If you plan to visit a special place with historical sites nearby, then Bhimber is an ideal choice. The Mughal Kings used the historic town as a gateway to Kashmir for their frequent visits, which earned it the title of “Baab-e-Kashmir.” The Mughal emperor Jahangir mentioned the town in his book, “Tush-e-Jahangir. It has archeological significance due to its geographical location. The alluring valleys, lakes, and enchanting mountains offer a panoramic sight to visitors.

The district headquarters connects Mirpur and Gujrat and is about 166 km from Rawalpindi. It lies on the border of Punjab and Kashmir. It is a small town, and all the availability of basic facilities of life make it a comfortable place to live.

About Bhimber District

Azad Kashmir consists of ten districts, and Bhimber is the southernmost district. It covers an area of 1516 km² and consists of three tehsils Barnala Tehsil, Bhimber Tehsil, and Samahni Tehsil. Earlier, it was a tehsil of the Mirpur district, but later it received the status of the district. In 1995 it became a district of Azad Kashmir.


Bhimber Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, was the capital of the Chibahal dynasty, which existed from 1400 to 1856.


It has had military significance since the Mughal period. The geographical position makes it a gateway to Kashmir through Srinagar, which the Mughal rulers used. Being used frequently en route to Kashmir by the kings, It has been a crucial military and defense standpoint for centuries.

Bhimber Weather

The town of Bhimber is on the plains and has a moderate climate. The summers are short but hot and humid, with the temperatures rising to 101°F. Winters are cold, with temperatures dropping to 43°F or rarely below 37°F.

In summer, the skies are mostly clear, with monsoon showers of rain expected from June to the end of August. From October to the beginning of January, the area is dry, while winter rains follow from the mid of January to March, making the weather pleasant for visitors.

When to Visit

Plan your visit during the summer to explore the place. The scenic beauty enhances after the spring, and the lakes become the perfect picnic spot. For a wholesome experience, the ideal time to visit the town is from March to May and then Mid September to October. 

Places to Visit in Bhimber

Take a trip down the historical times when you visit the Baghsar Fort, made during the Mughal era in the district and elevates the area’s grandeur. Bhimber has covered you if you want to go sightseeing and connect with nature. The alluring valleys and the waterfalls pounding on the rocks will refresh minds and souls. Pine forests cover the valleys, and the lake provides a panoramic view of the reflection of the mountains. Let’s discuss some of the famous tourist sites below:


Baghsar Fort

The ancient fort at Baghsar glorifies the Samahni valley in the suburbs of the town. It is said that the Mughal emperor Jahangir took his last breath in Baghsar Fort while en route to Kashmir valley. You can visit certain parts of the fort because some parts are closed, as the fort lies on the line of control between India and Pakistan. The outer area of the fort has a boundary wall and thirty-eight rooms. The inner portion of the fort comprises forty-three rooms, a darbar hall, and a water pond.

 The three entrances were guarded at all times to ensure security. The main entrance lies on the northern side, another on the southeastern side, and the third entrance leads to the inner part of the fort. The observation point stands out on the southeast corner, and a firing bay is situated on the western wall. Embrasures in the wall surround the forts for the archers to guard the fort and attack any intruders.

Sandoa Waterfalls

The oversized showers of crystal clear Sandoa Waterfall mesmerize all visitors. Situated at a distance of 17 Km from Bhimber, high mountains surround the valley leaving the tourists in awe. The fast-flowing water from the edge of the mountain slopes, Nalas, and streams of clear water will soothe tired eyes instantly. Pine trees adorn the jungles across the valley, adding to the magnificent views.

Jandi Contra

Bhimber has a collection of beautiful landscapes one can never tire of visiting. Jandi Contra is a famous tourist spot located 17 km from the city. Known for its scenic views, visitors visit this place to pay their respects at the Shrine of the Sufi Saint, Sheikh Baba Shadi Shaheed.

Jandi Contra

The delightful hill station offers a breathtaking sight of the Dab valley and overlooks the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir. Use binoculars to see the picturesque views. The humble, high-spirited, and generous locals will serve you generously. Summers are an ideal time to visit this place when it regains its beauty after winter. There are comfortable guest houses and resorts where you can stay for a couple of days to escape the city’s hustle.

Samahni Valley

The line of control separates many parts of Azad Kashmir from Kashmir, including Samahni valley. The breathtaking views of Samahni valley capture the hearts of visitors forever. It is the largest valley of Kashmir, with fourteen towns. Situated only 17 Km from the central city of Bhimber, the valley comprises waterfalls, streams, pine tree forests, unmatched tranquility, and a pollution-free environment.

Samahni Valley is 35 Km long, and 8 Km wide The inhabitants of the valley are peace-loving and generous. Their humble attitude will welcome you wholeheartedly. The right time to visit this piece of heaven on earth is March, April, and then from July to September. You will see fields of maize and wheat crops growing there. People from all walks of life visit this place as the armed forces have secured the area from all sides.

Kas Chanatar Valley

The valleys of Azad Kashmir are famous places for the locals to visit due to their beauty and secure environment. The valley of Kas Chanatar is a popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking beauty. It lay close to the boundary of Punjab and occupied Kashmir. Some villages, including Gurah Mehran, Chini Dakki, Chatta, etc., are settled near the valley.

 Kas Chanatr valley has archeological sites that date back to the Mughal period. The walls in the village are as old as 200 years when the Mughals ruled this region. The historical buildings are the primary focus of the tourists, and locals serve as a guide. The gigantic and bulky stones used in the construction when there was no machinery will leave you amazed.

 A variety of wildlife is present in this region, including jackals, Wild Pigs, Eagles, Goats, and many species of birds. Plan your visit to Kas Chantar Valley around August when the weather is cool and pleasant. You might experience snowfall if you visit during the winter. The valley has basic amenities of life, which will give you a comfortable and convenient stay. 

Baghsar Lake

Lakes in Azad Kashmir are well-known for their astounding views. One such clear and peaceful lake is the Baghsar lake, where people from all over the country come for a visit. The lake is 975 m above sea level and approximately half a kilometer long. You can also view the Bandala Valley from the spot.

Bhimber Azad Kashmir has many archaeological remains. While visiting Baghsar Lake, make sure to stop at the Baghsar fort. The colossal structure will leave you wondering what life was like during the Mughal era.

Baghsar Lake is famous for inhabiting the local and migratory birds, particularly geese and ducks. You will see water lilies floating on the water and the mountains bordering the water body with pine trees, cherry, and lily flowers growing on them. Summers are ideal for visiting this magnificent freshwater lake. Dip your feet in the water, watch the lovely ducks swimming in the pond, and breathe clean air to calm your tired nerves.

How do I Travel from Islamabad to Bhimber?

Recently the new motorways constructed in Punjab have made traveling by road more convenient. Bhimber is 179 Km from Islamabad. It takes about two hours and 15 minutes to get there by road. There are many tuck shops where you can stop for tea and snacks before resuming your journey.

Where to stay in Bhimber?

Several guesthouses and resorts have opened up in Bhimber and nearby towns to provide accommodation for tourists. They are well-built and provide amenities for a comfortable stay. They range from mediocre inns to luxurious guesthouses. They provide clean rooms, fresh meals, and friendly services.

The top-ranked hotels include Lajpal Kala Hotel, Marjan Hotel, Payal Hotel, Abbas Tower, and Ayuub Hotel and restaurant. You should check the availability of rooms and rates beforehand and look for them online for details.

Location of Bhimber:

Bhimber, Pakistan, is the biggest district of Azad Kashmir, positioned on the border of the province of Punjab and the Jammu region. It is around 47 Km from Mirpur and used to be a part of Mirpur.


What is Bhimber famous for?

The town has been important since the rule of Mughal emperors in the subcontinent. Positioned at the point of entrance to Kashmir, Mughal rulers often made their way through this town. The famous Baghsar fort shows how this region was significant during the King’s commute, who would stop there to rest before continuing their journey. The area has archeological sites and over 200 years old remains, which are a tourist center of attention.

The spectacular views of Kashmir make it a popular site visited by locals during all seasons. The stunning mountains, lakes, and streams leave one in awe of God’s creation on this planet. The humble locals create a hospitable place one would want to visit regularly. The clean and pure environment away from the city’s pollution makes Bhimber a popular hill station to stay in and relax. Travelers visit there regularly from Islamabad and other nearby cities to soothe tired nerves.

What language is spoken in Bhimber?

Located between two provinces, people speak a blend of Punjabi and Pahari languages in Bhimber. People residing in Samahni Tehsil are mostly Kashmiri tribes who speak the Pahari language. While in areas close to Mirpur and Gujrat, people converse in the Punjabi language. Urdu is well-spoken and understood by almost everyone, so you will not face any problem communicating with the locals there.

3. Is Bhimber part of Mirpur?

It used to be a tehsil of Mirpur until 1996. Later it received its status as a district with three tehsils of its own.


Planning a vacation with friends and family in our country is worth it. Bhimber Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, is a unique place to visit where one can connect with nature and explore the beauty of our land. Foreigners have regarded it as a ‘piece of heaven’ due to its stunning landscape. The place has a beautiful combination of greenery, snow-capped mountain views, and lovely water bodies, which bring the area to life.

One takes a deeper look into history by visiting ancient sites. Pakistan’s government has made efforts to keep this area secure due to its position near the line of control so visitors can enjoy their trips with a peaceful mind.