The Magnificent Ganga Choti in Azad Kashmir

Ganga Choti is a mountain peak close to the Union Council Birpani village Bani Minhasan, located between Chikar – an ancient city dating back to the Dogra Dynasty and infamous for its conflict-ridden history; and one of the most beautiful Bagh Districts under administration by Pakistan. Ganga Choti offers stunning views thanks to its altitude of 3,045 meters (9,990 ft), which falls within the Pir Panjal Range.

Ganga Peak, more commonly known as Ganga Choti among locals, is located in the Bagh district of Azad Kashmir. It can be seen in Bagha City, which many call the Crown of Bagha. Hiking up to reach its summit usually takes around 4 hours because you have to go through Sudhan Gali before reaching its peak. Once you start heading towards its top, the beautiful chilly wind envelopes you with a warm embrace – invigorating every sense of yours while bringing out the best.

Why is Ganga Choti called Ganga?

Gangadevi, or Gangambika, was a princess in the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire during the 14th century. Her husband – Kumara Kampana – was the son of King Bukka Raya. In one story about rishi Jahnu, when he saw his fields being devastated by Ganga’s torrential waters and his penance disrupted by her powers, he drank up all her water to punish her for such an act. 

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To stop her rampage against those who hurt him, she swallowed all the water before leaving for another realm, never to return. This is how the Ganga River came about – thanks to one angry Sage named Jahnu. When you think about it, Gangadevi provided insight into where this river begins its journey through Earth – including what mountain range it starts from!

Weather at Ganga Choti

The summer season starts in April and lasts till June. The climatic conditions remain pleasant and comfortable, making the tour memorable. Summer is the best time to visit Gangotri and seek blessings at the temple of Goddess Ganga.

When is the Best Time to Visit Ganga Choti?

The summer season starts in April and lasts till June. The climatic conditions stay pleasant throughout this period, making it a perfect time for sightseeing, during which one can experience the awe-inspiring splendor of Gangotri.

Recommended Gears

A weeklong trip to the beautiful Ganga Choti will leave you speechless. Different activities are available, so bring a hiking stick or shoes. Pack an umbrella, too, because it’ll be handy if rain falls while camping.

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Attractions at Ganga Choti Top

Gangachoti is a perfect place to visit. Walking and climbing up the mountainside from Islamabad will take a few hours. Once you’re at the top and looking down over the land below- it feels like nothing else matters in this world, but this one spot up here where you stand with nature all around you, singing its song for just one pair of ears listening to that knows how beautiful Ganga Choti is inside out. 

The hike is the best, as it will present perfect natural beauty. Even without reaching the peak of Ganga Choti, you will have an astonishing view of the whole valley. Of course, there are also other tourist attractions within Bagh District, such as Sudhan Gali and Ghoratha Lake; these two spots will be worth seeing during your trip. And one cannot forget staying overnight at various accommodations- when you finally decide to stay at Madina Hotel, it will make you feel at home. With many fresh waterfalls available for those who want to swim, this trip couldn’t have been any better!

Full of Natural Beauty

Ganga Choti is the recently found gem of tourist attractions in District Bagh, Azad Kashmir. Ganga Choti is a god-gifted peak in AJK, Pakistan. It is full of natural beauty, and you’ll surely love it. At 9987 ft, it towers over all other peaks in the area. You can get there via Route Muzzafarabad-Sudhan Gali Road from Muzaffarabad to Sudhan Gali, 18 km away. From base camp, one needs at least 4 hours of hill trekking or horse riding before reaching the top of this grand mountain for views worth remembering for years to come.

Lush Green Meadows

Thanks to the rich greenery of this area, it had become fertile for farming once again. Many kinds of animals roaming around – sheep, mules, and horses are just some of them. This town is called Sudhagali after sudhan, which means green in Hindi.

Snowfall in Winter

This place is filled with snow during the winter months, which means it’s perfect for enjoying holidays from April through September. Due to its moderate difficulty level and due to people being able to track animals easily within its bounds, this place is attracting people from all over the world. However, because there can be a lot of snow in the colder months and heavy storms or blizzards, you can still come up here during those days and explore if you are brave enough!

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Highest Point of Bagh District

Gangashti, the top of the mountain in Hindi, provides an exceptional view of the District and its surroundings. To reach Gangashti, one must take a two-hour hike through picturesque valleys. Gangashti is 3000 meters high above sea level. But when you finally climb this peak, every step is worth it! The beauty around you engulfs your senses as nature takes over all around you, so alive and pure. One look at the perfect landscape is enough to make anyone fall in love with this place for all eternity. 

Breathtaking View

The newfound tourist destination, Ganga Choti, lies in the District of Bagh and is surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes. The breathtaking view from atop the District can never be replicated anywhere else on Earth.

Things to do at Ganga Choti

Ganga Choti offers amazing sights for everyone who visits. Hiking and trekking are some of the many activities you’ll enjoy exploring; if you’re looking for something less active, horseback riding or sightseeing opportunities are always available!

Horse Ride

Surrounded by fields of green, Ganga Choti is an excellent place to explore. Horse riding is recommended for this journey. The adventure includes overcoming obstacles like jumping across rivers and shooting arrows at targets while riding horses.


Camping is also an option in this area because it provides many environments, from beaches to mountains. Two campsites are available here – Alpine Beachside Camps and Swiss luxury Camps. This place is known for its spirituality and adventurous tourism, making it the perfect place to visit no matter what you’re looking for!


A two – three-hour hike is necessary to reach the top from the base camp. The summit sits at 3,000 meters altitude and features a pine tree forest covering its surroundings. Ganga is an excellent location for camping because it provides hikers with breathtaking scenery.

Sight Seeing

Ganga Peak, more commonly known as Ganga Choti among locals, is located in the Bagh district of Azad Kashmir. Ganga Chotti is a sightseeing destination full of natural beauty that has been given from the heavens above to Pakistan and humanity alike – an earthly paradise.

How to reach Ganga Choti?

There are two possible ways to reach Ganga Choti- from Chikar or the Bagh-Sudan Gali road. The latter takes you through Sudan, which has several shops and hotels nearby. Though this way has fewer accommodations than others, it allows travelers to experience living among locals and interacting with them firsthand.

Facilities in Ganga Choti

You’ll find all the necessary luxuries at Ganga Choti. You’ll find many convenient places to purchase food and other supplies while surrounded by the peaceful scenery. Camps are complete with a spacious tent furnished with electricity, attached bathrooms, and open lawn space, perfect for relaxing under the sun or taking an evening stroll. Swim in our pool, roast marshmallows around a fire, or dance to your favorite tunes. If you make reservations early enough, you will be offered medical services for those who may need them during their stay here, so don’t wait any longer to get started booking because it’s always best when planning!

Tuck Shops

Ganga Choti offers a wide range of amenities that are sure to please you. You’ll find tuck shops with different items for purchase within this village.

Camping Site

The campsite is just fifteen meters from the main road, and it takes only a few minutes to reach the famous Ganga Beach. Surrounded by incredible views of nature, the tents provide comfortable space to rejuvenate with facilities such as attached washrooms and lawns for leisure time spent outdoors. Activities such as a swimming pool, bonfires, and music keep you entertained while experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime experience at Camp Ganga Vatika – one of Rishikesh’s most popular recreational destinations. Bookings begin at Rs 1200/person.


Free private parking at the On-Site Kashmir Heights hotel and restaurant facilities in Ganga Choti. Prices for parking range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 100.

Would you happen to know where to stay?

The Ganga Choti trek in Bagh, Kashmir, Pakistan, is a beautiful exploring location. The distance from Islamabad to Sudhan Gali is easy to cover, and the rest houses are available in Sudhan Gali, such as Benazir Palace. Just a few hotels can accommodate travelers, so please make sure your booking is secured with enough time ahead of traveling as it can be hard to find accommodation once there.

How Much is the Distance to Reach Ganga Choti From Islamabad?

Ganga Choti is a hilltop in Sudhan Gali, located 174 km from Islamabad and 23 km from Bagh City. Starting from Zero Point Islamabad, head southbound on the Islamabad Expressway and turn left from Khana Pul towards Lehtrar. Drive past the towns of Lehtrar and Kotli Sattiyan, and enter Bagh city. From there, continue northward along Old Gundala Road until you reach Chaubara Village. Next, take this road up to Ganga Choti, where a signpost will direct you to the Benazir Palace Hotel at the top of the hill. 

Location of Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir

Ganga Choti is a mountain at the end of the Panjal Mountain range. It is located between India and Pakistan and overlooks both countries’ border towns: Sudhan Gali and Bani Minhasan in Indian-administered Jammu & Kashmir, where it meets with Pir Kanthi Mountain.


Which river is known as Choti Ganga?

The river Godavari is often referred to as the Dakshin Ganga. It is one of the longest rivers on the Indian peninsula, flowing through Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It spills into the Bay of Bengal after having discharged all its water onto land, comprised of tributaries from other states, including Chattisgarh, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh. Referred to as the Dakshin Ganga or even Ganga of the South, this particular river cuts across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in southern India before finally ending at Covelong Point, south Chennai.

Is the place Safe for Families?

Ganga Choti is a hilltop in Sudhan Gali, 174 km from Islamabad and 23 km from Bagh City. It provides safety for people of all ages who come to explore its beauty, so bring the whole family!

What is the height of Ganga Choti?

The trek to Gangaoti peaks reaches 3045 meters above sea level. The journey begins from Sudhan Gali, starting at 2200 meters above sea level and traveling for about four hours until reaching the summit. As you hike, cold seeps through your clothing – but it does little more than embrace you before giving way to warmth when you are far enough up the mountain. And yet even then – fresh air soothes your nerves, calming them down until you finally feel relaxed and free, ready to enjoy what life awaits you just around the bend.


Experiencing Ganga Choti is an incredible experience; it’s one of those beautiful places worth visiting. For accommodation, you can stay in either hotel or guest house and then hike up to Gangchoti, which takes two hours. Gangchoti is a great place! So, pack some friends or family members with them and set off on this adventure today! The area is well-kept and clean, too, so don’t worry about being dirty afterward – get involved in anything that sounds fun to try!