Borith Lake

Borith Lake is a high-altitude lake in the Hunza district of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The region offers many easy-to-reach attractions for visitors, including the beautiful wetlands around Borith Lake – providing unparalleled opportunities for hiking and camping! Fishing enthusiasts will want to target Khara by boat off Borith Lake’s coast – an activity suitable for everyone with a fishing license! This activity will undoubtedly inspire unforgettable memories when you visit this picturesque destination with mountains full of snow year-round.

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Borith Lake Hunza, Attractions, Timings, and Location

Borith Lake is a saltwater lake in Borith, a small village within Gulmit in Upper Hunza Valley, Gojal District. With an elevation of 2,600 meters above sea level and temperatures always hovering around 14° Celsius, this body of water attracts visitors all year round. 

Rentals here can take canoes or kayaks onto its still waters. A popular activity at Borith Lake during the warmer months is swimming—either jumping off the cliffs surrounding it or going down natural slides made by slowly descending over time due to erosion. Borith Lake Hunza has some things that cost money, but the entrance fee is free. Borith Lake Hunza is open from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Borith Lake Weather

Borith Lake is one of the most scenic places in Hunza, Pakistan. The temperature usually hovers around 14 degrees Celsius, with varying cloud coverage throughout the day.

Borith Lake

When is the Best Time to Visit Borith Lake?

The site is a sanctuary for migrating wildfowl and is often visited by bird watchers and nature lovers. One should visit between March and June to witness the large number of ducks arriving from the warmer parts of southern Pakistan. The birds rest here on their way northwards to the calmer waters of central Asia. Similarly, from September–November, the event occurs in reverse with the onset of winter towards the north. However, there are certain times when it isn’t too cold yet, but it isn’t too hot either; these times would be December through February (the winter season). These months could be considered perfect because they’re not so hot or cold that you can’t appreciate this breathtaking spectacle before you at its peak performance!

Recommended Gears

Borith Lake resides in the Hunza district of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is an ideal destination for campers who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature at this location. Pack all your camping gear, and remember trekking shoes to reach Borith Lake. First Aid kits are also highly recommended for any emergency that may arise while hiking or exploring near the glaciers in Borith Lake.

What are the Main Attractions At Borith Lake?

There’s a little hamlet called Borith just off the beaten track, but worth discovering if you want to escape all the commotion of modern life. It lies northwest of Hussaini Village and is close to Gulmit in Upper Hunza Valley.

Borith Lake offers visitors opportunities for boating and swimming, as well as bird-watching and photography – it is said to be one of the best things about Hunza Valley! The water there is a deep green because it comes from deep underground springs flowing out at high altitudes and falls into this valley through moss-covered rocks. You’ll feel relaxed there.

Borith Lake

During wintertime, when it’s colder everywhere else, everything about Borith Lake freezes over – making for amazing photographs (and delicious ice cream!). Small shops nearby allow you to enjoy tea or coffee while admiring its beauty.

Crystal Clear Saline Water

One remarkable thing about nature is that it provides us with many beautiful sights. With this in mind, you can remember water- since it’s one of the greatest natural wonders. A perfect example would be Borith Lake– a crystal clear saline water pond located just outside Hussaini Village, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush greenery. It might seem unusual for there to be such large bodies of water this far up into the mountains, but you’ll love every moment spent here!

Surrounded by Majestic Huge Mountains

After exploring the Khyber region and getting to know the inviting residents, you’ll finally arrive at Borith Lake– the lake nestled between two imposing mountains. Huge majestic mountains surround it.

Nestled in Gulmit, Upper Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan District, it sits 2 kilometers from the Gulkhin village at an elevation of over 8500 feet. Known as Gojal, this area includes Gulmit, Hussaini, Passu, and many other tiny villages.

Beautiful Waterfowls

Borith Lake sits at the bottom of a valley surrounded by high mountain ridges. From the vantage point, you will see an array of colorful birds perched on the beautiful waterfowl of the lakeside. The sound from their gentle quacking echoes off the nearby trees and rolls down along with these waves to one’s feet. The glistening water will fascinate you; it reflects nothing but blue sky – no matter how deep or far you look into its depths, it will only reflect up at you. It doesn’t matter what time it is here because this lake never changes colors- it will always stay as still as glass.

Borith Lake

Scenic Beauty

Borith Lake’s scenic beauty is beyond words. Located at the namesake lake with the picturesque Karakoram Range as its backdrop and Passu Glacier just down the mountain, this place is one of a kind.

View of Passu Cones

Explore other attractions if you’re looking for even more adventure and excitement. For example, you could go on a long walk to Passu Gar Glacier, which crosses Ghulkin Glacier and Borith Lake. The view of Passu cones will amaze you! After walking across Hussaini Glacier by the same route, you will have reached Borith Lake, which continues south past Borith Bala. You’ll take about 4-5 hours to go from Ghulkin Glacier down to Karakorum Highway (Karakoram Highway), where there is an inn called Shisper Hotel.

Would you happen to know how to reach Borith Lake from Hunza?

It is about two kilometers north of Gulmit and can be accessed via the Jeep route from Hussaini Village. Alternatively, it can also be reached through a trekking route that takes approximately two to three hours, by which time you will have traversed the Ghulkin Glacier.

Things to do at Borith Lake

Though it may be a lesser-known destination, Borith Lake is one of the most tranquil spots in Northern Pakistan. Nature enthusiasts and bird watchers alike will find this serenity perfect for some vacation photos; if you take a day trip from Islamabad, it only takes about half an hour to arrive at Borith. Sitting at 8500 ft above sea level (2600 meters!), Borith boasts deep green waters surrounded by lush pine forests and snowcapped mountains – indeed something else entirely than those living in metropolitan areas come across daily. It refreshes your mind while making you feel relaxed and calm, so much so that many want to camp out here overnight.

Borith Lake

Borith Lake has deep emerald water that appears turquoise when reflecting off the light hitting its surface – adding another dimension of beauty to such a picturesque setting nestled among snowy mountain ranges.


A short trek of just an hour per way will bring hikers to Hussaini Glacier. Walking will lead you close enough to the glacier’s edge to catch sight, then back along the same trail. Trekking is very popular in this area – visitors will want to take advantage of it!


Borith Lake is beautiful and picturesque, perfect for anyone looking to unwind from the hectic day-to-day life. The turquoise blue water of Borith Lake offers the best swims there are – it will refresh your mind when you’re done! Its deep emerald waters and comfortable temperature will delight anyone seeking tranquility or simply wanting to swim leisurely. Even if you want to do something other than admire its beauty, visiting Borith Lake at least once in your lifetime is worth visiting.

Paddle Boating

Tranquil Borith Lake has long been a refreshing escape from daily life. With its crystal clear water and refreshing temperature, this serene body of water provides many people a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re looking to take a dip or relax peacefully, there is always something pleasant about spending time by the banks of Borith Lake. Paddleboating is a popular activity for many tourists visiting Borith Lake. Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area while you’re on the water!


Borith Lake is known for its excellent camping, but it has become a popular tourist destination because of its picturesque scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Borith Lake during winter becomes frozen over, and if one takes some time to explore the area, you’ll find small cafes nearby where one can enjoy having tea or coffee while taking in the fantastic views from this beautiful location.

Facilities At Borith Lake

Borith Lake is an endorheic lake in the Takht Valley near KKH. The hiking path begins a little outside Husseini Village and ends about two kilometers north of Karimabad(Karimabad, Pakistan) on its shore near the Ghulkin Glacier and Passu Glacier. From Borith Sar (a viewpoint), one can see 360-degree views of surrounding peaks and valleys. Facilities are available for those staying at Borith Lake Hotel or resort, including hut accommodation and camping sites with access to drinking water.

Borith Lake Hotel & Resort

Borith Lake Hotel and Resort are a family-owned and operated small boutique hotel nestled on the shores of Borith Lake in a mountain village in Upper Hunza Gojal. Rooms overlooking the lake come with private en-suite facilities, while those looking out onto the mountains offer stunning scenic views. All rooms are non-smoking. The hotel motto Enjoy the family hospitality! It reflects its owner’s goal to provide an environment where guests feel at home, no matter where they’re from.


Borith Lake is one of the many lakes in Gojal, a valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Its altitude is roughly 2660m, making it perfect for those looking for some time out from their busy lives. You can visit Borith Lake and Pamir Huts or hike around this vast area. The views here are also exceptional, so you could always visit to take some snaps while you’re there!

Camping Site

Borith Lake is a small-sized endorheic lake located west of KKH near Ghulkin Glacier and Passu Glacier. For just PKR 3000 per night, you can stay at Borith Lake View Camping Site with its cafeteria next to the campsite. They offer food services such as bonfires and barbecue facilities, while boating and other adventure sports are nearby.

How Much is the Distance to Reach Borit Lake from Hunza?

Located in Borith village at an altitude of 8,500 feet near Husseini village in Gulmit, Gojal in Gilgit Baltistan on Karakorum Highway, this serene and calm expanse may be easily reached within a 2 km jeep route from Husseini or through a 2-3 hour trekking route. Various birds call the lake home, making for excellent scenic views for those visiting.

Location of Borit Lake Hunza

The Borith Lake is located in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This lake is between Husseini, a village near Ghulkin, Gojal, and around two kilometers from Hussaini, which rests next to Gulmit. Reaching this location will take you two hours of trekking along the slushy trail through snow-capped peaks up to 8500ft and then down again for another two hours on the other side.


Are the Roads to Reach Borith Lake Safe?

Borith Lake is a serene and secure destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. You can travel there by car or jeep on designated roads.

Is the place Safe for Families?

Borith Lake is safe for those who travel with their family. As there has never been an incident in which someone was harmed, it is essential to prepare for a more peaceful journey by bringing all necessary supplies.

What is Borith Lake Famous For?

Could you add Borith Lake to your bucket list if you’re ever in Gojal, Hunza Valley? The lake is a sight, close enough for irrigation purposes but far enough for visitors to appreciate its beauty. Considered one of Pakistan’s most beautiful lakes, it can be visited throughout the year but is at its best when autumn hits because this is when all the colors are striking.


The Borith Lake in Hunza City is an incredible sight to visit. This touristic wonder draws people from all around the world every year. Its historical past makes it even more iconic and unique than before. If you’re still thinking of what to do, see this breathtaking view that will amaze anyone who visits! Borith Lake holds many other natural wonders and sights worth seeing – lakes, valleys, forests, and flowers galore- which are best seen during summertime when everything comes alive with color. Whether you want a quick hike or just somewhere quiet for contemplation, stop by Borith Lake today!