Kundol Lake in Swat Valley 

It is a fact that people keep on praising the beauty of this Kundol Dand lake. And you might ask why? If one has not seen it for themselves, they are missing out! Breathtaking, this Kundol Dand Lake can be described in many words, but beautiful covers it. Located at the very center of Swat Valley amidst a lush green forest, its sights are so pleasing that your eyes will feel like they’re popping out once you set foot there. 

The best way to prepare before going there would be to research what this place entails beforehand – from finding out how to get here, what to do upon arrival (hint: relax), and where else in the area is worth exploring! So, to find answers to all your questions. Read on!

Kundol Lake Swat Attractions and Locations

Kundol Lake is where one can find peace in their daily life and enjoy their time with family. It is located in the Swat Valley, which offers breathtaking scenery and natural beauty. The Lake can be visited all year, but it’s best during summer because of its excellent water temperature, which makes it enjoyable even on hot days. During trekking, you can see substantial attractive mountains around the Lake, mesmerizing view of kundol Lake, a Resemblance with Saif ul Maluk Lake, majestic view at night when the moonlight illuminates everything.

If you are looking for an adventure, this place is perfect for you because there are many things to do, such as swimming in the clear blue waters or walking along the banks while enjoying nature! Remember to bring your camera to capture these moments forever!

Fascinating Story of Kundol Lake

There are many stories about Kundo Lake, one being that an old gold chalice appears at its center every night during a single month of the year, shimmering like the moon itself. However, nobody can claim this treasure due to its ancient power. Whoever touches it shall suffer eternal death.

Weather at Kundol Lake

Kundol has an oceanic climate, with monthly rain and an average annual temperature of 28°. With 388 mm of rain annually, it is only dry for 235 days a year, equating to roughly 20% of the total day count. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Kundol Lake?

The best time to visit Kundol in Pakistan would be between February through April or October through December, when temperatures are at their most bearable (38° C) but still without much precipitation (237 mm).

Recommended Gears

When visiting Kundol Lake, there are a few things that you should bring along with you. First and foremost, you’ll want some hiking shoes; the terrain can get rocky and slippery, so having something that will provide adequate traction is essential. A hiking stick would also be helpful; it will help keep your balance when walking over rough terrain or wet surfaces like creek beds.

Also, could you pack some camping essentials like a sleeping bag, tent, and waterproof blankets? It can get cold at night, even during the summer months! An umbrella or raincoat will keep you dry if it rains (which it often does), but remember to pack some sunscreen, too, since there won’t be much shade available while hiking. Finally, have plenty of food and water for your trip. It’s no fun being hungry or dehydrated when trying to enjoy nature!

A list of recommended gear from us can be found as:

● Hiking Shoes

● Hiking Stick

● Camping Essentials

● Umbrella/Raincoat

● Food & Water

● First Aid Kit

Attractions at Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake is a beautiful place to visit, and there are many things to do while you’re here. Below is a list of attractions at Kundol Lake.

●    Picturesque Spots During Trekking

Kundol Lake lies in the lap of the Hindu Kush Mountains at an elevation of 9,950 ft within the borders of Utror Valley. Likewise, the trail leading up to it is easy to navigate due to a fast-flowing river that originates near its shores and meanders through portions of Kalam Valley before merging with River Swat.

On your journey, lush greenery and beautiful spots where cascading waterfalls continuously greet you. The mountain range hovering over this breathtaking body of water is covered with tall grasses and other plant life, enhancing its magnificence immensely. Lakeshores offer campgrounds for hikers during the summer when many visit this scenic location.

●    Huge Attractive Mountains Around Lake

The mountain ranges around the body of water are sparsely populated with towering trees that overlook the vast green valleys. The Kundol Lake greatly resembles the beauty of Saiful Malook Lake, located in Gilgit, Pakistan. However, there is only one significant difference between the two bodies, apart from a location: one has been explored extensively and publicized. At the same time, the other remains obscure, shrouded by mountains, and secluded from tourists due to its remote locale. Tourism boards need to work harder at raising awareness about such a rare wonder within Pakistan so it can be appreciated by locals and foreigners alike.

●    Mesmerizing View of Kundol Lake

The moon reflects languidly onto the still waters of Kundal Lake. Nestled beneath a blanket of delicate leaves are giant Cedar trees standing proudly, often reminding people of mythical Grecian locations or perhaps being enchanted themselves. Their stern trunks seem to loom over you, daring you to try to enter without invitation, but it only seems alluring to someone drawn out by this fairytale-like setting. 

And while approaching, they become breathtaking – indeed, it seems time ceases here among the primordial treasures captured within these humble forests. There is nothing here except blissful calmness and serenity, which any artist would spend a lifetime trying to describe! As one looks at this picturesque scene, paintings come alive before them, giving up their secrets as they soak in all its wonderment. This place holds something magical, an enchanting purity exclusive to those who can appreciate the beauty!

●    Resemblance with Saif-ul-Maluk Lake

The Kundol Lake replicates Lake Saiful Maluk in Gilgit, Pakistan. Both lakes are roughly the same size and shape, while they share many similar features, including area and proximity to mountainside locals. However, while one may know about it, its counterpart remains hidden away among the beauty and romance of Swat Valley. Tourism officials need to learn about this hidden gem to market it to tourists, even if it is just for a visit.

●    Majestic View at Night

When it becomes nighttime at Kundol Lake, the entire atmosphere changes drastically. This mystical land seems too perfect to be accurate; a white glow reflects off everything – making even the tiniest of stars easily observable with just one glance up towards the sky. 

And sometimes, during full moons, everything is different than ever before; everything gets so intense that you feel you’re living out of some fantasy novel just for witnessing such fantastic scenery in person. Yet no matter what time, night, or day, as long as it’s dark enough, there will always be something enchanting about this place filled with mystique and wonderment waiting to share itself with anyone who ventures this far away from home.

Things to Do at Kundol Lake

There is a variety of activities to enjoy near Kundol Lake. Some highlighted ones can be given as follows:

●      Trekking

The breathtakingly beautiful Kundol Lake is a spot worth visiting north of Utror Valley, Swat, Pakistan. A narrow link road leads up to the Lake; it takes about 2 hours for trekkers to make it to Ladu Valley via Kalam. The lakeside area has many natural attractions for tourists who want to relax and enjoy this scenic beauty.

●      Camping

The lakeside camping ground at Kundol Lake in Swat Valley, Pakistan, is a beautiful place for backpackers and travelers worldwide to spend their time during the warm summer. The pristine water surrounding this area provides excellent entertainment and relaxation as you swim through its incredible depths or lie back and gaze up at the blue sky above. Plus, with so many activities available on sites like kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and more, there is something here for everyone! 

●      Photography

Kundol Lake is located in the scenic Swat Valley. It is known for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, making it an ideal location for photographers who want to capture images of animals in their natural habitat. Dense forests and rolling hills surround the Lake, so you’ll have no problem finding a place to set up your camera and take some fantastic photos. Ensure you’re there early enough; this area gets popular during peak season! If you’re looking for someplace new to explore while you’re in the area, check out one of the nearby waterfalls or even go hiking up one of the nearby mountains – they say the views are breathtaking!

Nearby Attractions

The Swat Valley is beautiful, and there’s plenty to do here. Here are some of the nearby attractions at Kundol Lake.

●      Spin Khwar Lake

Spin Khwar is a stunning body of water deep within the spine-tingling brush of snowcapped mountain ranges. The town sits at the feet of ruggedly steep slopes providing an unparalleled view to those who risk trekking there. Perhaps it’s because no one can honestly know what Spin Khwar hides behind its curtain of trees or around every curvy bend; that the mysticism and aura so thick you feel it when you arrive doesn’t wear off even after you leave.

●      Khapiro Lake

Pari Lake is found at an elevation of 4,400 meters in the mountains surrounding Utror Valley. Pari Lake is much larger and more profound than any other lake nearby; it stays open for about six months. The Western side of Pari Lake empties into Kundol Lake, which resides at a lower altitude outside of town.

How to reach Kundol Lake from Swat?

Kundol Lake, at the foot of the Hindu Kush mountain range in Utror Valley, is one of the many charming lakes in Pakistan. A little over 20 kilometers northeast of Kalam Town (the most prominent settlement), Kundol can be accessed through a four or six-hour trek from Ladu Valley.

How Much is the Distance to reach Kundol Lake from Islamabad?

Jeeps are used to reach Kundol Lake. You can get to the picturesque Ladu Valley for a two-hour hike from the Lake. There are many refreshment shacks in Ladu Valley where fresh hot tea or traditional Pakistani snacks can be found. From Islamabad, it takes twelve hours for a car to travel 509 kilometers towards the Lake; however, if by jeep, it will only take two hours as there is less traffic along this route.

Location of Kundol Lake Swat Valley

Kundol Lake is 20 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide in size and occupies an area of 100 square kilometers. This beautiful scenic spot is located the North of Utror valley, Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 12 miles from Kalam.


How much is the Length of Kundol Lake?

Kundol Lake in Swat Valley is approximately 1.5km long, making it a great place to relax and unwind during summer. The Lake is also quite vast at about 1km, so there’s plenty of space for everyone visiting. It’s the perfect place to enjoy quality family time while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How much time does it take to complete Trekking of Kundol lake?

The breathtakingly beautiful Kundol Lake is a spot worth visiting north of Utror Valley, Swat, Pakistan. A narrow link road leads up to the Lake; it takes about 2 hours for trekkers to make it to Ladu Valley via Kalam.

The beauty of this place cannot be overstated. The crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming and canoeing, while hiking trails line its perimeter. These trails lead to lush forests filled with birds and other wildlife like squirrels and chipmunks!

Is Trekking Safe for Families to Reach Kundol Lake?

Yes, trekking to Kundol Lake is safe for families. The path is relatively easy, and there are no significant risks.

Some parts might be complex if you have mobility issues or cannot walk long distances, but those can easily be avoided by taking a longer route around them.


The beauty of Kundol Lake in the Swat Valley is that it offers something for everyone. If you’re looking for a relaxing place, it has sandy beaches perfect for lying in the sun with your friends. If you want adventure, you can go kayaking, canoe across the Lake, or even fishing! Whether you’re looking for fun in the water or want peace away from the city, this beautiful Lake has something for everyone!