Race Course Park Rawalpindi

Are you looking for a place to free yourself from all the worries of life? Do you wish to get close to Nature yet, have all the amusements of life? Race Course Park is one of the best parks in Rawalpindi.

This article describes the mesmerizing beauty of Race Course Park. This article will persuade you to must-visit this site of breathtaking beauty.

Race Course Park Rawalpindi Attractions, Ticket, Timings, and Location

Do you want to visit Race Course Park Rawalpindi anytime soon and find its exact location? Well, you do not need to be perturbed by it because we have the location sorted out for you. Race Course Park is located at the main Race Course Road, Westridge 2, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Put this address in your Google Maps and reach the accurate Race Course Park Rawalpindi location without hassle.

You can avail of and enjoy the services and amusements of Race Course Park at very nominal charges. You must pay no more than Rs 50 per head at the park entrance. 

However, children under ten years do not need to buy tickets. That means your kids can visit the park free of cost.

Are you scratching your head to find the opening timings of the park?

It would be best if you clarified that Race Course Park Rawalpindi remains open for significant hours of the day. It remains open seven days a week and in two shifts, except Saturday and Sunday, from 5 AM to 10:30 AM. After that, it reopens from 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM for its second opening shift. However, on the weekend days, Saturday and Sunday, the park remains open for you to visit from almost 4 PM to 9:30 PM.

This attractive park in Rawalpindi offers multiple attractions to people of all age groups. Not only are there facilities for your fitness and health, but Race Course Park is also famous for its impressive amusements and sports clubs.

What are the Attractions at Race Course Park Rawalpindi

Are you extremely excited to visit Race Course Park Rawalpindi? Do you wish to be amused by all the attractions at this park? You wouldn’t be disappointed because Race Course Park Rawalpindi offers several unique attractions that repeatedly keep you coming to the park.

Among the many attractions, well-paved jogging tracks, fun-filled fun land, a modern gym, clubs, etc., are the top recreational facilities at this park. A detailed description of all the attractions is as follows:

1.8-kilometer Track for Runners

Do you want to stay fit yet engulf yourself in a greener and cleaner environment? The 1.8-kilometer jogging, running, and even walking track in Race Course Park is ideal for your daily fitness routine. You can placidly run/jog/walk on this well-constructed track surrounded by shady green trees that give you fresh air and scenic views while staying healthy.

Swings for Children at Race Course Park

Race Course Park is known to be a hub of swings and rides for children. Everything from the see-saws, monkey bars, and merry-go-rounds to spring riders, tubes, and even climbers is installed in this park for the kids’ entertainment.

You can bring your children to this park without worrying about finding fun for them. The Race Course Park has enough attractions for the kids to enjoy all day.

Archery Club

If you are willing to learn newer sports, then Race Course Park is your place to be at! Archery Club in this park at Rawalpindi is an impressive way of building confidence and developing new skills in individuals. You can learn the sport of Archery under the professional training of the instructors at a very reasonable membership fee of the Archery Club.

Joyland at Race Course Park

Once in Race Course Park, the fun has no end and limits! Joyland in Race Course Park is a massive attraction for children and adults alike. You can have the time of your life on all the thrilling rides in the Joyland. Dodgem Cars, Motion Rides, Dragon Boats, etc., are the most stunning rides in Joyland.

Separate Gym for Male and Female

A significant area of Race Course Park has been availed to construct a majestic gym center. If you want to join a gym with modern equipment, machines, and well-trained instructors, you must buy a budget-friendly membership!

Even more impressive is that the gym is separate for males and females. You can freely work out in a comfortable environment.

Junior Kids Club

Another irresistible attraction Race Course Park Rawalpindi offers is the fascinating Junior Kids Club. This club offers several playful activities to your kids and is a superb place for your child’s growth. The interesting indoor games provide sheer entertainment to the kids.

Large Play Ground at Race Course Park

The appealing large playground is the most amusing attraction of Race Course Park. You can play games, sit under the shady trees, and even a picnic at some spots in this fantastic playground.

Special Training Inside Park

Do you know what is also captivating in Race Course Park Rawalpindi? The facility of Special Training, provided through professional and skillful trainers, inside the Race Course Park is a massive attraction for people of all ages. Be it Football coaching classes, learning to play Cricket, or practicing Tennis, Race Course Park offers all these services.


You can learn and practice Football on the well-trimmed grounds in this park at Rawalpindi. The thickly laid-out Astro Turf Grass lets you play Football in an exquisite setting.


The cricket ground with well-paved and well-maintained pitches is another attraction in Race Course Park Rawalpindi.

You can get trained under professional instructors. Moreover, you can become part of local tournaments organized in this park’s cricket ground in Rawalpindi to relish your cricket love.


This park in Rawalpindi has several slides to keep your kids happy and engaged in fun. Straight, curved, spiral, and even standalone slides are placed in the park for the children.


You can visit the Race Course Park Rawalpindi canteen if you get tired from having fun, working out, and feeling hungry. The canteen is well-organized and has a variety of snacks available for you at economical prices. Moreover, a few selected fast foods, like French Fries, Burgers, Sandwiches, etc., are freshly cooked and served here.

Race Course Park Ticket Price

The ticket price of Race Course Park Rawalpindi is very economical. You can buy a ticket for only Rs 50 per head at the park entrance. Additionally, there are no ticket charges for kids under ten.

Race Course Park Timings

The timings for the Race Course Park are well-suited for everyone visiting. The park remains open seven days a week. From Monday to Friday, it stays open from 5: AM to 10:30 AM and then reopens from 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

However, on the weekend, i.e., Saturday and Sunday, it opens from 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM. You can have all the fun and enjoyment in the given time slots.

Racecourse Park Location and Contact Info

Race Course Park is located at an ideal position in Rawalpindi, at the main Race Course Road, Westridge 2, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The contact number to reach out to the administration of this park is 0331 5248649.


Hence, Race Course Park Rawalpindi is a fascinating place to visit in Rawalpindi with your family, friends, or kids. This park has all the fantastic amusements to keep the visitors engaged in fun and enjoyment. Race Course Park Rawalpindi is a perfect place for you, whether it is your love for sports, your craze for fitness and staying healthy, or your obsession with fun and entertainment. Thus, you can experience peace, pleasant views, and soul-southing beauty in Race Course Park.


What are the opening timings of Race Course Park?

Race Course Park opens from 5:00 AM to 10:30 AM from Monday to Friday. Then, it reopens from 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM for visitors. However, on Saturday and Sunday, the opening timings vary from the regular days’ timings. The park opens at 4:00 PM and remains open till 9:30 PM.

Where is Race Course Park located?

Race Course Park is located at the main Race Course Road, Westridge 2, in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. The central position of this park makes it a very quickly approaching site of amusement for residents of Rawalpindi or the people visiting Rawalpindi.

Is there a primary contact for Race Course Park?

There is only one contact number available for Race Course Park Rawalpindi. You can connect to Race Course Park at this contact number: 0331 5248649.