Roomi Park Rawalpindi

Are you enthralled by nature around you and keep looking for it? Well, Roomi Park in Rawalpindi is your place to visit at any cost. This park in Rawalpindi is not any ordinary park. The site excites and amuses you with its unique attractions and peaceful green environment. This article gives a detailed look at everything to see and do in this beautiful park of Rawalpindi.

It will make you want to visit this wonderful place and enjoy a memorable time in the park’s lush green surroundings.

Attractions, Tickets, Timings, and Location of Roomi Park

Do you want to know the exact location, the perfect timings, and the relevant interests to make your mood for visiting Roomi Park Rawalpindi?

Do not fret because we have received all the pertinent information. This park is located in one of the best locations in Rawalpindi. It is on Roomi Road in the neighborhood of Saddar in the district of Rawalpindi in the Pakistani province of Punjab.

You can easily reach Roomi Park by following the location mentioned above on GPS. It is located at a primary and central point in Rawalpindi. This park in Rawalpindi remains open to the general public seven days a week. Moreover, the precise times to visit this park are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. It remains open for 13 hours a day all week. However, on Monday, it stays open for 24 hours.

Also, it will make you happy even more to know that Roomi Park Rawalpindi is open to everyone for free. There is no ticket fee to enter the park. Only when you decide to take thrilling rides in the Fun Zone will you have to buy the tokens or pay for the rides at very economical prices?

Now, are you eager to learn about Rawalpindi Park’s attractions? Well, several attractions are available for you at the park. Here, you can have fun in many different ways, from the quiet, green places to sit to the fun rides and games.

The Roomi Park Attractions

You come across multiple attractions at Roomi Park Rawalpindi to entertain yourself. This park in Rawalpindi is ranked as one of the best parks in Rawalpindi.

This is because Roomi Park Rawalpindi has many fun things to do, from relaxing lawns to exciting gaming zones and Fun Land. Following are the attractions offered at Roomi Park Rawalpindi:

Proper Sitting Arrangement

Are you taking your kids for fun in the park and want peace for yourself? Do you desire to be engulfed by nature on all sides?

Roomi Park is the perfect place to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, kids can have all the fun of their lives on the swings, rides, and games; on the other hand, the proper seating arrangements are a massive attraction for adults.

Surrounded by the lush green grass, the blooming seasonal flowers, and the tranquil environment, Roomi Park Rawalpindi has proper seating arrangements with benches. You can have a lovely time chatting and soaking up the greenery of the place.

Running Paths at Roomi Park

The jogging tracks of Roomi Park are another great attraction for you. The circular and perfectly paved jogging tracks are the best paths to jog, run, or walk in the morning or evening.

Now you can stay physically fit, work out hard, and still feel refreshed by the green, quiet, and clean environment around you.

Outdoor Swings

Want to know what your children can enjoy at Roomi Park in Rawalpindi?

The outdoor-placed swings that include slides, monkey bars, merry-go-rounds, see-saws, and spring riders are installed on the grounds outside. The kids can have all the fun and happiness they want on these swing sets.


If you like animals, Roomi Park in Rawalpindi is your place! With many statues of animals spread out over a large park area, this spot is a massive draw for people who come to the park.

Moreover, some real animals are in cages in the mini-zoo park area. The park’s monkeys, zebras, deer, and other animals are great fun for the kids who come to see them.

Fun Land (Ibn-e-Battuta)

If you go to Roomi Park, you can’t miss having fun and getting a thrill at the well-known Ibn-e-Battuta Amusement Center!

Ibn Battuta Amusement Park is a magical place inside Rawalpindi’s Roomi Park. It is a pure example of fun, recreation, and entertainment. It has all the action-packed and exciting games and rides you can think of and ask for.

From the thrilling and adventurous 3D Motion Ride and Astro Invasion game to the entertaining Monkey Shake Down game, the Ibn Battuta Amusement Center is a place you must visit in and around this park.

Indoor Games at Roomi Park

The vast grounds and well-trimmed lawns of Roomi Park ensure another attraction for kids and people of all ages. Are you excited to know what it is?

Well, it is the indoor games that you can play with such delight at the park. Be it your amusing game of hide-and-seek or a fascinating game like hopscotch or scavenger hunt, you can enjoy everything at the park.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is another highlight of Roomi Park’s many exciting activities. The magnificently clean swimming pool with crystal-clear blue water, which is hot and cold according to the seasons, is a fantastic leisure activity.

Moreover, you can get proper swimming lessons from professional instructors without worrying about risks.

Ali Baba Gaming Zone

With nominal fixed prices of the rides and games, Ali Baba Gaming Zone in this park at Rawalpindi is a place of happiness for kids and adults alike. Ali Baba Gaming Zone is the most popular place in Rawalpindi because it has a beautiful setting, dodgem cars, 3D video games, and fun places for kids to play.

Food Market at Roomi Park

Roomie Park is the place to go if you desire mouth-watering food after a day of amusement.

The food court offers more than just snacks, beverages, and meals. But in fact, you sit in the calm and serene atmosphere of the park to enjoy traditional and continental foods served at the food stalls.

Large Parking Lot

Have you always been concerned about parking when visiting parks? Now, you do not need to fret about it because Roomi Park in Rawalpindi provides a wide parking area for visitors. Drive your cars to the park without worrying about the parking because the parking area is safe. The security guards guard the parking area all the time.

Roomie Park Ticket Price

You would be so excited to know that entering Roomi Park in Rawalpindi is free of charge. There is no ticket fee at the entrance to the park.

But you must pay to get into the Ibn Battuta Amusement Center or the Ali Baba Gaming Zone inside the park. The price of the ticket to these fun zones is very nominal—around 100 rupees.

Roomi Park Timings

Don’t panic; Roomi Park is at your service every week for more than 12 hours daily. The park remains open seven days a week, from 10 a.m. sharp in the morning to 11 p.m.

The thrilling news is that it is open 24 hours a day on Mondays so that you can enjoy yourself and experience thrills all day.

Roomi Park Address and Contact Information

Roomi Park is right in the middle of Rawalpindi. It is on Roomi Road in the Saddar district of Rawalpindi in the Pakistani province of Punjab.

Furthermore, you can contact us by dialing the number 0300-527-2178.


So, to sum up, Roomi Park Rawalpindi is one of the most fun and exciting places to visit. This park is a perfect place to enjoy all the recreational activities and has many attractions for kids and adults alike. Thus, the Ali Baba Gaming Zone and Ibn Battuta Amusement Center are among the best amusement places in the park. Both of these places increase the number of visitors to Roomi Park. You are also drawn in by the park’s eco-friendly atmosphere and the beauty of the flowers just starting to bloom around you.


How do I contact Roomi Park?
Contacting Roomi Park Rawalpindi is not as difficult a task as you think. You can quickly reach the park administration at the number 0300-5272178. All the information about the park and its workings can be obtained from the on-duty officer at Roomi Park at the given number.

Where is Roomi Park located?
Don’t worry about the park’s location because it is in an ideal central place. The exact location of Roomi Park is Roomi Road, in Saddar, in the district of Rawalpindi, province of Punjab, Pakistan.

What is the phone number of Roomi Park?
The phone number of Roomi Park is 0300-5272178. Pick your mobile phone, dial this number, and connect to Roomi Park Rawalpindi.