Rama Lake

The Rama Lake is widely considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. The snow that has fallen has given Rama Meadows a picturesque appearance. Because of the captivating allure of this location, one cannot help but give thanks to the designer and creator. A lake known as Rama Lake Astore is found in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, close to Astore. It is found within the Astore Valley, characterized by a sparse cover of Oak trees and other vegetation types. Unfortunately, because of the prevalence of illegal logging operations throughout the valley, the area has been severely impacted by the loss of forest, lower rate of rainfall, and low vegetation as of 2013. 

Cedar, Huge pine, fir, and juniper trees can grow in dense stands across the Rama Valley. Because it is situated approximately 3300 meters above sea level, the valley is blanketed in snow for 7–8 months out of the year. In the summer, it turns into a verdant paradise, which is a condition that local shepherds seek out.


In the Gilgit-Baltistan area of northern Pakistan, you’ll find the high mountain lake known as Rama Lake. It sits at an elevation of 3300 meters (10,826 feet) above sea level and is situated on the eastern slope of the Nanga Parbat range. An unpaved road inside Astore Valley can reach the lake. The distance traveled by car is 13.3 kilometers when beginning at Astore, often spelled Astor, a city and the capital of Astore District. Prepare yourself for a drive of at least two hours. Because you will be traveling through some isolated regions on this trail, you should come prepared. Poor receiving of mobile signals can be expected.

Rama Lake

Rama Lake Weather

The temperature ranges from freezing to mildly cold where Rama Meadows are located. You won’t need to bring any winter gear when you go to this paradisaical location during May and July. A light and brisk breeze blow for several hours shortly after the rain stops falling. In any case, you are required to bring winter gear with you if you plan to go to Rama Lake, Pakistan, during the winter or any other month besides May, June, or July. Because of how quickly the weather can change, it is best to refrain from counting on weather updates. In the winter, Rama Meadows is blanketed in snow, giving it a picturesque appearance. Summer is another excellent time to go to Rama Lake because the weather is mild, and there are many exciting things to do there.

Annual Polo Festival 

The annual Polo Festival is considered the most prominent sporting event in Rama Valley is known for. Each year, the Gilgit Baltistan Polo Festival welcomes a variety of polo teams from the numerous districts that make up the region. Polo matches and other celebrations attract thousands of fans from all over the country each year. Other than the accessories you carry, perfect planning is needed to enjoy the Polo festival, which is also important. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Rama Lake?

Rama Lake Pakistan is often blanketed in thick snow most of the year. It is a one-of-a-kind destination, the beauty of which can only be appreciated during the summer months or festivities. May-August is the best time of year to visit Rama Lake Astore and Rama Meadows. These days of summer find, nature is at its peak of maturity. Every tier of the valley offers a variety of exciting opportunities for exploration. The risk of a roadside landslide is nearly nonexistent between May and August.

Rama Lake

Tourist Attractions:

Rama Lake Pakistan provides many tourist attractions, as below.

Three Small Lakes on the Way to Rama Lake

In the Shina language, the three smaller lakes seen on the path from Astore Valley to Rama Lake Astore are collectively referred to as Sarot. Before 2005, the area known as Astore was a Tehsil inside the 5th District of Gilgit-Baltistan, which is called Diamir. As of right now, Astore is considered to be a District. Astore is home to more than 50 charming and quaint little towns and villages.

Majestic Surrounding Mountains

The crystal clear water of the lake, which take on various shades depending on the time of day and the amount of sunlight, makes for an unforgettable sight. One of the valley’s distinguishing characteristics is the presence of the snow-covered Himalayas and a dense forest filled with enormous cedar, pine, fir, and juniper trees. Because of all of these elements, including the lake’s shimmering water, Rama Lake is a fantastic location for travelers to visit. Because of all of these elements, including the lake’s shimmering water, Rama Lake Pakistan is a fantastic location for travelers to visit. From this location, it is possible to hike to the east side of Nanga Parbat, the ninth-tallest mountain in the world. Nanga Parbat is also called the Killer Mountain.

Beautiful Picturesque View of Rama Lake

Gilgit city is located 122 kilometers from Rama Lake, which can be found in Choungrah hamlet in the Astore District of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is considered one of Pakistan’s most beautiful lakes due to the breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains and green valleys surrounding it. One and a half hours of Hiking is required to get there from Rama Meadows, which is located in the Astore valley and features a verdant meadow.

Rama Lake

Things to Do at Rama Lake Astore:

The presence of several picturesque lakes along the way characterizes the route from Astore to Rama valley. The dazzling Rama Lake Pakistan and the beautiful meadows surrounding it make Rama Valley the country’s crown jewel. At an elevation of 3,300 m above sea level is where you’ll find the valley, which is home to its dense forests of cedar, pine, and juniper trees. The valley is covered in snow for the winter months of the year, but during the summer, it is transformed into a beautiful heaven that can take you to the eastern side of Nanga Parbat. Let’s look at the different activities that may be enjoyed while visiting Rama Lake.

Hiking towards Rama Lake

The lake known as Rama can be found well up in the Himalayas. If you are searching for something unique and different from the norm, this is one of the best places to go.

From a dirt track near the PTDC Rama, a short hike of around two to three kilometers heads steeply uphill. The PTDC hotel in Rama offers tourists visiting the area a comfortable place to stay and provides services to meet their needs.

The actual city of Rama is called Astore, situated within Skardu’s administrative boundaries. On the other hand, Astore is situated near the KKH and offers a convenient connection to the main road via a metal-topped road. There is a thin gouge heading to Astore and an even narrower road leading towards Rama village. Both roads require more effort and time to cover a single kilometer than the typical B-class roads found elsewhere. Although the distance to Rama village is approximately 55 kilometers, getting there will take approximately three to four hours.

The hike will start from where the last vehicle is parked and is an all-day endeavor, but it is pretty gratifying. When you finally make it to the lake, all of your weariness disappears almost instantly. 

Horse Riding to Reach Rama Lake

Gorgeous Rama lake Pakistan requires Hiking as an activity requiring a lot of stamina. You can also ride horses in the direction of Rama Lake and enjoy the scenery.

Rama Lake

Camping at Rama Lake

You could also enjoy night camping on the outdoor yards of PTDC Rama if you’re in the Rama Lake Astore valley location. The vista of Nanga Parbat from the northwestern side is one of the most iconic perspectives of the mountain. The scenery is out of this world. You will surely enjoy camping there.

Hotels Near Rama Lake

The following is a list of some of the very best hotels that can be found near Rama Lake. These hotels offer the best amenities, allowing you to get the most out of your trip to Rama lake Astore and make the most of your time there. In addition to the hotels mentioned below, there are other more hotels that offer not as many but still some services for guests.

1) PTDC Motel Rama

2) Wazir Guest House Rama Astore

3) Rama Green View Hotel

4) Astore Inn Hotel & Restaurant

Islamabad to Rama Lake Distance:

Vehicles can drive to the Rama lake base camp from the parking lot. The distance from the base camp to Rama lake can be covered on foot in between 1.5 and 2 hours. The state of the trail determines the length of time it takes to hike. During July and August, the hiking trail will be more accessible for hikers.

The route to Islamabad through Naran, Astore Valley Road, and Lake Rama has a total distance of 590 kilometers. You may also calculate the driving distance or distance from Rama Lake to Islamabad through Naran, Astore Valley Road, and Lake Rama. Check out the map and driving directions that will get you from Rama Lake to Islamabad through Naran, Astore Valley Road, and Lake Rama so you can get there more quickly.


1. How is the road to reach Rama Lake?

The road to reach Rama lake Astore is a smooth motorway.

2. Can we visit Rama Lake in winter?

Yes, but you will enjoy it less than you would want it in summer.


The Rama Lake Astore complex is the most popular tourist destination in the Astore district. It can be found near the summit of the mountain called Nanga Parbat. The view of the sun setting over Nanga Parbat from Rama Lake is breathtaking. You’ll find the glittering lake known as Rama Lake Astore within the craggy mountains and near the Nanga Parbat. The beauty of Astore Valley is quite breathtaking. A hiking trail goes around the northeastern aspect of Nanga Parbat that goes from Rupal to Rama Meadows. The path is a dream destination for hikers.

The people of Astore put forth a lot of effort to provide for their family, working away in high meadows and summer settlements and putting in particularly backbreaking labor collecting grass. The Police are always available to support, and the Forestry Service is actively trying to preserve Rama Meadows. These organizations are putting forth a lot of effort to protect the ecosystem of this gorgeous location. Through the practice of responsible tourism, we can all make a difference.