Ayub National Park Rawalpindi

Are you a person who loves to spend time at serene picnic spots? But also, cannot disengage from vigorous sports? Do rides enthrall you yet cannot stay behind to fascinate yourself with beautiful sights?To deal with your interests’ paradoxical state, you got to visit the Ayub National Park. It is an attractive place in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It is the center of all the exciting amusements and attractions you can imagine.

Ayub Park Rawalpindi Attractions, Ticket, Timings, and Location

Finding Ayub National Park should no longer be a trouble because we’ve covered you! Located on the Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road), near Golf Club, in the district Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, this is one of Pakistan’s oldest and best amusement parks. The Park is spread over a vast area of approximately 313 acres. It houses all the beautiful and scenic landscapes, lush green gardens, and fascinating lakes.

Named after the former President of Pakistan, Ayub Khan, this park is one of the largest parks in Rawalpindi. 

Do you know what is additionally exciting about the Ayub National Park?

The ticket price is nominal at the entrance. So you can stay as budget-friendly as you want and still live the time of your life in the mind-capturing beauty. The ticket price ranges from 50-100 Rupees per person.

Moreover, you can visit Ayub Park from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. The Park remains open for visitors throughout these mentioned hours.

The Park has many attractive attractions that make you repeatedly visit the place. It ranges from the lakes, gardens, and lawns to the Army Museum, Jungle World, Barracks, etc. The details of these attractions are mentioned below.

Services and Facilities Offered by Ayub Park

Ayub National Park is considered a hub of many services and facilities. Well, it all starts with the recent initiative of the Ambulance service. This service started as a beneficial provision of instant medical assistance in case of an emergency for the visitors. These services and facilities do not end here.

The facilities of perfectly paved and designed Jogging Tracks, the eye-soothing picnic spots. The fascinating scenic places for birthday bashes or other social gatherings. The five-star facilities of guest rooms and suites in Jungle Barracks are all, to name a few, of the facilities of the charming Ayub Park.

Attractions Offered by Ayub Park

Ayub National Park Rawalpindi offers several attractions to amuse and entertain you. Following are all the attractions provided at Ayub Park:

Army Museum

The top attraction offered to you that appeals to your Nationalist and Patriotic senses is the establishment of the Army Museum.

Well, the Pak Army Museum is a must-see sight and amazed! You can even have a virtual tour and learn all the exciting details before visiting the place. For it online, visit the website: https://pakarmymuseum.com/.

It is adorned with maps, pictures, diagrams, weapons, and audio-video representations of the struggles and events of determination, courage, and bravery of the Pakistan Army. The Army Museum is truly a place of fascination for you.

Moreover, the Army Museum pays tribute to the heroic defenders of the nation. It chronologically displays all the events and pictures to educate and enlighten the visitors.

Jungle World in Ayub National Park

Are you obsessively fond of animals? Are you excited at the sight of wild or domestic animals? If yes, then the Jungle World Theme Park in Ayub Park is the perfect place for you. Home to the rarest wildlife species and a house of adventurous rides, Jungle World Theme Park is your place of sheer amusement.

Zoo in Ayub National Park

It is considered one of the most prominent Zoos in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The Zoo of the Jungle World is an enthralling sight for kids and adults alike.

In an ecologically safe environment, the wildest species of animals and birds are kept in enormous, open, and airy enclosures closest to Nature. The wildlife animals in the Zoo of Jungle World are White tigers, Bengal Tigers, African Lions, Bears, Puma, Monkeys, Baboons, Vervet, Zebras, and various Deer.

Additionally, many birds brought from around the globe are a complete source of entrance for visitors. These species include Pheasants, Peacocks, Parrots, Ostriches, Emus, Black Swans, Pelicans, Ducks, etc. These animals double the beauty and fascination of the visitors.


Known as the house of thrilling rides, the Jungle World Theme Park contains a variety of stunning rides for you. Time Shift Machine, Simba Tower, Giant Wheel, Dodgem Cars, Tea Cups, Hully Gully, Miami Ride, Paddle Boats and MonoTrain, etc. are the major fun-inducing rides.

Furthermore, you can enjoy your day with horse riding, and the children can have fun through miniature horse rides. All these interesting yet, thrilling rides add to the amusement of the visitors.

Sports Complex in Ayub National Park

It is not just a place for picnic spots but also houses a vast and well-established Sports Complex to invigorate the country’s youth. Well, if you are a sports person, then the Sports Complex of Ayub Park is your place to get in-ground and play games!

With imported AstroTurf fields, the facility of floodlights, an international standard Hockey Stadium, a Cricket Stadium, and mini-football grounds, Ayub National Park’s Sports Complex maintains its quality position.

Apart from these sports, the Sports Complex also provides enticing facilities like Zipline, Archery,  Paintball, Surrey Bikes, and Boating. Moreover, the booking charges to get membership are very economical to promote games and sports among youth highly.

Topi Rakh Complex Banquet Halls

Now you can organize the bashes, gatherings, and events of your life in the most exquisite environment of Topi Rakh Complex Banquet Halls in Ayub National Park Rawalpindi.

Situated within the premises of Ayub Park, the Topi Rakh Complex involves 2 Halls, 1 Marquee, and 2 Lawns surrounded by the beautiful lawns and gardens of Ayub Park. For further information, booking rates and charges, reservations, etc., you may visit the website https://www.topirakh.com/ or dial +92 51 8469944.

Jungle Barracks

The magnificently designed, intricately furnished, well-crafted guest rooms and suites with superb cuisine are the main attractions of the Ayub National Park. 

Comprising Deluxe rooms with scenic beauty outside the rooms, the Jungle Barracks of Ayub Park is a sight of amazement for you.

You may visit the website https://junglebarracks.com/ or call +92 51 5150419 for all the further details.


The beauty of the Ayub National Park Rawalpindi owes significantly to the spectacular fountains installed all around the Park. The sites are photographic places for the visitors visiting the Park.

Park Icons

Are you finding a place to fascinate yourself with the unique Park Icons?

You won’t be disappointed because Ayub National Park contains every Park Icon ranging from the mesmerizing Pride Rock, the monumental APS Chowk, and the Water Carrier to Banyan Trees to captivate you.

Physical Activities in Ayub National Park

Ayub Park is a center of a plethora of enticing physical activities. Wondering what they are!

Plantation Drives, Environmental Melas, Heritage Festivals, Dog shows, Sports Tournaments, Food Festivals, etc., are excellent activities throughout the year in Ayub Park Rawalpindi.

To your surprise, this is not all! Open Air Gym, Yoga Morning Routines, and Jogging Routines are the core physical activities of the Ayub National Park.

Multiple Lawns

Are you an eco-friendly person who loves to be in greenery?

With the amazingly green lawns named Maple Garden, Staculia Garden, and Botanical Garden, you can fulfill your desire to be in the greener world.

Multiple Lakes

The three serene and beautiful lakes of the Ayub National Park are visitors’ most incredible sources of attraction.

Row your boats in these calm and serene lakes to enjoy peace and silence in Nature.

Miracle Garden in Ayub National Park

With the spectacularly colorful and rainbow-like blooming flowers sprinkled all from the main entrance to the walkways and the laws of the Miracle Garden, you get mesmerized by the miraculously beautiful Miracle Graden inside Ayub Park.

Glow Garden

You cannot stop being fascinated and amazed inside the Ayub National Park. The Glow Garden, which glows like a firefly all through the night, is a breathtaking attraction of Ayub Park.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Are you fond of playing riddles and whacky obstacle games? Well, the Ninja Warrior Obstacle, with several hurdles placed throughout the Ninja course, is a place to have sheer fun.

Vintage Park

With the display of guns, tanks, and helicopters, the Vintage Park in the Ayub National Park is an attractive spot for visitors with Patriotic feelings in heart and mind.

Heritage House

Are you thinking of learning history and heritage interestingly?

Do it by visiting the Heritage House in Ayub Park, which contains the model of heritages from the Pre-Partition and Post-Partition eras.

Organize Birthday Parties and Events

Your fun and enjoyment can meet no end in the Ayub National Park! Organize your grand birthday parties and events in the engaging environment of Ayub Park with well-organized halls and lawns designed primarily for social events.

Future Enhancement Plans

Installing modernized and latest cages for the wildlife species, enhancing the biodiversity of birds in the Zoo, and mainly extending the Ayub National Park to include more land for recreational sports are the critical future enhancements plans of the administration.

Ayub National Park Ticket Price

The ticket price of is very economical and, therefore, easily affordable. The maximum cost of the ticket gets 70-100 Rupees per person.

Ayub National Park Timings

Ayub National Park remains open from 9 in the morning till midnight. You can have all the fun gatherings, exciting adventures, and sightseeing in the given time slot.

Location & Contact Info

Ayub National Park is at Grand Trunk Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. You can visit its website, https://ayubpark.com/, to get all kinds of information.

Be it your birthday reservations or guest rooms and suite reservations. Everything can be done online or by contacting the administration of the Park at the number +92 51 8444001 & 2.


Thus, Ayub National Park Rawalpindi is a spectacular place for visitors of all ages. The charming attractions of Ayub Park are a source of constant delight and excitement for visitors.

Historically rich places like Army Museum, Heritage House, etc., housed inside Ayub Park, have become enlightening places for visitors. Hence, the well-crafted tracks, barracks, well-trimmed lawns, and gardens. The intriguing Sports facilities make the Ayub National Park a 5-star place to spend your day and get mesmerized.


What are the opening hours of Ayub Park?
The opening hours of Ayub National Park are 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.

What is the phone number of Ayub National Park?
The phone number for getting connected with the administration of Ayub National Park is: +92-51 515 0828

What was the old name of Ayub National Park?
The old name of Ayub National Park was Topi Rakh Park.

When was Ayub Park built?
Ayub National Park was built before the creation of Pakistan, sometime during the British Raj, as a popular picnic point. In 1959, it attained the status of a National Park during Ayub Khan’s regime and has become known as Ayub National Park since then.