Science Museum Lahore

National Museum of Science & Technology Lahore is a great place to learn about science and technology. The Museum offers educational exhibits on space science, energy, mathematics, and health. There are also interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn about physics, chemistry, mechanics, and more by experimenting with various gadgets and tools. The SML also has a small amusement arcade near the exit for those who want to take a learning break. 

Overall, the Science Museum Lahore is an excellent place for people of all ages interested in learning about science and technology. It’s worth a visit if you’re interested in museums!

Science Museum Lahore Attractions

The Science Museum Lahore is one of the busiest and most popular tourist attractions in Punjab province. It houses a variety of exciting exhibits, models, and depictions. This Museum has the largest Foucault pendulum in South Asia. The Museum offers something for everyone, with over 11,000 square feet of exhibit space dedicated to science and technology.

National Science Museum remains closed on Sunday and Saturday due to the weekly holiday. It is located near gate no 02 of UET, Orange line Sultan Pura Station G.T Road staff houses Engineering University Lahore. Visitors can purchase tickets at the entrance.

History of Science Museum Lahore

The National Museum of science & technology was founded in 1956 by Pakistan’s government to create science awareness among science students and the general public. Former Mechanical Engineer Mohammad Akmal gave the idea of formation. Lately, the Museum started its services for science students, and in 1976 Government opened it for the public to visit. Since the amendment in 2011, it has been working under Punjab’s school and education department. At the time of foundation, it started with just one gallery, and during the last 48 years, it has undergone four expansions. 

Attractions Offered By Science Museum Lahore

Some of the most popular attractions at the Science Museum Lahore include scientific projects, Geographical Models, Space Science models, the Largest Pendulum in south Asia, etc.

Best Place for Students of Science Subjects

National Museum of Science & Technology Lahore is an excellent place for students of science subjects. It offers hands-on exhibits, interactive demonstrations, and educational programs to help them learn about science. Students who want to clarify their scientific notions might go to the Science Museum Lahore with their science teacher. It’s essentially a knowledge bank where you may train your children’s minds. This is an excellent opportunity for families to spend time together while exploring the wonders of science.

Scientific Models

It contains a lot of scientific models that explain different phenomena of science. There you can explore a range of fascinating models that showcase how various aspects of science work. This is a great way to understand these concepts better and have fun! 

4 Big Galleries

The National Science Museum is home to four extensive galleries that house various scientific exhibits. These galleries are the Space, Earth, Life, and Technology Galleries. All of the exhibitions in these galleries are interactive, so visitors can learn about science by experimenting and exploring for themselves. Each gallery has a unique theme, making for all visitors an interesting and educational experience.

More than 500 Scientific Projects

More than 500 scientific projects on different subjects are being exhibited at the science museum Lahore. These include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology exhibits. The projects range from simple experiments to complex models of the human body. These exhibits have been designed to help students understand different principles of science. The Museum also provides many interactive activities to engage visitors in learning. 

General Science

Walking into the science museum in Lahore, your eyes are immediately drawn to the human body projects on display. There is something about seeing the inside of our bodies that is both captivating and informative to learn about the functions of the human body and how it works. These projects provide a unique way for visitors to learn about the human body and how it works.


The Museum has set up several interactive exhibits, which allow visitors to experience physics concepts first-hand. Visitors can control a toy car using magnets, learn about energy conservation by playing a game, and explore the principles of light and optics. Officials believe these exhibits will help people understand physics better and encourage them to pursue careers in science.


The chemistry project in Lahore Science Museum aims to teach people about the basics of chemistry through interactive displays and activities. In this project, you’ll learn about the different types of chemical reactions, ionization, and more. 


Among these are several mathematics-based projects designed to help visitors of all ages understand the concepts behind mathematical operations and equations. These interactive exhibits are a great way to learn mathematics in a fun and stimulating environment. They can participate in one of the many math-related scientific projects on display. These projects are sure to get your kids excited about learning this vital subject.


The Science Museum is one institution that carries out crucial psychological research projects in Pakistan. The Science Museum in Lahore is doing important work that can benefit society! One such project is investigating how people with autism spectrum disorder process information. This research can help us better understand autism and how to support those who have it.


The Lahore Science Museum is the perfect place for students of all ages to explore the world of science. If you’re interested in learning more about biology or seeing some cool experiments, the National Science Museum is worth a visit! Here you can find projects on every biological system like the brain, heart, and other methods. 

List of Few Depictions in Museum

Science Museum Lahore is one of the largest museums in Pakistan, and it houses a variety of items on display from ancient times to the modern and scientific era. The Museum has a unique collection of relics rarely found in other museums worldwide. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this fantastic Museum and its treasures. This list will highlight some of the most interesting depictions at Science Museum Lahore.

Salt Mines

The Khewra mine in Pakistan is the second largest salt mine in the world. This unique Museum is worth a visit for anyone interested in learning more about this vital mineral! It provides an interesting glimpse into how salt is extracted from the earth and showcases this precious mineral’s history through various displays and artifacts. Visitors will find everything from traditional mining equipment to ancient coins with salt designs.

Coal Mines

The Museum offers a unique and interesting look into the country’s mining history. Several exhibits are dedicated to coal mining, including models of coal mines and equipment used in the process. These displays provide an informative glimpse into the life and work of coal miners and the history of this important industry in Pakistan. Visitors to the Museum can learn about the mining process, see examples of mining equipment, and even take a virtual tour of a coal mine. It’s fascinating to see how once manual labor is required to extract coal from the earth. Thanks to technological advances, most of these processes are now automated. Visitors can also watch videos about coal mining and its effects on Pakistani communities.

Animal World

Visitors can learn about the animal kingdom fun and informative at the National Museum of Science & Technology Lahore. These exhibits are interactive and engaging, making them a fun experience for visitors of all ages. The Museum is also home to many rare and endangered species, which makes it an essential resource for education and conservation.

Desert’s Environment

Museums are often associated with dusty old artifacts and historical relics, but a new science museum in Lahore gives visitors a unique glimpse into Pakistan’s deserts. The Deserts Center at the Science Museum of Lahore features detailed displays and interactive exhibits that help explain the environment and ecology of Pakistan’s deserts. The center has been welcomed as an essential educational resource, and it is hoped to help raise awareness about the importance of conservation efforts in desert regions.

Largest Pendulum

The giant pendulum in south Asia is on display at the entrance of the science museum Lahore. The pendulum has a copper bob and a steel rod with brass bearings. 

The purpose of the demonstration is to show the Coriolis force in action. This force affects objects moving in a curved path, such as the earth’s rotation around its axis, causing winds to blow clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere.

Rolls Royce Engine

If you are a fan of Rolls Royce cars or engines in general, then the science museum in Lahore is a must-visit. The Museum has a fantastic collection of Rolls Royce engines on display and other rare engines worldwide. These engines are a sight to behold and offer a unique glimpse.

Shahpar Sounding Rocket

The Shahpar Sounding rocket is displayed and discusses the internal and external functions of the Shahpar and Ghauri rockets.

Mainframe Computer

The Museum has a large section dedicated to the exhibit of a mainframe computer. If you’ve never seen one in person, you’re in for a treat! These behemoths were once considered the pinnacle of computing technology. Although more modern systems have largely replaced them, their legacy remains. If you’re interested in learning about the history of information technology or want to look at some incredible old machines, then check out the mainframe computer exhibit at the Lahore Museum! 

How Helicopter works

There is an excellent depiction of how helicopters work, and it’s cool to see! It’s interactive and shows how helicopters work. You can even try flying a virtual helicopter! This exhibit is great for kids and adults alike and is a must-see if you’re interested in aviation.

Mechanical Sciences

The Lahore Science museum is excellent for students, engineers, and hobbyists to explore and learn. The Museum has an extensive collection of exhibits that show the history and progress of machines and engineering. There are also many interactive displays where visitors can learn how to use tools and machines.

Space Science

Lahore Science museum is a great place to learn about science. It can also be a fun place to visit, especially if the Museum has exhibits that depict space science and the solar system. Space science studies outer space, including planets, moons, stars, and other objects in space.

Agricultural Sciences

The Sciences Museum in Lahore, Pakistan, is a hidden gem that contains exciting and informative displays about the history of agriculture. The Museum has numerous Pakistani agriculture exhibits and interactive crop production and food processing displays. A museum highlight is the traditional Pakistani mud house, which gives visitors a glimpse into rural life in Pakistan. The Sciences Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in Pakistani culture and agricultural heritage.


Several displays on biotechnology provide an introduction to the topic for visitors of all ages. The exhibits explain the basics of biotechnology and its applications and showcase some of the latest advancements in the field. They also offer visitors the opportunity to learn about some of the controversies around Biotech and to get involved in some fun activities.

Earth Sciences

The Earth Sciences Depictions in science Museum Lahore is one of the most interesting museums I have ever visited. The Museum provides an excellent overview of earth sciences, from the earth’s history to its current state.


It’s interesting exhibits, including some depicting transportation methods throughout history. The Museum has everything from ancient vehicles to modern-day trains and planes. 

Evolution of Transport

The Museum displays an impressive collection of horses, donkeys, and vehicles, including cars, bikes, trains, and airplanes. How have our ideas about transportation changed over time? The exhibits are arranged chronologically, so you can see how transportation has evolved over the years.

Geographical Models

This Museum has many exhibits that pertain to geography, including models of various geographical features from all over the world. Pakistani schoolchildren often visit this Museum as part of their social studies education. In addition to providing educational opportunities, this Museum also entertains visitors with its interesting exhibits on science and technology.

Health Sciences

The exhibition features diagrams and models explaining the body’s organs and tissues and interactive displays showing how medical procedures are performed. It’s a great way to learn about the human body and how it works!

Historical Sciences

From the ancient ruins of Mohenjo-Daro to the magnificent Lahore Fort, there is much to explore in this beautiful region of the world. This Museum contains exhibits on a variety of subjects, including historical sciences. This includes everything from anthropology to archaeology. Historical sciences are disciplines that study past societies and cultures. 


Students from various cities are provided with multiple facilities.

Hostel Facility

Did you know that a hostel facility is also located inside the Museum? Outstation guests and overseas visitors are accommodated in hostels. If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay while in Lahore, be sure to check out the hostel at the Science Museum. You will not be disappointed!

Transport Facility

The Museum offers transportation facilities to educational institutes. This is an excellent way for the students to see the exhibits at the Museum. It makes visiting this fantastic attraction much easier!


The mosque is expected to serve as a place of worship for the Museum’s employees and visitors and will also be open to the public on certain days of the week. 

Reading Room

The science museum in Lahore has a reading room facility. It is a library that is open to the public, and the Science Museum runs it. The library has a wide selection of books on various subjects, including science, mathematics, history, Pakistan studies, and Islamics. There are also magazines and newspapers available for members to read. The library offers a comfortable place for people to study and conduct research. It is an excellent resource for researchers and students alike.


The Science Museum in Lahore is home to many incredible exhibits, but one of its most popular attractions is the auditorium. The auditorium is used for various purposes, from lectures and seminars. Guests were given a tour of the facility and had the opportunity to learn about this exciting new technology. 

Healthy Competitions

HEALTHY competitions promote academic engagement and cultivate a sense of curiosity, which encourages the creation of new ideas. Students in schools and universities across the country have grown to adore the annual four-day scientific competition for the past 25 years in the National Museum of Science & Technology Lahore, which involves three competitions: an essay writing contest, a science quiz challenge, and a competition for science creation (models).

Annual Essay writing

As part of the National Museum of Science & Technology essay writing competition, the general audience was requested to produce an essay on “Does education help to understand society?” Students were divided into three groups and asked the question, “If there was no moon of Earth…………..?” The science museum received 969 essays from the country, including 78 in the open category.

Science Quiz

The science quiz tournament for classes IX and X featured 36 teams from top educational institutions. Books are handed to each contender as a token of participation in the competition’s final round, while the first and second-placed teams receive museum gifts.

Science Innovation Competition

Every year, the National Museum of Science & Technology holds a science innovation competition to encourage creativity and new ideas from students. This year, In their various categories, 639 boys and girls from 57 schools, colleges, and institutions participated and displayed 328 science models in the science innovation competition.

Science Museum Lahore Ticket Price

Ticket Price costs between 20 and 50 PKR (local) and PKR 1000 (foreigners).

Science Museum Lahore Timings

The Museum is open from Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Location of Science Museum Lahore

The National Museum of Science and Technology is located on Grand Trunk Road, Near the University of Engineering & Technology, UET Lahore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ticket price for the Science Museum Lahore 2022?

Admission costs for kids and educational groups are between 20 and 50 PKR (local) and PKR 1000 (foreigners).

Is photography allowed in the Museum?

Photography is permitted at a fee. However, cell phones are not allowed within the Museum.

How to visit the National Museum of Science & Technology?

Going to the Museum with your scientific teachers, friends, and parents is preferable to obtain the appropriate educational materials.

Where is the location of the National Science Museum?

The National Museum of Science and Technology is located on Grand Trunk Road, Near the University of Engineering & Technology, UET Lahore.

What is the contact number of the Lahore Science Museum?

You may contact the office at (042) 99250252 if you require any information about the Museum. Email


The National Museum of Science and Technology Lahore is excellent if you want to learn about technology and science and clear your science-related concepts. The Museum has many exciting depictions on every subject of how technology and science have progressed. Further, you can also take part in the Museum’s healthy competitions.