Jinnah Park Rawalpindi

When the city’s hectic life is wreaking havoc on your mind, you must relax and calm yourself. In this time of need, the best and most reassuring places are the verdant, calming parks. Do you ever contemplate how you might heal yourself? How can one soothe the mind and the senses? The solution to your predicament is to visit and relax in parks. The Jinnah Park in Rawalpindi is excellent for recreation and is your tranquil Green Home. It is one of the most historic parks in Rawalpindi.

On Airport Road in Rawalpindi, in the Chaklala Cantonment district of Pakistan, you’ll find Jinnah Park. This public amusement park caters to families and offers rides and games. It is the primary amusement park in the area and encompasses about 17 hectares of land.

The construction of it was first conceived in 1995 and was finally finished in 2006. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan and the country’s first Governor-General, is honored with naming this geographic feature. There are memorials to Jinnah and his family name located just outside the primary entrance to the park.

History of Jinnah Park

Before it was turned into a park, the land on which it now sits served as the site of Rawalpindi’s most secure district jail, which opened in 1882. Infamously, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a former politician, and president of Pakistan, was held at this prison before being executed on April 4, 1979. Bhutto spent some time here before his execution. It is unclear what part of the current site the gallows ever occupied. Central Jail Rawalpindi, also called Adyala Jail, was constructed in 1986 but demolished in 1988.

The park’s development began in 1995 after being permitted to be built by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), now known as the Capital Development Authority (CDA). In 2004, the X Corps of the Pakistan Army seized control of the incomplete project; in 2006, it was ultimately finished after several setbacks and delays. RDA invested a minimum of 329 million Pakistani rupees.

Attractions Offered by Jinnah Park Rawalpindi

It offers numerous attractions. Many people visit there and often go for a picnic, as it provides a good view and a soothing environment for people to relax and for the children to play around with different rides installed there. 

The Discovery Coaster

If you’re from Lahore, you’ve probably heard about the Discovery Ride, one of the attractions that most people avoid. This ride is also offered in the well-known Jinnah Park, which takes all necessary precautions and safety procedures to ensure riders’ well-being.

However, the ride was just recently shut down because of some technological issues; as a result, it is not used all that much anymore.

Motion Rides at Jinnah Park

A motion ride is more comparable to a simulator ride. On a simulator ride, participants are typically given 3D glasses, and the movement of their seats is coordinated with the motion of the image that is being projected.

This ride is one of the primary draws for children of all ages that come to Jinnah Park, which is open to enjoyment by adults as well. If you concentrate on the journey for a long enough time, you may sense that you are traveling through the forest or among the animals.


Jinnah Park is the place to go if you are the type of person who enjoys being outside in nature. The park is home to a large number of nurseries that provide nourishment to not only your body but also your mind and spirit. The local authorities are responsible for upkeep of the park’s stunning floral displays, which may be found throughout.

Strolling through the nurseries in Jinnah Park is soothing to the spirit.

Jogging Tracks

It features one of the safest and most scenic running trails in the area, making it an ideal destination for those enthusiastic about physical activity. The morning hours are perfect for a run because of the abundance of trees that flank the jogging path and supply clean air and oxygen.

It is a pleasant sight in the evening, contributing to the mental tranquility you experience. Even if you’re not a fitness buff, a stroll around Jinnah Park can do wonders for your mental state.

Mosque at Jinnah Park

You can access a beautiful mosque in Jinnah Park, which is open for all prayers.


The “Cinepax” multiplex theater, which debuted in Jinnah Park and was Pakistan’s first of its kind, is operated by a corporation with the same name. There is a McDonald’s restaurant there that is open around the clock and provides both drive-through service and counter service. Customers have the option of eating inside or outside the restaurant.

Bowling Center or Lanes

People that come to Jinnah Park will find that the bowling alley is a resourceful attraction to enjoy while they are there. Bowling is not seen to be of exceptionally high cultural significance in Pakistan, so many people take their children to bowling alleys. Bowling at Jinnah Park is a fun and fulfilling activity.

The construction of the bowling arena is of the highest caliber, and it features many lanes to accommodate many bowlers at once. The bowling alley has a beautiful quality, which every person should try at least once.

Basketball Courts at Jinnah Park

The basketball courts available in Jinnah Park are of very high quality. Individual and team play is also possible on these basketball courts, making them suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

Cricket Nets

Cricket is consistently ranked as one of the most popular sports in the nation. Cricket is another popular activity in Pakistan; as a result, Jinnah Park provides young athletes with the opportunity to practice their skills in cricket by providing cricket nets. The children will receive adequate training from these cricket nets and have the chance to have some fun.

Open Air Gym

The open air provides a delightful aesthetic feeling when users work out, appealing to people who are into fitness. An outdoor gym is a great place to get a good workout on a day with some clouds.

Roller Rink, in addition to the Skating Rink

The skating rink is explicitly designed for children interested in learning how to roller skate. Jinnah Park is one of the few places in Pakistan where you can skate on a rink made for that purpose.

A Stadium Devoted to Football

Pakistan is home to many football grounds, which is unsurprising given that football is one of the most popular games played worldwide. At Jinnah Park, football fans in Pakistan can find a fantastic playing surface.

Competitions of Indoor Sports

The indoor games arena here has several indoor sports, including table tennis, snooker, badminton, and many others. Visitors of all ages can play these games.

The Cash and Carry at Metro

The Metro shopping mall was one of the very first of its kind to open anywhere in the country. You can also get it at Jinnah Park, a popular place for people to go shopping and then hang out for relaxation.


There are many of Rawalpindi’s best-known restaurants in the Jinnah Park area, and each offers a different way to eat.

Wildlife at the Jinnah Park

When talking about wildlife, greenery is often mentioned as a good place for animals, especially birds, to get used to their surroundings. Therefore, Jinnah Park offers many birds and parrots that people usually enjoy. Different birds, including peacocks, are seen in Jinnah Park. 

Jinnah Park Ticket Price

The following are the prices and pricing criteria for Jinnah Park:

  • Elders must pay a 50 Rs admittance fee, regardless of whether they are citizens or members of the armed services.
  • For entry, children must pay 30 Rupees.
  • The cost of parking a car in the park is 30 Rs.
  • Around PKR 600 is the standard ticket cost for Jinnah Park Cinipax.

Jinnah Park Timings

It stays open for a long time. It opens to the public around 6:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM, whereas other shops are often closed around the same time.

Location & Contact Info

It is situated on Airport Road in Rawalpindi, Pakistan’s high-security Chaklala Cantonment neighborhood. It is the central amusement park in the community and is about 17 hectares (42 acres) in size.


Jinnah Park is an excellent amusement park for children and the general public living in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. It serves as a beautiful historical reminder of the efforts of the founder of Pakistan. Also, it provides a great source of amusement from the variety of places and activities available in the park.


Where is Jinnah Park?

Jinnah Park is located on Airport Road near Chaklala Cantonment in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

How big is Jinnah Park?

Jinnah Park is enormous. It’s spread across 42 acres or 17 hectares of land.

Opening hours of Jinnah Park?

Jinnah Park is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.