Margallah Hill View Park

Islamabad, the capital city, represents Pakistan’s clean green reputation through its many green parks ideal for running and exploring the depths of nature. They can be found on the more apparent peripheries of the region and in the center of the city core. Each Park has a distinct character and array of facilities that set it apart. However, they all offer a break from the bustle of the city. Hill View Park is a must-see for any Islamabad visitor who likes outdoor adventure. In this article, we will talk about it in detail. It is one of the best parks in Islamabad.

So, let’s dive deeper into the Park’s beauty and wide range of facilities.


Margallah Hill, View Park F-8, contains a 0.6-mile-long clean and green pathway near Islamabad, Pakistan’s Federal Capital Territory. This Park gains approximately 16.4 feet in elevation and is rated as an easy-to-visit destination in the city. Known for its ultimate tranquility and natural beauty, it is one of the city’s most well-known green spaces that families, especially kids, love.

Facilities at Hill View Park

Despite not being a vast park, it has to offer a lot to its visitors. It is an ideal place for a family day out. You will have a perfect time with your children and other family members due to the multiple facilities it offers. Let us look at a few of the amenities this beautiful park offers.

Jogging and Cycling Track

It’s easy to see why this area is so popular among runners: the broad lanes provide a pleasant stroll on the route to or from the main road. The Park is home to two significant cycling and running paths. The jogging/walking path is close to 900 meters in length, while the cycling path is slightly shorter.

Sitting Areas at Hill View Park

Relaxing and breathing is more effortless when walking or jogging in the Park and are made possible by the presence of a particular seating place. The benches have been installed in neat rows to accommodate any needing rest.

People can relax with a meal, tea, and snacks at concrete chairs and tables under attractive gazebos. The running track is lined with plastic chairs and concrete benches, so you can rest whenever necessary.

Peace and Tranquility

The Park’s tranquility stems from its aesthetic value as a place of greenery and the relatively small number of visitors it typically draws. Spend some time alone in the Park reading a book of your choice. There may be some traffic noise near the busiest part of the Park, but if you head to a quieter spot, you’ll find it’s the perfect place for yoga and meditation.

Greenery at Hill View Park

Green grass abounds in the Park, providing a comfortable place to sit or lie down for a sleep. The Park is known for its stunning landscaping, but it also features a variety of growing plants, flowers, and fruit trees like guava. The trees are scattered around the Park; however, plucking their flowers or fruit is unethical.


Signposts with blue background and white calligraphy are inlaid to help you find your right direction in the Park.

Parking Area

Usually, roadside parks don’t offer good parking areas in the city, but this one stands out. Visitors can park their cars in a designated parking space with ease. No parking charges apply to any vehicle. Generally, it is safe, but be mindful of adequately locking and taking safety measures.

Separate Space for Exercising

Hill View Park is a fantastic option for those interested in getting in shape. It provides dedicated space for physical activities like squatting, jumping, rolling, and skipping. Many come here in the morning for an hour of exercise and fresh air before lying on the grass and recharging their batteries for a long day. 

Street Food Stalls at Hill View Park

Even though the Park is usually busy on Sundays, you’ll find it bustling with food vendors. Food and drink vendors from the city set up stalls or mini shops to offer tasty food. On weekends, people on outdoor family trips can enjoy fabulous meals and snacks from within the Park.

Kids Play Zone

Never think your kids will get bored here. There is a play area for kids full of swings, including a sea saw, Surf and web swing, and high-back baby swing. Props are designed to let them enjoy and solve mysteries. You can sit tension-free on a bench while your kids have fun in the play zone.

Skyscraper Stunning Views

The city’s towering skyscrapers, which line the central roadway and can be seen from the Park, are quite beautiful. This Park is perfect for a quick pit stop on a lengthy trip or a leisurely day of walking and lounging outdoors. 

Clean and Well Maintained at Hill View Park

The Park is kept very clean and refreshing. You’ll find quite a lot of dustbins to throw garbage into. Authorities have tried hard to maintain this Park amazingly in every possible way. There are strict rules to maintain cleanliness and be ethical in the Park.

Nearby Attractions

You can plan your whole day trip from Hill View Park as it has a lot of famous attractions nearby. Shah Faisal Masjid is just about 2 kilometers away from this Park. Other good-to-see interests include Giga Mall, Daman-a-Koh, Kachnaar Park, Cineplex, Chateau Royale, Bilawal Lodge Guest House, Oman Embassy, many pizza shops, and Pakistan Monument.

How to Get to Hill View Park?

Getting to and around Hill View Park is quite simple yet straightforward. You can take a local bus or metro from your residence straight to the Park. You can also book a private cab or taxi using ride applications like UBER, Careem, and Pacer. You can walk to a nearby auto stand and hire a rickshaw driver to take you to the Park. Walking a mere 100 to 200 steps can get you to Hill View Park Islamabad if you reside in a nearby hotel.

How to Get the Most Out of Hill View Park?

Take a leisurely ride and get to the Park with your pet in the morning. There is a long list of activities you can indulge in:

·        Jog or walk from the entrance to the exit point, then sit back and relax on one of the same benches.

·        Meditate in a quiet corner, and try talking and cuddling with your pet or kids. Enjoy yourself if you are visiting it all alone.

·        Read a book aloud by sitting under a tree where nobody can invade your focus.

·        Enjoy excellent and healthy food or snacks from nearby food stalls with your friends and family.

·        Bring your kids to get them to freshen up by allowing them to play and engage with other kids in the play area. Let them enjoy themselves while you gossip and chit-chat with other kids’ parents.

·        Play outdoor games like football, volleyball, and cricket, or watch other people play.

·        You can also arrange a mini one-dish party for your family or friends who love to have lunch in the gardens.

·        Don’t miss the breathtaking sky view on a cold and quiet night.

·        Plan your group study in the Park as it can be a better place than someone’s home.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Hill View Park?

Hill View Park remains open for tourists and visitors throughout the year. As it is filled with greenery, flowers, and fruits, the best time of the year can be spring to view an overflow of blooming flowers and experience nature to its fullest. Locals say that the Park gives stunning views during the winter season also. You can share warm and cozy sunshine on the grass on a typical chilly day.

Nearby Hotels to Stay in

There are so many outstanding hotels nearby Hill View Park. All these hotels are luxurious and provide every possible facility and security. You can choose whichever you think is according to your needs and budget.

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·         Envoy Continental Hotel

·         Chateau Capri Executive

·         Bella View Lounge

·         Landmark Guest House Islamabad

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Hill View Park Islamabad?

Hill View Park Islamabad is 0.6 miles in length. The Park is not so big but worth it.

What is the address of this Park?

East, Service Rd W, F-8/4 F 8/4 F-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan

Is Hill View Park worth a visit?

Yes. Hill View Park is worth your time if you love to spend time exploring the beauty of nature. Also, if you want time alone for exercise, walking, jogging, or even studying, this Park can be your ultimate go-to. But if you want a park with hiking trails, lakes, and monuments to conquer, Hill View may not be a good choice.

How much is the ticket for Hill View Park?

There is no entrance ticket to this Park; you can visit it for free.

What’s the timing of Hill View Park?

Hill View Park is all yours 24/7. You can visit this Park at whatever time you want. It remains open 365 days a year, so there is no need to pre-calculate timings and days in your mind before planning your trip. However, sunrise and sunset are the most cherished times at this place.

Key Takeaways

Hill View Park is among the most beautiful parks in Islamabad and can be on anyone’s priority list. Just make sure to enjoy every moment you spend in the Park. Explore its beauty, walk, run, jog or give your kids some fun in this great-to-go-to Park. It is best for young adults and kids simultaneously, so whenever you need to escape your busy, hectic life and want a calm, lovely nature-filled place to spend some time, Hill View Park is something you should visit.