Chattar Park Islamabad – A Place for a Great Getaway

Islamabad has a plethora of options for families to enjoy together. It’s home to various entertainment, adventurous, and putting-yourself-at-ease options, including sports centers, amusement parks, and grasslands. However, we cannot forget the fine dining cuisine places with mesmerizing sights based around this hilly landscape. Simply put, Islamabad offers to see nature and experience posh life hand to hand. Now, if you’re in Islamabad and need some help deciding how to spend your holiday in this megacity, you must check out Chattar Park in Islamabad. Undoubtedly, this park will make your getaway super exceptional.  

So, without further ado, let’s know incredible facts about this garden. 

Overview of Chattar Park

Chattar Park is about a 20-kilometer drive from Islamabad’s Red Zone.

The breathtaking scenery is the main reason why people flock to the area. Its central location between the two cities of Islamabad and Murree is the park’s crowning glory.

As a family adventure park, it boasts many tempting features, such as peaceful places to stroll and enjoy nature and various exciting attractions. On top of all that, there’s a beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountains, which you may admire while gazing at the stream and waterfall. A vacation to the fringes of Islamabad would be remiss if it didn’t include a stop at Chattar Park, the city’s premier tourist attraction.


Chattar National Park, or Chattar Bagh, was established in 1967 by the Government of Pakistan. The word ‘Chattar’ means umbrella in Hindi and Persian. The park covers a lot of entertainment options and beauty in one spot; that’s why it is named Chattar park as everything under one umbrella. This is the perfect place to roam around and have a great time with friends and family.

The prime objective of establishing this park was to stop the deforestation of nearby forests. This national park was built near Murree near Khanpur Dam and covers an area of almost 50 km2.

Chattar Park Islamabad Attractions

This amusement park has everything from rides to a whole zoo to a particular area for kids. In addition, there are nine different mechanical swings and rides available for kids to enjoy.

Let’s have a look at all of the attractions one by one.

Mechanical Rides at Chattar Park

The park offers tons of options for mechanical rides and swings for kids. Let’s discuss them all one by one.


There is a mechanical train, and it costs you around 20 to 50 rupees per head. You have to take tickets and show them to the controller sitting over the train management desk. You can sit with all your family at once as the train can easily accommodate 10 to 20 people. The ride can take around 4 to 5 minutes, and you view some specific areas of the park while riding on the train.

Merry Go Round at Chattar Park

It is another amusement for kids, and you again have to buy tickets to take this fun mechanical ride. Four people can sit together in one merry container. You can divide your children or family members into groups and sit in assortments of four people each.

Mechanical Ships for Children

A round swing of mechanical ships is subjected to only kids. Adults can’t take this one, and it’s not sized according to them. These ships move in a circle for about five minutes, and kids enjoy sitting in them a lot.

Horror House

People have been getting frightened at Chattar park’s haunted home for quite some time now. They are among the haunted attractions in Islamabad that are considered the best built. Why? They will take your degree of fear to an entirely new level. You will feel genuine fear directly from the excellent performances and significant haunted effects. Additionally, they have increased the number of monsters available this year. Consider going to Chattar park if you want to experience the terrifying moment of your life.

Snake House at Chattar Park

A snake house is also present within the confines of Chattar park. Preserving all snake species is the primary objective of this vivarium for snakes. Here you will get the opportunity to see many snake species that are harmless to humans. Venomous snakes such as cobras, pythons, and vipers are not hard to find.

Bird Cages

More than ten bird cages, each housing a variety of stunning species such as parrots, pigeons, sparrows, and peacocks, can be seen in Chattar Park. Children like seeing and interacting with the birds and gaining knowledge about the various species they represent. Therefore, a trip to Chattar Park is something you should consider doing if you want your children to learn new things.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding opportunities are also available in chatter Park. But you have to pay for it. You can sit alone on a horse and only take a kid with you. The best way to experience new things is by visiting the park and sitting on a horse.

Boating at Chattar Park

As we mentioned above, this park offers a lot of water activities. A boating option is also available, and you can paddle a boat with your partner or friend all across the lake or river feeling deep peace and cool for an hour in the water. There are both paddle and motor boats. Take whatever you think is the best for you.

Food Stalls

Upon entrance, you can see several food stalls. So you can enjoy a meal easily if you are not taking one from home. These food stalls offer every type of food, from street food, including burgers and pizzas, to dinner items like Biryani and Qorma.

Small Zoo

In addition to the amusement park, this features a petting zoo where visitors can interact with more than six mammals, four species of birds, and four species of farm animals. Therefore, if your children are interested in animals, we believe this is one of the best places to take them to visit.

Water Area at Chattar Park

Because it has water slides, this park focuses mainly on the water aspect. Make a splash in the water, float around on inner tubes, or soak up the sun on the balcony. The children can play in the water and splash around the shallow lake in the middle, while the youngsters can dare themselves in the river waves.

Sitting in the seating area right before the waterside allows parents to watch their children as they enjoy a cold beverage. This option is for parents who avoid entering the water but still want a fantastic hang-out spot.

Mountain views

Chattar park is one of the most excellent green areas close to the city and stretches down the hill slope to the shallow ground. It features breathtaking mountain views over the park’s western side and is located at the bottom of the hill. On the weekends, its enormous popularity continues unabated.


It is one of the most beautiful parks in Islamabad. It comprises several magnificent pools, waterfalls, ponds, and a charming garden with lush green grass, vivid flowers, and trees. Some trees have a lifespan of more than a century and a half. Spending the day in the park, taking long strolls on the grass, and taking breaks at the many cafes and restaurants will help you achieve a state of deep relaxation.

Hiking Trail at Chattar Park

You won’t believe this park is also equipped with a hiking trail. If you want to hike there, wear a comfortable dress and hiking shoes while going to the park. The hiking trail is beginner friendly, and you can try it even if you haven’t experienced hiking ever before. Just get to know some basics and rock in the mountains.

What’s the Best time to visit Chattar Park?

The park is more based on water activities, so you should visit this park in the summer season from May to August. However, if you don’t like water slides and bathing in rivers, you can visit the park in any season. Just make sure to dress according to the weather condition and the type of activities you want to do and experience in the park.

How to Get to the Park?

As you know, the park is located in the hilly area between Islamabad and Murree; the best way to get to the park is by using a personal ride or by taking a local bus that moves intercity.

Chattar Park Timings

Chattar Park remains open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Chattar Park Entry Ticket

The entry ticket in 2022 costs you around 70 to 100 rupees per head which are about $1 per two people. 

Chattar Park Parking Area

A wide open area of around 1 kilometer is allotted to parking. But you have to pay at least 20 rupees to ensure authorities supervise your car and they will take good care of it.

Tips for Getting the Best Out of this Park

Here are some fantastic tips to get the best out of Chatter park Islamabad and spend your time amazingly there.

1. Prior Research Saves You

Don’t be distracted by the things that attract you when you enter. Prioritize the activities and attractions you’d like to see while you’re there, and discover their locations before you go. The best way to avoid waiting in long lines is to ride the most popular attractions as soon as the park opens. Consider the ride’s height requirement if you’re bringing young children along.

2. Time should be Planned.

Quick and full-service food stalls will be crowded with hungry families around typical meal times. Avoid standing in a long line for service by arriving ahead and scheduling a reservation. Bringing a lunch from home and keeping it in a cooler in your locker can save you money if you’re on a tight budget. Find a calm area in the shade to eat lunch whenever you think it’s time to have a break.

3. Be There Timely

When on vacation, it’s appealing to sleep in, but it’s well worth being at Chattar park when it opens. This will give you many hours to experience the park before the heat of the day sets in and allow you to ride the most popular rides without waiting in big queues.

4. Take Short Breaks

Don’t spend all day at the amusement park without taking a few breaks to eat and rest. Instead, it’s best to divide your day into smaller chunks and take frequent breaks to ensure your body gets the rest it needs. The body requires at least a few minutes to recover after waiting in line for an hour or more and then going at high speed on an exciting ride. Use one of the many seats dotted around the park to rest your weary muscles.

Let’s Wrap Up 

Chattar Park is worth visiting park mostly in summer and is full of activities and delectable treats for every kind of traveler and budget. Whether traveling alone or in a group, this place has everything that would appeal to you, your friends, and your family. So why wait? Plan your trip to this fun park immediately and get the most joy out of it.