Swaik Lake Kallar Kahar

Swaik Lake, also known as Khandowa Lake, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. Located in Kallar Kahar Tehsil of Attock District, it is one of the unique places for locals. 

After driving 10 km and exiting at the Kallar Kahar junction on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway takes 45 minutes to hike to Swaik Lake. Locals often refer to Swaik Lake as “Narumi Dhan.”

The Lake has many great features, from being surrounded by white sand beaches to natural beauty and wildlife in abundance around it. Its proximity to Peshawar makes it an even more popular weekend getaway for people living in that city, as it only takes four hours via the Indus Highway to reach Swaik Lake by car.

Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar Attraction, Timings & Locations

Khandowa Lake, more commonly known as Swaik Lake Chakwal, is a large natural freshwater lake in Pakistan. The Lake is situated in the Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, about 2 kilometers east of the town of Kalar Kahar. 

Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar is a popular destination for Pakistani and foreign tourists. The Lake is famous for its crystal clear water and scenic beauty. Visitors to the area enjoy boating on the Lake, fishing, angling, and swimming. Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar is also famous for being one of Asia’s largest bird sanctuaries, with over 200 species.

What is the Best Time to Visit Swaik Lake?

The best time to visit Swaik Lake is from October to February because the weather is more relaxed, and the Lake is full of water. Keep in mind that the Lake is in a desert so that it can boil during the summer months. When visiting Swaik Lake, you should be aware of the danger associated with malaria. Bring mosquito repellent if you’re planning on spending time outside.

Recommend Gear

Swaik Lake is a superb substitute for Neela Wahn, another waterfall lake situated in Nurpur hamlet 30 kilometers from Kallar Kahar. Here, you may engage in various thrilling activities, including swimming, diving, camping, and hiking. The most exciting lake activity is swimming in the Lake’s clear, cool water as little fish swim around you.

If you’re planning on visiting Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar, you should know a few things. You’ll need to bring your gear – we recommend binoculars and a camera.

1.     Due to the shallowness of Swaik Lake, life jackets are advised for individuals who cannot swim. 

2.    Families and students may take a one-day tour of the area and can easily visit the location.

3.    When visiting Swaik Lake, you should be aware of the danger associated with malaria. Bring mosquito repellent if you’re planning on spending time outside.

What makes Swaik Lake so famous? 

The Lake is located in the Swaik region of Pakistan’s Punjab province and is a popular tourist destination. Swaik Lake is famous for its scenic beauty, which includes mountains, valleys, and forests. The Lake is also home to various wildlife, including waterfowl, reptiles, and fish.

Since it’s difficult to believe that the Lake is right here in Pakistan, it has recently become somewhat famous. On a perfect day, all you can think about is a clean, clear lake, with its lush green waters reflecting the sun and its nearby flowing waterfall, where you can even see small little fish darting around.

Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar is also famous for being one of Asia’s largest bird sanctuaries, with over 200 species.

What are the Attractions At Swaik Lake?

Around 10 kilometers from Tehsil Kallar Kahar in the Chakwal District and 30 km along the highway to the southwest of Chakwal is where Swaik Lake, also known as “Khandowa Lake,” is located. It is well-known for its stunning natural scenery among all the Lakes in Pakistan, fish-filled waters that are crystal clear, cliff diving, swimming, and hiking. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful and serene place to visit in Pakistan, look no further than Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar. Surrounded by mountains and forests, the Lake is a popular spot for picnics, fishing, and bird watching. There are also several temples and shrines in the area that are worth visiting. And if you’re feeling hungry after all of your exploring, there are restaurants along the way.

Cascading Waterfalls and Natural Lake

Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar is no exception. The cascading waterfalls and natural Lake are a sight to behold, and the area is perfect for a day trip or a more extended stay. If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty, Swaik Lake Chakwal is the perfect spot.

Swimming in Swaik Lake 

The beautiful Swaik Lake is located in Kalar Kahar, Pakistan. It’s an excellent spot for swimming, especially on hot summer days. Please be aware that it is open and welcome to use the swimming area. Either you need to be a strong swimmer or wear a life jacket that will keep you safe if you become tired. The water is refreshing, and the scenery is simply stunning. 

One of Pakistan’s most stunning lakes is Swaik Lake. It isn’t easy to comprehend that such breathtaking scenery, flowing waterfalls, and crystal-clear water can exist on our earth. One can hardly afford to miss taking a swim in the crystal-clear waters of Swaik Lake.

Numerous individuals love swimming in Swaik Lake. Some of the joys that individuals enjoy for long periods include swimming, splashing water on others, and spending time with family and friends. If you’re ever in the area, check out Swaik Lake!

Camping At Swaik Lake

Swaik Lake’s position has made it one of the most popular places for everyone to go on picnics. Swaik Lake is the most outstanding choice for most individuals who are short on time owing to work obligations or a job and want to spend their free time in the most excellent location with the least amount of travel and expense. The idyllic setting and its breathtaking waterfalls make it the ideal tourist destination.

Camping, BBQs, and other activities are permitted here to make your experience more enjoyable. Set a tent next to the Lake and take in the waterfall’s lyrical melodies and the unmatched beauty of nature. Numerous local guides can assist you and your family with whatever you need to enjoy your trip, including setting up camp and traveling securely to the Lake.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and serene spot to camp in Pakistan, look no further than Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar. This Lake, located in the Chakwal district of Punjab province, is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The area around the Lake is full of trees and bushes, providing plenty of shade, and there are also several small streams nearby. In addition, the Lake itself is pretty clean and clear, making it ideal for swimming or fishing.

Cliff Diving In Swaik Lake

With its beauty and allure, Swaik Lake delights visitors with various entertaining activities, including cliff diving. Since mountains, cliffs, and rocks surround the Lake, cliff diving is a popular activity there. It draws a lot of adventure seekers as well.

Swaik Lake is a freshwater Lake situated in the heart of the Swaikot mountain range in Chakwal district, Punjab province, Pakistan. The Pakistani government created the Lake to provide a clean water source for the city of Kalar Kahar. The Lake is home to various fish and other aquatic life and is a popular spot for swimming, boating, and picnicking.

Shallow Water of Lake

It is a fantastic body of deep, shallow water, with the tallest and most beautiful mountains, cliffs, and rocks covering its whole surface. Because Lake’s source is located there and there are no impurities in the water, Lake is significantly purer than other lakes.

Boating on Swaik Lake

Swaik Lake is a beautiful and serene spot for boating. The water is calm, and the scenery is breathtaking. You can paddle around the Lake in a canoe or rowboat or go for a swim. There are also plenty of fish in the Lake, so you can go fishing if you’d like. Just be sure to take some time to enjoy the scenery and peacefulness of this remarkable place.

Wildlife at Khandowa Lake

Khandowa Lake is home to various wildlife, including waterfowl, turtles, fish, and amphibians. The Lake is also a popular spot for bird watching, as it is home to multiple species of birds. In addition to the wildlife found at the Lake, several different plant species can be found in the area.

Most Stunning Mountains

Swaik Lake draws tourists from all over Pakistan because of its spectacular beauty, comparable to that of Naltar Lake in Gilgit and Mahodand Lake in Kalam. Swaik Lake has calm waters and a serene ambiance. Swaik Lake is surrounded by impressive cliffs, boulders, and daring mountains. The Lake has a natural waterfall that is 100 feet tall.

Few yet compelling reasons tempt travelers to take a trip to Swaik Lake. The stream that gushes away from the Lake and its pure crystal water is first. There are no water reservoirs of this sort in the area. Several verdant hills and mysterious mountains surround the Lake and water streams.

The tranquil setting of the Lake is the second factor. Once you are there, the calm wind and mysterious surroundings lift your spirits. You will go through a magical experience due to the sound of a waterfall crashing against the rocks’ profound mysticism.

Dense Forest

The dense forest at Swaik Lake is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful and serene places. It is home to various wildlife, including several rare and endangered species. The dense forest is also a popular spot for bird watching, with over 200 species of birds being sighted here. Swaik Lake is a truly magical place that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Fishing at Swaik Lake

Fishing is a popular activity at Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar. The Lake is home to various fish, including carp, catfish, and eels. In addition to being a great place to fish, the Lake is also beautiful, with scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

The actual water is primarily chilly and transparent, with a few crabs and small fish swimming. Have tea and nibbles while sitting on the rocks with your toes in the sea. Visit additional attractions, even though this would have been a lovely location to spend a whole day relaxing.

Famous Picnic Point

Swaik Lake impresses tourists with a range of entertainment activities in addition to its beauty and charm. We noticed a group of green trees and a green pool encircled by giant boulders almost to the pond’s edge. At Neela Wahn, little ponds are fed by the same spring.

There are a few little ponds at first, but as you travel deeper into the mountains, you’ll find larger ones where you may go swimming. There are no local kiosks or cafés, so families and college students frequently bring picnic baskets to the Lake to have a wonderful lunch.


Trekking to Neela Wahan and hiking to Swaik Lake have some parallels. It is a little more challenging than Neela Wahan. The route is first open for ten to fifteen minutes before becoming narrower and dropping steeply to the Lake. You would reach the bottom and be directly in front of the Lake after over 30 minutes.

Khandowa Lake Timings

The best time to visit Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar is between October and February when the weather is more relaxed, and the Lake is full. April and May are also good months to visit as the flowers are in bloom. The Lake is open from sunrise to sunset.

Location of Swaik Lake Kalar Kahar

In Punjab, Swaik Lake lies close to Khandoyah. The M2 highway, which runs between Lahore and Islamabad, provides access. Swaik Lake is a stunning waterfall and natural Lake located in the Pakistani district of Chakwal’s Kallar Kahar Tehsil. 

It takes 30 minutes to walk to the Lake from a parking spot deep in the forest. It would help if you traveled in the direction of Choa Saidan Shah from the Kalar Kahar Interchange. There is a tiny marketplace named Jalaibi Chowk. From the chowk, turn right. Then, about 500 meters later, there is another right, and the trail will take you to the Swike Lake parking area. After that, I have to descend for about 30 minutes until I get to Swike Lake. It will take nearly an hour to get from Kalar Kahar Interchange to Swike Lake.

Swaik Lake is a well-liked yet underappreciated tourist spot, much like Churna Island in Karachi or Gorakh Hill Station in Sindh. From Kallar Khahar, it takes 10 minutes to get to the Lake; from the M-2, it takes 40 minutes to go to Chakwal, which lies to the south of the Lake.


1. How do I get to Swaik Lake?

It would help if you exited the Kaler Kahar M2 exit before seeing the Khandowa (Swaik) Lake sign. Observe the directions you will find!! It’s six kilometers from Kaler Kahar, followed by a four-kilometer drive and a 15-minute walk through the forest. Ten kilometers from Tehsil Kallar Kahar in the Chakwal District lies a lake known as Swaik Lake or Khandoa Lake. Along the highway, 30 kilometers southwest of Chakwal.

Swaik Lake is thought to as a well-liked tourist attraction. From Kallar Khahar, it takes 10 minutes to get to the Lake. The drive from the M-2 highway to Chakwal takes roughly 40 minutes.

2. Is Swaik Lake worth it?

One of the most excellent places to visit on a short journey is Swaik Lake. It is said that even families have a day trip there because it is convenient and has a tranquil charm from the green surroundings.


Swaik Lake is a beautiful and serene place located in the Swaik Lake Chakwal region of Pakistan. It is known for its clear waters and picturesque scenery. The Lake is popular among tourists and locals and is an excellent spot for swimming, fishing, and picnicking. If you’re ever in the area, check out Swaik Lake!