Dudipatsar Lake Kaghan Valley, Pakistan


Dudipatsar Lake, also known as Dudipat Lake, is one of the world’s most spectacular and magnificent lakes. It is located far north of the Kaghan Valley and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The words “Dudi,” “pat,” and “Sar” all refer to the color white. The Lake was named due to the surrounding mountains’ white snow. The Lake’s water gleams like a mirror in the summer, and the side valleys, particularly the Lake’s banks, turn lush green. Due to its splendor, this Lake is also known as the Queen of Lakes.

Dudipatsar Lake, in Pakistan’s Kaghan Valley, is one of the highest lakes in the world, at an elevation of 4,734 meters (15,495 feet). The Lake is not huge – only about 500 feet long and 250 feet wide – but its stunning views from its shores are unforgettable. Imagine looking out over the snowy peaks of the Himalayas with emerald green pines covering the hillsides around you; this breathtaking scenery will take your breath away.

Dudipatsar Lake Kaghan Attraction, Timings & Locations

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It is located in the Kaghan Valley and must-vis anyone visiting the area. The Lake is surrounded by mountains and is a great place to relax and take in the scenery. Several hiking trails around the Lake allow you to explore the area at your own pace. The best time to visit Dudipatsar Lake is from June to September when the weather is warm and dry. During this time, there are also fewer crowds and more animals to see.

What is the Best Time to Visit Dudipatsar Lake?

The best time to visit Dudipatsar Lake is from June to September when the weather is warm and dry. When the Lake and park are mirror-like and reflect breathtaking vistas for four months of the year (June through September), tourists from all over the nation come to enjoy these moments with friends and family.

Both visitors and hikers are drawn to Dudipatsar Lake’s stunning, chilly water. This Himalayan jewel is surrounded by a mountain range that provides a home for animals, including snow-covered mountainsides that are ideal for trekking and camping outings with friends and family. However, the Lake is beautiful all year round, so you can visit it anytime!

Recommend Gear

Dudipatsar Lake is a gorgeous glacial lake in the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. The Lake is about 3,800 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest lakes in the country. If you plan to visit Dudipatsar Lake, pack warm clothes and some good hiking shoes. Here are a few recommended gears you should know about this beautiful place:

1. Hiking boots are necessary. It is not advised to use conventional running shoes on this path (joggers).

2. It is recommended to wear weatherproof and waterproof clothes, such as a raincoat or waterproof jacket.

3. Even though there are several waterways if you are hesitant to drink stream water, carry your own.

What are the Attractions At Dudipatsar Lake?

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most beautiful and famous lakes in Pakistan. It’s located in the Kaghan Valley and is an excellent spot for hiking, camping, and picnicking. The Lake is also a popular destination for bird watching. The scenery at Dudipatsar Lake is stunning. It is surrounded by mountains that look like a wall. The Lake is also known for the blue-green water, which is caused by its spectral properties of light at that height with little sun and ultraviolet light. 

Moreover, this Lake also has natural springs (natural underground water channels called hot – Khot means stream in the local language), which are extremely rare in any other place worldwide! The Lake is approximately 1.5 km long and 0.5km wide. Its water is cold and a perfect place for nature lovers and adventure junkies. Although this Lake lies in Kaghan Valley, it is accessible only during summer.


The Dudipatsar trailhead lies near Besal, roughly two hours’ drive from Naran. Both automobiles and motorcycles have access to the route. Visitors go over expansive alpine meadows and gorgeous glaciers from Besal onwards to reach Mullah Basti, a campground approach to the Lake. Depending on one’s fitness level, the Dudipatsar Lake Trek is a moderately tricky walk that takes 6-7 hours to complete. From Mullah ka Basti, it takes around 2 hours of reasonably easy and nearly straight hiking to reach this stunning alpine Lake.

Snow-Covered Mountains

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. It’s situated in the Kaghan Valley and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The snow-covered mountains at Dudipatsar Lake look stunning. The snow-capped mountains and lush green meadows make for a fantastic combination. The blue-green Lake and the snow-covered mountains look very picturesque. 

The Lake has the bluest water in the world, attributed to its high altitude, low ultraviolet radiation, and dissolved minerals like salt, calcium carbonate, and calcium sulfate. The water at the Lake is so clear that you can see straight to the bottom even when the water is very still. Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most underrated Lakes in Pakistan.

Dudipatsar National Park

Numerous wildlife species that are threatened globally have their habitat in the alpine pastures of the Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park, which is home to an extensive range of wild animals, birds, and migratory birds. The Lake in Lulusar Dutipatsar National Park is home to two different fish species. Essential animal species of the Lulusar Dutipatsar National Park include the Himalayan Ibex (Capra Ibex Sibirica), Brown Bear (Ursus arctos), Marmot (Marmot Flaviventris), Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia), Snow Partridge (Lerwa), Himalayan Griffen vulture (Gyps Coprotheresand), Himalayan Monal (Lophophorus impedance (Falco jugger).

Certain migratory birds go from Siberia to the Lulusar Dutipatsar National Park during the fall and spring seasons. The pintail (Anas acuta), common teal (Anas crecca), and mallard are prominent migratory bird species (Ans platyrhynchos). Regarding the vegetation, the entire region is covered in lush, green shrubbery that annually grows as the snow melts and fills the valley. Many plants, trees, and perennials of Himalayan Conifer forests are easily accessible. Numerous therapeutic plants may be found here, including Aspagol, also known as Plantago ovate, Ban Kakri, also known as Podophyllum Hexandrum, Thandi Booti, also known as Tussilago farfara, and Chikee, also known as Primula Macrophylla. Greek Juniper, Juniper Exelsa, Joni, Betula utilize, Tamarix gallica, and Sumbal is examples of shrubs. Barberis Achycantha is another.

Fishing at Dudipatsar Lake

The trout fishing at Dudipatsar Lake is fantastic. You can go trout fishing at the Lake any time of the year. The best time to go fishing is during April, May, and June, when the Lake is stocked with trout. You can go fishing at Dudipatsar Lake by booking a guide or using your equipment. If you want to go fishing using your equipment, you must hire a boat to drop you off at the right spot. If you are using a guide, then you can follow his instructions and go fishing. 

The best part of fishing at the Lake is keeping what you catch, as there is no rule against it. So, you can go fishing at Dudipatsar Lake, grab your favorite fish, and then take it home. Many individuals in Dudipatsar take pleasure in brown trout fishing. However, you’ll need equipment and a fishing license to catch any decent fish. Due to illicit dynamite and net fishing, fish populations in the Lake have drastically decreased.

Camping at Dudipatsar Lake

During the peak travel season, there are few lodging and dining choices, although travelers can hire tents. Since you can’t predict how many individuals will be in your group, a significant risk is involved. As a result, you’ll need a variety of supplies. Additionally, as it is quite a distance from the Lake Naran National Park headquarters, where these activities occur, you cannot return to town immediately after camping (and are not accessible by foot).

On their tour route through this breathtakingly beautiful region close to Kathmandu, known just as “Naran,” campers must carry everything from Lake Naran Valley because there are no businesses nearby to buy camping supplies. Camping in Dudipatsar Lake and spending the night there may be so romantic that you never forget the breathtaking view of the sky.

Lush Green Meadows

If you’re looking for a breathtaking nature experience, look no further than Dudipatsar Lake in Pakistan. The meadows at Dudipatsar Lake are some of the most beautiful in Pakistan. Towering mountains surround the Lake, and the fields are a bright green carpet that stretches for miles. Visitors can hike to the Lake or take a jeep tour from one of the nearby towns. Lush green meadows ring the Lake, and the water is a beautiful deep blue.

The scenery is so stunning and featured in several Bollywood films! Hiking and camping are popular activities here, and there are even some basic accommodations near the Lake if you want to stay overnight.


The Lake and its wetlands habitats are of significant ecological value for local wildlife and migrating birds. The Himalayan snowcock, black bear, marmot, weasel, lynx, leopard, and snow partridge are just a few of the park’s animal inhabitants.

Beautiful Night View

The beautiful night view at Dudipatsar Lake is genuinely mesmerizing. The idea is so beautiful that it has been used in many Bollywood movies. The argument is so captivating that it will leave you spellbound. The snow-covered mountains and the twinkling stars make the night at Dudipatsar Lake one of a kind. The night view at Dudipatsar Lake in Kaghan Valley is best experienced in person. So, plan a trip to this beautiful place and be ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of this natural phenomenon.


The streams at Dudipatsar Lake Kaghan flow throughout the year, except during the monsoon season when they get flooded with water. The streams originate from glaciers, which melt and then pour into the Lake. The two main streams are the Khunda stream and the Pahal stream. Khuda stream originates from the Khunda glacier and flows through Khunda meadow, about 4 km long, before it falls into Dudipatsar Lake. The Pahal stream originates from the Pahal glacier and meanders from the Pahal meadow, about 2.5 km long, before it falls into the Dudipatsar Lake. These streams are famous for trout fishing.

Hiring Guides and Equipment

Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. If you’re

planning on visiting, here’s everything you need to know about hiring guides and

renting equipment. 

1. If you travel solo, a guide can be hired for $6 per day with a minimum three-day rental. 

2. Equipment rental starts at $1 per day with a three-day minimum. 

3. For groups larger than four, a guide can be rented for $5 per person with a minimum three-day rental. 

4. All equipment rentals include life jackets and kayaks.

5. Guides must be rented separately. 

6. A first-time visitor should budget $25-$30 for hiring a guide and renting equipment for three days. 

7. There is also an option to rent boats that can fit up to six people for as little as $3 per hour!


Dudipatsar Lake is a beautiful body of water located in the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. It’s an excellent place for hiking, camping, and picnicking, and plenty of activities keep you busy. A reputable hotel or neighborhood market in Naran will likely have a guide available.

If you have come to Kaghan Valley to visit Dudipatsar Lake, we highly recommend hiring a local guide. A good guide will help you explore the place, explain the Lake’s natural beauty, and let you know the best times to visit the Lake. While hiring a guide for Dudipatsar Lake, ensure you hire a guide who knows about the Lake very well and can explain it. When hiring a guide, make sure that you ask him about the times to visit the Lake.


One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Dudipatsar Lake is by camping overnight. You can choose from a few different sites, all with stunning views. Make sure to bring your tent and camping gear, as no rental options are available. And don’t forget to pack plenty of food and water, as there are no restaurants or stores nearby. Additionally, there are products like sleeping bags, food rations that may be rented at the Naran market, and tents. You will have an unforgettable experience at this magical place with some planning.


Dudipatsar Lake is a beautiful body of water located in the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. The Lake is known for its pristine waters and stunning scenery. Horses have often been seen grazing near the shores of the Lake, adding to its picturesque setting. Horses may be rented in Besal village if necessary. These horses can be used to carry passengers or additional cargo.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and take in nature, Dudipatsar Lake is the perfect spot.

Dudipatsar Timings

Dudipatsar Lake is located in the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan and is one of the most beautiful places in the country. The Lake is open all year round, but the best time to visit is from June to September. The Lake is located in the Kaghan Valley, about 3 hours from the nearest city of Mansehra. To get there, you can either take a bus or drive. The weather is perfect for hiking and camping during this time, and the views are simply stunning. Once you arrive, you’ll be treated to views of the spectacular snow-capped mountains surrounding the Lake. 

Location of Dudipatsar Lake Kaghan

In the Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park, Dudipatsar Lake, also called Dudipat Lake, is a body of water enclosed by snow-capped mountains. The Lake is located in the Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan, at the northernmost point of the Kaghan Valley. At the height of 3,800 meters, the Lake’s ice-cold, emerald blue water is a striking feature (12,500 ft). The size of the mountains in the area averages approximately 4,800 meters (15,700 feet), with snow patches in the shady dales. The Western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows ecoregion is their native home. 


1. How Much Time Will It Takes to Reach Dudipatsar from Besal? 

Galma Busti, Mullan Ki Busti, and Dudipatsar Lake can all be reached in 2 to 3 hours, 6 to 7 hours, and 8 hours, respectively.

2. Can we get back from Dudipatsar Lake in 1 day?

No or Yes. Due to the hazard, you must journey for 16 hours to return in a day.

3. Is This Safe to Visit Dudipatsar with Family?

Yes, although we don’t advise going to Dudipatsar Lake if you’re traveling with young children or elderly individuals.


Dudipatsar Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It’s a great place to hike, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the peace. The Lake is also a popular spot for fishing and bird watching. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. If you’re planning on visiting, check out our complete guide so you can make the most of your trip!