Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Rawalpindi

To get a better experience and enjoy quality time with animals, Lohi Bher Wildlife Park is the place you need to visit. Here, you can enjoy viewing a beautiful indigenous forest, an area of rivers, and a waterfall. In short, this park is filled with nature.

Rawalpindi Lohi Wildlife Park has a great history. The park was set up 30 years ago in the twin cities. Since then, Lohi Bher Park has become famous among people. Here, you can find a generous amount of fun and enjoyment. It is one of the most visited Parks in Rawalpindi.

History of Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Rawalpindi

This park was conceived in 1988 and opened in 1992. It is the third safari park in Punjab and consists of various local and imported animals living in their natural breeding habitat. It is in Rawalpindi, and the park address is “H4HG+2V4, Rawalpindi Punjab. The area covered by Lohi Bheir Wildlife Park of Pakistan is 687 acres of forest land. While building up the park, the cost invested was almost Rs. 46.82 million. This park offers a diversity of animals and birds. You can visit this park without paying a single penny, and it remains open from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

The Deputy Director of Pindi Lohi Bher Wildlife Park was Raja Javed, who made efforts to build this park and make it famous among people. If we talk about the hectares extended by the park, there are over 278. You can enjoy visiting animals and roaming around this Park. This budget-friendly park is all that you need to see at least once.

Attractions at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park, located in the closed vicinity of Rawalpindi, is considered an excellent place to visit with family. This park provides an appealing view due to the forest, river, and waterfall. Pindi Lohi Wildlife Park has attractions that make you eager to visit. Here, you can explore different kinds of birds, species, and animals. The park also captivates the attention of others because of its swings, gadgets, river, forest, separate cages, and much more available here.

Want to explore this park further? Here, you can get brief information on it.

Giraffe Slide

The giraffe slide is one of the most amusing slides considered for children. This slide is installed in Rawalpindi Lohi Wildlife Park and is built with the highest quality material to ensure that children enjoy their time on this slide safely. Playing with this slide will strengthen the leg muscles and improve your child’s spatial orientation.

Playing Gadgets

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park never disappoints children because it also provides playing gadgets to children. Once they become tired of playing other outdoor games, they can also enjoy playing online and spending quality time here. The park is not only economical, but it is also a place to have a mini picnic while visiting animals.

Children Swings at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

Many Modern children’s swings are also part of Lohi Bher Wildlife Park. Those swings include the Marry-go-round, Park monkey round, rope swing, horse slide, and many other fun-related swings available in the park to give children a sense of better enjoyment.

Indigenous Forests

The greatest thing about Lohi Bher Wildlife Park in Shambles is its indigenous forest. It spreads greenery and a beautiful atmosphere everywhere. If you are a nature lover, this place is the best place to enjoy nature. You will always feel relaxed and chill when you are here. 

Korang River

A pretty and lush green area of the Korang River fascinates a broader audience. A panoramic view of a beautiful hilly landscape and an enormous amount of grassy grounds make it more appealing to people’s eyes. Once you visit this spot in the park, you will only remember good things. The only thing you remember is the beauty of this river.

Resting Spots at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

There is no place better than parks to relax and have a good time with your family. These resting spots in Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Rawalpindi will improve people’s concentration and mood. They will also help reduce anger and stress by keeping you engaged in the park’s beauty. You will only spend your best time here.

Monkeys Enclosures

Monkeys are considered to be the most friendly animals. Monkey enclosures are in the park, so you can feed them and make them your friends easily. Another benefit of having monkey enclosures is that children will enjoy watching them jump from here and there.

Blue Bull at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park in Shambles consists of the largest Asian antelope, which is known as the blue bull. This blue bull is rarely found in Pakistan, but in Lohi Bher Park, you can see this creature easily. While staying with your kids, this park helps increase their knowledge. They will experience different things and love to see this park again and again.


This park is also known as a memorable trip to the safari. You can relive your childhood here along with the kids. Zebras are one of the main attractions of the park. Everyone loves to engage with them, and they love them a lot.


The king of the Jungle and the favorite animal of all children, the lion, is also kept here. You will be delighted to see such a nice pair of lions. No doubt the center of attraction of the park is still lions instead of many animals here.

Ducks at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

Ducks are the unsung heroes of animals. They built a fun-loving environment wherever they were. Here in Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Rawalpindi, you can experience a group of ducks dancing, roaming, and running all over the park, which everyone will like and love to see.


Lohi Bher Wildlife Park fishes are the ultimate interest of every child who visits the park. Every animal here has its importance and is loved by many. Colorful fishes appeal to children, and they love to feed them.

Green Grassy Field at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

You can find a perfect grassy green field in this park. This park is also ideal for your photos as the greenery will look outstanding in pictures. Are you waiting for a spot for your photography? Visit the park and enjoy your unlimited best selfies.

Birds Cage

A wonderful collection of birds is here in this park. The birds are kept in beautiful cages. You can enjoy every bit of your time while looking at the different types of birds available in the park and keep yourself entertained because there are many things to visit in Lohi Bher Wildlife Park.

Hilly Landscape

The highlight of this park is the hilly landscape, which is very smooth and jumpy. Children enjoy themselves a lot while walking on these landscapes. These are considered alternative activities for kids to have a good time here.

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Ticket Price

This park is very economical as it charges no entry fee. You can freely enter the park and adore its beauty.

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Timings

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park in Pakistan is open from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM. The park is open every day of the week.

Location & Contact Info

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park is located in Rawalpindi. The complete address of the park is H4HG+2V4, Rawalpindi, Punjab. To connect with this park administration, call them at (051) 5957081.


Lohi Bher Wildlife Park is not just a park; it is a zoo covered with green forests and the Korang River. The park includes different animals and birds, swings, slides, and a waterfall. This park captures the attention of children and adults because of its green environment. Animals are kept in a safe and suitable place, and their cages are well-managed by the park’s management. Food cravings are also full-filled, as many food stalls are inside the park. This park is loved by many, but it needs more improvement and maintenance. If management does not take immediate steps, this park will face difficulty in being the same as it is. Therefore, the upper authority should resolve the park’s problems immediately.


1. Where is Lohi Bher Wildlife Park?

It is is located in Rawalpindi. The park is between Police Town, PWD, and Bahria Phase 1.

2. How big is Bher Wildlife Park?

The area covered by this park is 687 acres and extends over 278 hectares.

3. Opening hours of Bher Wildlife Park?

Pindi Bher Wildlife Park is open every day of the week from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.