Shigar Fort

The Serena Shigar Fort is a distinctive heritage boutique hotel in a serene natural setting, surrounded by the stunning Karakoram Mountain Range in Baltistan carrying 4 centuries of myths and legends. Discover adventure and comfort in a 450-year-old fort and the 17th-century Palace of the Raja of Shigar. This facility includes 20 Balti-inspired rooms and suites and the more recent “Old House” and “Garden House.” Shigar Fort is a splendid tourist spot, surrounded by lush green landscapes and skyrocketed mountains. The beautiful clouds, majestic mountains, and serene environment make this place a piece of heaven on earth. It is one of the most well-maintained forts.

History of Serena Shigar Fort

Shigar fort was constructed 400 years ago during the reign of the King of the Amacha Dynasty of Shigar. The Fort remained deserted for a long time when the King and his descendants died. The rulers abandoned the Shigar fort in the middle of the 20th century. As a result, the Fort deteriorated severely, and the snowfalls and harsh weather of Skardu added their part in the destruction of the ancient Fort. Recognizing the historical importance of the Fort, Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan (AKCSP-P) decided to restore this historic landmark. They constructed the Fort from scratch. The process of renovation started in 1999 and ended in 2004. Approximately it took $1.4 million for the renovation of the Fort. After restoration, Agha Khan Cultural Service handed over the responsibility of this Fort to Serena Hotels. This Fort has been converted into a luxurious Palace and is a famous tourist attraction in Gilgit Baltistan.

Shigar Fort

The Architecture of Shigar Fort

Serena Shigar Fort Pakistan is now a collection of three buildings constructed adjacent to each other and built at different times and with different techniques. Recently added are the Garden House and the Old House. Serena Shigar Fort comprises 20 rooms and suites featuring Balti architecture. The entire Fort is built of wood and stones to make it earthquake resistant. Delicate wood carvings, native stone, and splendid woodwork of all the rooms depict a decent architectural design. The doors of the rooms have a short height, so whenever someone meets the King, he has to bow down a little as a notion of respect. The Serena Shigar Fort allows its tourists to live a luxurious royal life among the mountains and several amenities.

Attractions at Serena Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort, along with a garden, a restaurant, and a stream, offers many attractions to its visitors. So let’s explore some of its attractions.

Restored Rooms with Native Stone

All 15 rooms and five suites of the Shigar Fort are restored with native stone, walnut floors, and roofs having handmade furniture, which is a highly long-lasting and robust stone. These Royal rooms have a warm tone among the beautiful landscapes and a Royal touch. These 13 traditional Royal rooms provide the guests the privilege of living a royal life like a King and Queen. The facilities provided to the guests are flat-screen televisions and perfect room service. All are non-smokers rooms. The rooms are built according to the historical architecture of the Shigar Fort to resurrect its legacy. Artifacts and antiques are decorating the rooms. 

Shigar Fort

View of Bardari and Amacha Garden

Open terraces are in every room, giving you an eye-catching view of Bardari and Amacha Garden. A wood balcony is designed in the Garden House Standard Room, offering a View of the Baradari monument and lush Amacha Garden full of flowers. A beautiful decorative pool is present in the Amacha Garden. According to historical facts the 20th century, Raja Muhammad Adam Khan built a pavilion in the center of the Pool. 

Al Fresco Garden

The Al Fresco garden is perfect for having a candle-night dinner beneath the grapevine. Also, the view of the turquoise Shigar Stream and the surrounding village is stunning.

View of Roaring Shigar Stream

On your way to the Shigar Fort, you will pass through a scenic and picturesque Shigar Stream, a right-bank tributary of the mighty Indus. While enjoying your meal at the Al Fresco garden, you can have a stunning view of the roaring Shigar Stream. You can enjoy the Shigar stream’s view through the royal suite’s balconies. 

Cherry and Apricot Garden

The primordial cherry and apricot garden is a huge garden with many trees filled with cherry and apricots. You can lay down on the fresh grass and have the time of your life. The people of Gilgit Baltistan love to grow and consume these fruits. They use cherry and apricots in a variety of dishes.

Shigar Fort


After the restoration, Agha Khan Foundation converted some parts of the Shigar Fort into a museum. Many personal belongings of the King and the Queen are displayed in the museum to preserve their heritage. The museum features various cooking utensils, jewelry worn by the Queen, and certain documents of historical importance written by the King of Shigar Fort.

The Raja’s Mosque

The Raja’s Mosque, located adjacent to the main entrance of the Serena Shigar Fort, is an ancient mosque built in the 17th century. It is constructed the same way as the other mosques in Shigar Town: a four-sided building with a central column for support and a terrace on the eastern side. It has great historical and artistic value.

Preservations of old Relics

Shigar Fort also preserves many old relics found in and around the Fort. These relics include wood, fabrics, fragments of objects, etc., dating back hundreds of years. 

Shigar Fort

Pots Used by the Royal Family

Shigar Fort Gilgit Baltistan holds excellent collections of historical items, including Pots and personal belongings used by the royal family. Pots are of different designs and types. Pots were used for heating, cooking, or serving food, and they are specially made from high-quality clay and covered with red color.

Shahi Kitchen

The Shahi Kitchen is where authentic royal dishes are cooked, prepared, and served. Royals handed over this kitchen from one generation to another.

Shigar Restaurants

There are many restaurants near Shigar fort. They offer a range of cuisines and usually have delicious food. The best part is that the beautiful view of the surroundings makes it more enjoyable. Fong Khar Restaurant’s historic stone and wood decor encourage conversation among diners as they enjoy an inventive menu of Chinese, Balti, and Pakistani specialties. So if you want to do something different and enjoy amazing views, then you should take a break and start with a nice meal at one of the nearby restaurants. 

Seating Arrangements for Visitors

Serena Shigar Fort offers a garden, a terrace, and a shared lounge in addition to its location. Visitors and official events use the garden’s seating arrangement. With lovely views of the Shigar stream and the nearby village, the outdoor garden, terrace, and rooftop of Fort are ideal for enjoying a meal during the warmer months.

Facilities at Shigar Fort Pakistan

Serena fort offers a wide range of services to its guests. It is equipped with all facilities required by a modern hotel. The rooms are fully air-conditioned, have private bathrooms, and Television with cable channels. In addition, they also have 24-hour front desk services for their customers and free Wi-Fi Internet access for guests staying at Serena Shigar Hotel. It also offers Laundry Service Facility.

Serena Shigar Fort Accommodation Price

The accommodation cost at Serena Shigar Fort Pakistan varies depending on the rooms you choose to reserve. Usually, a room costs $130 or more for one adult. The number of guests and the stay duration determines the price. If you want to stay, visit the website and get in touch with Serena Shigar Fort.

Serena Shigar Fort Timings

Shigar Fort is accessible to visitors and tourists around-the-clock, every day of the week. To learn about available dates and costs for lodging, you can get in touch with the Fort’s service.

Location of Shigar Fort

Serena Shigar Fort Pakistan is situated along the iconic path to K-2, the second-highest mountain in the world, in Shigar Gilgit Baltistan. You can enjoy beautiful scenic landscapes from here.

Contact Info

You can contact Serena Shigar Fort at (058154) 67108 for any queries or check their website if you want to book a room.


Who built Serena Shigar Fort?

Raja Hassan Khan of the Amacha Dynasty of Shigar built Shigar Fort in 1634. It is also called Fong-Khar in the Balti language, which means “Palace on the Rock”. The Aga Khan Historic Cities Program restored the Fort and turned it into a museum and a five-star hotel that Serena Hotels run.

How old is Serena Shigar Fort?

A 450-year-old Fort and a Raja Palace from the 17th century make up Serena Shigar Palace folded away in Pakistan’s mountainous Baltistan region.


The hotel has a Wonderful atmosphere overall and is worth visiting. Visiting an old fort converted into a hotel and staying in rooms with antique furnishings and modern conveniences is a Wonderful way to spend your vacation time. If you’re lucky enough to visit from June to July, you also have the chance to cherry-pick. From cleanliness to food quality and staff service, everything is excellent. Lastly, the locals are all so warm and friendly that the area looks adorable. It’s a place of historical importance and also holds a fascination for tourists all around the world.