Bahria Glow Park Rawalpindi

Everyone wants to be a kid at some point in their life. We want to enjoy our lives and forget about our troubles. Going to the amusement park is one of the best options for taking a trip down memory lane. Bahria Glow Park is the perfect place to go and relish your childhood once again.

Fasten your seatbelts because here all you will find is happiness and fun. This place has become the spotlight of Rawalpindi since its inauguration. Its one of the well-knows parks in Rawalpindi.

All about Bahria Glow Park Rawalpindi

This is not an ordinary park; it was a radical step to enhance the entertainment sources for the city and let the families enjoy their best time.

It is in the prime location of Bahria Springs, Phase 7, close to Green Valley Premium Hypermart. The word “glow” reflects something with neon light décor, filled with beautiful colors like the park. The park’s structure is illuminated to represent the creative and joyful aspects. The Glow Park in Rawalpindi is a magnificent creation for families.

Bahria Glow Park’s inauguration was done by Chairman Bahria Town, Mr. Malik Raiz Hussain, and opened to the public on New Year’s Eve 2018. The opening was enjoyed and loved by a vast crowd.

This park is a big deal because it has a lot of fun things to do and covers a big area. Bharia Glow Park is open five days a week, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The entry ticket to this park is economical and starts at just 80 rupees. Many families visit this part of the city almost every day.

This park spreads colors and brightens the area with beautiful things in it. Bahria Glow Park is also known as SeaWorld. Many things keep everyone engaged, including food stalls, electric music, colorful lights, rides, and swings for children.

Attractions Offered by Bahria Glow Park

Bahria Glow Park offers unlimited fun, activities, enjoyment, and quality time. The idea behind this park was to enhance the beauty of Rawalpindi. It is a gated community that the most well-known private real estate developers worked hard to plan. They execute everything in such a way that a vast crowd loves it.

This park also has a wheelchair ramp, which makes it easy to roam around with disabled people. An appealing fountain in the middle captivates the attention of everyone. There are many exciting world facilities included in this park.

Blooming Trees and Shrubs

One of the best things about Glow Park is that every park area is covered with fresh, blooming, and flourishing trees. You will experience a greener environment with colorful flowers spread everywhere. The whole park has been constructed manually and assembled with trees.

Flowers and Lawns at Bahria Glow Park

When decorating, this place will not disappoint you at any stage. The park is covered with beautiful flowers and has many lawns. Once you enter this park, you only see impressive and colorful flowers.

Beautiful Birds and Small Animals

The birds and animals have been a top draw for curious children and adults alike. Along with that, they enjoy buggy or boat rides. Glow Park Bahria captivates the attention of children as well as adults.

Jogging Tracks and Slides

The fun is doubled when you have a great option to focus on your health. Bahria Glow Park consists of separate jogging tracks for those who love maintaining their bodies. They can focus on their fitness and enjoy jogging. Besides that, the park mainly focuses on children and has many unique and different slides for them. They can also enjoy a magical light display at night.

Lake View and Swings at Bahria Glow Park

Glow Park Rawalpindi is also known as Sea World because of its unique lake view and decoration pieces related to the sea. The colorful lights create an enticing view along with the swings. The swings are for children as well as for adults, which is the reason why everyone loves this park a lot.

Slide, sea-saw, merry-go-round, spring rider, monkey bars, climbing net, trampoline, jungle gym, swing horse, spiral slide, etc. are the significant swings in Glow Park, Bahria.

Music System and Other Activities

In addition to all this enjoyment, Glow Park Rawalpindi is filled with a uniquely wondrous and relaxing music system that enriches the mood of everyone there. This park includes face painting, drawing, and much more.

Amazing Fountain View

The view of this park says it all. The star of Glow Park is the dancing fountain, and it is so beautiful that no one can resist watching it. Everyone’s eyes are stuck on such a beautiful view.

Endless Physical Activities at Bahria Glow Park

Bahria Glow Park consists of greenery, a jogging track, and slides, making it the best park to do physical activities. Live concerts, food stalls, exciting games for children, and a small exercise area are also available here.

Eye-catching Colors and Food Stalls

Bahria Glow Park Rawalpindi is not limited to neon lights; there are also many astonishing views. There exists a magnificent sea world creature lightwork that shows colorful animals like ducks on a creatively designed sea. A music system is also in full swing. Everyone enjoys being there in Bahria Glow Park. Many food stalls offer various delicious cuisines.

Future Planings 

In Bahria’s Glow Park, trendy decor pieces are added to improve the park’s look and other facilities, and work is still going on to get kids more involved. The park is doing its best to offer everyone much enjoyment.

Bahira Glow Park Timings

The hours of this park are flexible. It is open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. The best part of the park is that it is very convenient for schools to have a field trip with their students here.

Bahira Glow Park Ticket Price

The Glow Park Bahria is quite affordable as the ticket price is just 80 rupees, and it is free for children under five.

Location and Contact Information

Bahria Glow Park is on the central expressway, Bahria Spring Phase 7.

For further details, you can quickly contact them at +92-321-116-1113.


Bahria Glow Park in Rawalpindi is filled with many structures made with neon lights. The colorful environment of this park attracts a large number of people. Starting with greenery and ending with food stalls, Glow Park Bahria consists of everything.

This park is only for families and has become famous since its inauguration. It’s popular because it has excellent maintenance services, no load shedding, and a high-tech security system. This park successfully gets good reviews from the public due to everything it has. This place is a fully fun-packed place for children and adults. What do you want more of? This park offers everything with a touch of modernity. It will be the perfect choice if you want a good time with your family.


1. Where is Glow Park located?

The location of Bahria Glow Park Rawalpindi (Sea World) is near Green Valley Premium Hypermart at Bahria Spring, phase 7.

2. What is the phone number of Glow Park Bahria Town?

To connect with Glow Park Bahria Town Rawalpindi, call them at +92-321-116-1113.

3. What are the opening hours of Bahria Glow Park?

The opening hours to visit Bahria Glow Park Rawalpindi are from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and the park remains closed on weekends.