gah, and devotees visited this sacred site to offer their prayers.

The Chilla Gah features his residence and a grand mosque, making it one of the most important pilgrimage sites.

Chilla Gah is a place of utmost peace and tranquillity and is a unique example of his teachings.

When devotees visit Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, they seek blessings at Chilla Gah. 

2.     Shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

The shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is an essential attraction for devotees from all over the country. The shrine features a Tomb, Hujra Mubarak, Langar Sharif, and Mazaar.

The Mazaar is believed to be the resting place of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, and it is a popular site for devotees from all faiths.

A shrine is a place of worship, and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s shrine is an integral part of the culture in Manual. 

3.     Langar Sharif

Langar Sharif is a special place at the shrine, which provides food and other services to the local community. Devotees from all faiths are welcome to partake in the Langar, symbolizing his commitment to service and community.

Devotees gather to honor Mian Muhammad Bakhsh by sharing food, stories, and laughter.

4.     Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Hujra Mubarak

Hujra Mubarak is located in his shrine.

It serves as a place for scholars to gather and discuss philosophy, literature, and Islamic studies.

The Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Hujra Mubarak has become essential to Manual’s cultural heritage.

This event attracts devotees from all over Pakistan and beyond to pay their respects to Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and his teachings.

Activities At Khari Sharif

Khari Sharif is home to Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s shrine, Darbar, and Hujra Mubarak.

Visitors can participate in various festival activities, including qawwali (devotional singing), religious discussions and lectures, cultural events, and traditional food.

Let’s discuss the activities to do here:

1.     Recitation Of The Holy Quran

Visitors can participate in the recitation of the holy Quran and its translation.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is revered as an expert teacher. So his interpretation of verses from the holy book would be significant to visitors.

As a sign of respect, the recitation is done formally, with participants wearing traditional dress and sitting on the ground.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s recitation of the holy Quran was an enjoyable experience for all visitors. Thus to commemorate Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, Khari Sharif Mirpur organizes the recitation of the holy Quran every day.

He is remembered for reciting the holy Quran, and his teaching is shared with others.

It is the ideal destination for anyone looking to experience his teachings and enjoy an unforgettable spiritual journey.

The place has something for everyone, from reciting supplications to offering prayers and sharing his spiritual wisdom.

2.     Offering Prayers

Visitors can also offer prayers at Darbar, one of the holiest places in Khari Sharif Mirpur. The spiritual environment of this place makes it ideal for offering prayers and seeking blessings from the Almighty.

The peaceful atmosphere of this place makes it an ideal spot for reciting supplications and seeking guidance in life.

Prayer is central to the teachings; visitors can learn more about his teachings by spending time in this holy place.

3.     Special Qawwali Programs

Moreover, the Darbar also organizes special qawwali programs that provide spiritual entertainment to visitors.

Music and poetry share Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s teachings during these programs with others.

It is an excellent way for people to connect with his teachings and enjoy spiritual entertainment simultaneously.

Visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the message by attending such events.

4.     Devotion to Allah

The Khari Sharif Darbar and Khari Sharif Mirpur have always been a place of devotion to Allah and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh.

Any devotee will find solace and inspiration in the Darbar or Mirpur.

Visitors can join activities such as prayer, recitation of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s poetry, and talk about the teachings. 

5.     Maktab

Maktab is a place of learning Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s teachings. Visitors can attend lectures, seminars, and workshops.

They can focus on his writings and learn about his philosophy and teachings. And they can discuss his relevance of him in today’s world.

6.     The Food

Khari Sharif Darbar also offers fantastic local cuisine. Various dishes like biryani, kebabs, and pulao are served here. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy delicious food while also learning more about Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, Khari Sharif Darbar or Mirpur is the place to go.

7.     The Atmosphere

Khari Sharif Darbar and Mirpur are peaceful places with a spiritual ambiance that seems to be embedded in their walls.

The atmosphere is exceptional and a great way to learn more while enjoying some peaceful moments away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Annual Urs Festival at Khari Sharif

What is a Urs? Urs is the annual festival celebrated at Khari Sharif Azad Kashmir in Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s honor. This festival is attended by thousands of visitors every year and is an excellent way to celebrate.

The festival includes several activities such as recitation of the holy Quran, offering prayers, special qawwali programs, traditional dance performances, and more.

These activities are designed to help visitors learn about Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s message interactively and engagingly. When he passed away, his tomb was built in Khari Sharif Azad Kashmir, and since then, it has become the site of the annual Urs festival.

The Darbar (mosque) is also located at this site, where visitors can visit to pay their respects to him.

The Urs festival is a great way to learn more about his life and teachings while enjoying traditional activities such as prayer, music, and dance.

The Urs festival also strengthens the ties between Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s followers from all over Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and beyond.

In recent years, a particular Qawwali program has been added to the Urs festival, and his teachings are passed down through reciting his poetry.

It is said that Mian Muhammad Bakhsh used to visit the shrine frequently when he was alive. His presence still lingers at the shrine.

How to Reach Khari Sharif?

The Darbar is located in Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s hometown of Khari Sharif Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. For those looking to attend the Urs festival, flights, and buses are available from most major cities in Pakistan.

It is 8km from Mirpur, and the easiest way to get there is by taxi.

Once you reach Khari Sharif, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s shrine is easy to find as it stands out from the other buildings in the area.

Many hotels and guest houses are available for accommodation in Mirpur, so visitors can easily stay close to the shrine and participate in the Urs celebrations.

The festival draws thousands of devotees from all parts of Pakistan who come here to pay their respects and honor Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s teachings.

Special prayers are offered at the tomb during this time, and his poetry is recited throughout the shrine.

Moreover, special Qawwali programs are organized in his honor, and devotees can also partake in the traditional ‘Chadar Poshi ceremony.

Islamabad to Khari Sharif Distance

Islamabad is about 131 km from Khari Sharif, and people come here by road or air. The distance can be covered in about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The nearest airport is at Rawalakot, about 13 km, which is connected to other major cities of the country through regular flights.

With its spiritual ambiance and Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s teachings, It is an important pilgrimage spot for Sufi devotees across Pakistan.

Where Is The Mazar of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh?

The Mazaar of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh is located in the Khari Sharif village of Mirpur district, Azad Kashmir. Every year thousands of devotees visit this Mazaar, which is believed to be a place of spiritual and religious enlightenment.

During the annual Urs celebration, several special activities take place, such as:

– Recitation of the Holy Quran

– Offering Prayers, Special Qawwali Programs

– Chadar Poshi ceremony

People from all walks of life from different parts of Pakistan gather here and join these activities to seek blessings from Mian Muhammad Bakhsh for their well-being.

Visitors can also witness other cultural activities, such as singing, traditional folk music, Mughal-era dances, and traditional sports. This is a place of immense historical importance and spiritual significance for the people of Azad Kashmir.

It is an essential landmark in the region and brings devotees from different religions and backgrounds. The Mazaar symbolizes religious harmony passed down through generations by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh.

People visiting Khari Sharif will surely experience a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

The Mazaar inspires those seeking solace and unites us all in prayer and devotion to the Almighty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khari Sharif famous for?

Khari Sharif Darbar is a Mazaar (shrine) located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, dedicated to Mian Muhammad Bakhsh.

It is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of the Mian Muhammad Bakhsh sect and is highly revered by devotees.

What is the main attraction of Khari Sharif?

The main attraction of Khari Sharif is Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s shrine, which contains his remains.

This shrine is revered by hundreds of thousands of devotees every year.

Additionally, it houses several other shrines of religious importance and has become a place for spiritual retreats.

Khari Sharif Darbar Azad Kashmir is a place of spiritual significance and cultural heritage. It is deeply rooted in Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s legacy and attracts visitors from far and wide.

The Mazaar has been an integral part of the region for generations and offers prayers, recitation of the Holy Quran, special Qawwali programs, traditional dances, and sports to its devotees. It symbolizes religious harmony and peace that unites all who visit it.

Khari Sharif Mirpur is an important landmark in Azad Kashmir, where people can come together to seek solace, celebrate culture, and honor Mian Muhammad Bakhsh’s great legacy.