Multan International Airport (MIAP)

Multan Airport is also famous by its other name, Muhammad Bin Qasim International Airport. It is the first Airport in the city that provides numerous international and domestic flyer facilities. People from nearby towns such as Vehari, Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Khanewal, and Rajanpur use this Airport. Check out the airlines operating out of Multan International Airport Pakistan, their destinations, and everything else you need to know about flying into and out of this airfield by using the information below!

About Multan International Airport

Multan International Airport is a state-of-the-art facility and is one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing airports. The Airport is surrounded by lush green fields and is only 4km west of Multan City, Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s first privately owned Airport. The Multan International Airport is a significant asset in the city of Multan and Pakistan. The Airport provides a vital link between Multan and the rest of the world and offers a range of services to both business and leisure travelers. The Airport is well-equipped and provides a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers. The Airport also offers excellent facilities for cargo services, making it an ideal choice for businesses and those needing cargo transportation. Multan International Airport is an essential part of the city’s infrastructure. This Airport has gone through major renovations and expansions, which will make it one of the largest and busiest airports in South Punjab. The Multan airport caters to both Domestic and International flights. Multan Airport in Pakistan offers flights throughout Pakistan and direct flights to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. The ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, inaugurated the new terminal buildings in March 2015.

History of Multan International Airport

Traces From the Early beginning of Multan International Airport, Pakistan, led to the British Empire’s origins and the Royal Air Force. In 1919, the Royal Air Force used this Airport to fly in and out of the region. This Airport has been used for aircraft since 1934 and is considered a strategic location in the province of Punjab. Imperial Airways started to use this airfield for civil aircraft flights. In 1938, flights were operated out of Multan by Imperial Airways. Flights en route from Multan to Jacobabad and then continue their journey to Karachi. But it remained until the Independence of Pakistan. After Pakistan’s independence, a new airline named Pak Air started to operate from Multan International Airport, Pakistan. The same year, the Multan Flying Club was also established at Multan airport. In 1957, the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) started operating from Multan Airport, Pakistan, using the Douglas DC-3.

Due to the increased demand for flights and many aircraft requirements, the runways, aprons, and taxiways were carpeted routes using bitumen. At that time, a new control tower was also constructed to meet the technological development demand. PIA acquired a Boeing aircraft in 1971. The runway was extended to 9,000 by 100 ft (2,743 by 30 m) to handle the heavier aircraft with passengers. In 1977, they also developed the building to manage the Boeing 720 aircraft. To strengthen The Airport in 1980–1988, the Arrival of the Airbus A300 made it functional. The private airline Aero Asia and PIA started to operate international flights from this Airport in 1999. The international flights en route from Pakistan to middle east countries such as Kuwait and Dubai.

Structure of Multan international airport

Multan International Airport has all the essential facilities for domestic as well as international flights.


1. There are four jet boarding bridges, i.e. (Bay-1, 2, 3, and 4).

2. There are two broad and four narrow-body aircraft noses in parking.

3. It measures 230 m x 145 m (755 ft x 475 ft) with 11 m (35 ft) shoulders and has the most up-to-date airfield lighting system.


• The runway at Multan International Airport in Pakistan is 3,204 m by 46 m (10,512 ft by 151 ft) in size, with 7.6 m (25 ft) shoulders on either side.

• The runway can handle up to Boeing 747-400, Airbus A340-600, and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

• The runway is a facility with an Instrument Landing System and a Cat-I AFL System. 

• Here is a High-Intensity Lighting System available.

• There is a parallel taxiway running alongside the runway.

• 18/36 for speedy exit and departure.

• Emergency alternatives are available for Islamabad and Lahore.

Location of Multan International Airport Pakistan

Multan International Airport is located near the outskirts of the city of Multan (city of saints). It comes under Pakistan’s CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) jurisdiction.

Multan Internationa Airport Flight Schedule – Arrivals & Departure

Many international and national airlines operate through the Multan airport, such as PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), AirBlue, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Gulf Air. The most common and frequent weekly flights from Multan to Dubai and Multan to Karachi are 69 and 22, respectively. The flight schedule with arrival and departure times is updated daily on the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority website.

Airport Services and Facilities

Let’s learn more about some outstanding facilities at Multan International Airport, Pakistan.

1. Emergency and Medical Services 

2. Protocol & Porter Services 

3. Special Care for Senior Citizens

Emergency and Medical Services 

The medical facility for the Airport’s passengers or travelers is adjacent to the CAA mosque. Any passenger can easily approach it. Contact the CAA information and facilitation help desk at the CIP lounge, Arrival, and Departure, to know its location or facilities. The purpose of medical and emergency services of Multan International Airport is: “Ensure to provide the best first-aid and medical facilities to passengers of all airlines, as well as to CAA employees and airport functionaries. The medical facilities are also used to evaluate serious patients from the nearest Govt. Hospital.” 

Food Inspection:

These medical facilities are also used for the inspection of food outlets as well as other areas of the Airport to ensure hygiene food and quality standards. 

Protocol & Porter Services 

Multan International Airport features porter services and comes under the “Protocol & Porter Services” umbrella. These services are ensured to be available for all travelers arriving or departing/from the Airport. It helps travelers transport their luggage easily from the drop lane and to check-in counters at the time of Arrival. The PPS (Paid Porter Service) is also available for valuable customers. The PPS charge for domestic passengers is PKR 200/-only, while for international passengers, for PPS, it is PKR 400/-only. To learn more about facilities and services, then you can also contact the Airport by using the number Protocol and Porter Services at Multan International Airport Pakistan: 061-9202601 | Ext: 6047

Special Care for Senior Citizens

It ensures that senior citizens and passengers in need have specialized care amenities. Needy passengers also come under the “Special Care for Senior Citizens” umbrella. The passenger can contact the concerned airline for services such as wheelchair services. Every special counter—often found adjacent to the entrance and departure halls—offers it. Let the respective airlines know their requirements before time. 

Additional Services at Multan Airport

Many additional facilities that are also available at Multan International Airport are:

• Free Internet Access 

• Food, Drink, and Retail Stores

• Mobile Charging Stations

• Mosque and Prayer Rooms

• Transportation Services

• Post Office, ATMs, and Banks

• Restrooms

• Baggage Trolleys 

• Cargo Complex

Security at Multan Airport

Like other airports in Pakistan, Civil Aviation Management, in association with the ASF (Airport Security Force), looks after the security of Multan Airport. CCTV cameras are installed at every corner to monitor the whereabouts of passengers and airport employees. Moreover, the guards at the Airport are fully occupied with weapons like guns. The Airport is also equipped with the latest technology security systems to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers, employees, and visitors.

Operating Airlines

Multan Airport, Pakistan, operates many different international and national airlines. Many international airline brands such as Fly Dubai Pakistan Intl Air, Shaheen Air, and Airblue operate their flights here more frequently. 

  • Fly Dubai Flying from Dubai to Multan airport with two weekly flights started on 23 November 2016. 
  • From 1 December 2016. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) also resumed their two weekly flights between Multan and Quetta. 
  • Saudia Air began its operations in Multan on 1 April 2017. It operates four flights weekly between Jeddah and Multan to gain market share. 
  • Shaheen Air International also started 1 flight weekly from Multan to the destination, Muscat, on 24 April 2017. 
  • Salam Air of Oman also added Pakistan to its airline network. And on 23 May 2017, they announced they would start three flights between Muscat and Multan weekly. 
  • On 26 October 2018, Emirates Airlines ended its flight operations to Multan, but it is carrying on codeshare connections with Fly Dubai in the rest of the world. 

The following is the list of operating airlines, their websites, and their contact numbers:

Operating AirlineContact Number
Gulf Air061-4586300
Pakistan International Airline (PIA)061-9200024
Qatar Airways061-4510151-5
Shaheen Air061-6306622-3
Air Indus061-6306617-19
Air Arabia061-4516021
Fly Dubai061-111-225-539

Airport Code of Multan International Airport Pakistan

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) issues a unique code to every Airport worldwide. The primary functions of IATA are security and reliability. This code’s purpose is to give airports the right to operate domestic and international flights and to endorse their authority. The IATA airport code of Multan Airport is MUX. Similarly, ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization) looks after overseas flight plans and international air traffic. The ICAO Multan Airport code is OPMT. 

Booking a Flight from the Airport 

Booking a flight from Multan Airport, Pakistan, to anywhere in the world is no longer difficult. You can call the desired airline contact numbers and book a flight. While for online booking, you log on to their website. You can also check the flight schedule of Multan Airport by the airline’s name and other essential information and with the flight on the official page of CAA’s Multan Airport.

Flying Schools/ Institutions

 Multan Flying Club

Multan Flying Club is a self-governing organization that has been around since 1956 and has contributed to training, aerial work, and charter since its inception.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the nation of Pakistan’s flag carrier, currently employs more than 1500 pilots who acquired their training at Multan Flying Club.

Multan Flying Club, however, has also engaged in aerial work and charter. It helped with the aerial distribution of flyers and the dumping of petals during election season. Multan Flying Club has been solely committed to producing experts for the aviation business since March 1987.

Arrivals / Departure Procedure:

When to Arrive for your Flight at Multan Airport?

The arrival time at the Airport depends on the flight schedule and destination. But here is some information provided by the official website of CAA. To explain, the ideal arrival times are:

1. If you’re flying domestically through Multan International Airport in Pakistan, you should arrive at least two hours before takeoff.

2. International flyers must arrive at the Multan Airport 4 hours before the scheduled takeoff. Because of quite the lengthy checking-in and airport transfer process. 

If you don’t want to lose, take the flight. The best way is to look at the city’s traffic conditions and plan accordingly.

General guidelines for Passengers Flying from Multan International Airport

The following are some general guidelines for both international and domestic flying from Multan Airport, Pakistan: 

  • Do not carry any banned items such as drugs, liquor, endangered wildlife species, and weapons with you.
  •  Passengers must never forget to collect their baggage after the customs, ASF, and ANF screening.
  •  Don’t hand over your luggage to anyone unknown at the Airport. Please make sure you always keep your belongings close to you. 
  • Do not take anything from unknown people or strangers, especially drinks, food, and bags. 
  • Remember to bring your CNIC (National Identity Card) and Passport along with them.
  • During departure, only place precious belongings items [such as currency, jewelry, laptop, watch, mobile phone, or any other gadgets] in your check-in luggage.
  •  Don’t listen to someone if they ask you to look after their belongings; deny them immediately. 
  • It would be best if you took special care of your luggage and belongings at all times, even on the flight. 
  • When it arrives, it is best to get the necessary information about the journey and ticket from the representative airline.
  • In case of theft, loss, and damage, register the complaint to the respective airline or the representative.
  • To avoid any hassles, please follow the baggage weight limit policy.
  • The airline ticket includes a detailed instruction sheet. You must follow all of them.
  • Lastly, carrying liquor items is banned in Pakistan, but non-Muslim flyers can avail of this facility with a special permit.

Top International Routes to Multan Airport

There are many international routes to and from Multan International Airport, Pakistan. The top global ways are:

• Dubai to Multan Flights

• Jeddah to Multan Flights

• Doha to Multan Flights

• Bahrain to Multan Flights

• Sharjah to Multan Flights

• Medina to Multan Flights

• Abu Dhabi to Multan Flights

Multan International Airport contact number

If you need more information, call the helpline number of Multan Airport.

Contact Number: 061-9202601-6 | Ext: 6050

Official Email Id:


Documents Required Upon Arrival:

Documents required for domestic flights are:

 1. Valid CNIC

2. Passport

3. Valid Airline Ticket.

While for international flights, passengers must have the following:

1. Filled Disembarkation Form (Overseas Pakistani Card holders are not required to fill in)

2. Passport

3. Valid Visa (if applicable).

4. Letter issued at Pakistan Consulates abroad (For Foreigners).

5. Vaccination Certificate (For international passengers who are coming directly from such an infected country with the diseases declared by International Health Regulations or WHO)

Documents Required Upon Multan Airport Departure:

For Multan Airport departure, domestic flyer passengers must have the following:


2. Valid Airline Ticket

While for international flights, passengers must have the following:

1. Valid Airline Ticket

2. Valid Passport

3. Valid Visa (if applicable)


5. Photo ID

6. Health Certificate (if applicable)

7. NOC or Ex-Pakistan Leave (Mandatory for Govt: Employees)

How Do you Get to Multan Airport?

Due to its location in a well-populated cantonment, the Multan Airport is simple to reach from any site in the city by using Jamil Abad Road. There are different modes of transportation to reach the Airport. The front of the terminal has a drop-off lane and a wide area for car parking. It can accommodate more than 400 vehicles. 

Transport options:

At the landside of the terminal, there is a facility for Metro Radio Cab Services to book cabs. It provides a service directly from the Airport and their counter. A Facility for Private Rent A Car is also available at the Airport. As Multan is the oldest city, there is also a facility for traditional auto-rickshaws. Several auto-rickshaws are available at the entrance of the Airport. The auto-rickshaws are a popular mode of transport among passengers for short-distance travel. The Cantonment railway station of Multan is 3 km away from the Airport. The nearest railway station connects Multan to other parts of the country. It is also the means of transportation for passengers.

Hotels Near Multan International Airport Pakistan:

There are many hotels near the Multan international airport for passengers to stay. People also came to Multan to see the famous saint city. Here are the top 5 hotels that are nearest to the Multan International Airport are:

1. Avari Xpress Boutique Residence, Multan, is 1.5 miles from Multan Airport. It is easy to access from the Airport and motorway too.

2. S Chalet Multan is at a distance of 0.2 miles from Multan Airport. It is one of the best hotels to stay in and is pocket friendly.

3. Hotel One Tariq Road Multan is at a distance of 1.9 miles from Multan Airport. The best places in the town.

4. The Royal Mansion Hotel is located at a distance of 1.9 miles from Multan Airport. It is an excellent place in Multan to stay.

5. De Shalimar Hotel Multan is one of the best hotels. It is at a distance of 1.9 miles from Multan Airport.

Important Facts about Multan International Airport 

The historic Multan Airport predates the creation of Pakistan. The Royal Airforce used the airbase of Multan International Airport before 1934. Pakistan’s Multan Airport has a single-passenger terminal that serves both domestic and foreign arrivals and departures.

Incidents and Accidents:

A Fokker F-27 Friendship – 200 took off from Multan International Airport on 10 July 2006. Flight PK688 suffered from engine problems, causing the pilot to lose control soon after takeoff. The aircraft caught fire as soon as it crashed in a nearby grassy field. It left all crew and 45 passengers dead.


1. Is Multan Airport Open for International Flights?

Multan International Airport is open for Domestic as well as international flights. Many international airlines, such as Fly Dubai, PIA, Shaheen Air, and Airblue, operate their flights here more frequently. 

2. How much is the distance from Islamabad to Multan International Airport?

The distance between Multan International Airport and Islamabad is 557.3km via the Lahore Islamabad motorway. It takes 6 hours and 20 minutes by car. 

3. What is the name of Multan International Airport?

Multan International Airport, Pakistan, is famous by the name Muhammad Bin Qasim International Airport. It caters to Domestic as well as International flights. The Airport operates seven days a week round the clock.


Multan International Airport provides passengers with first-class facilities, great amenities, and flights worldwide to serve you better and make your travel experience seamless. In addition to these facilities, a VIP lounge on-site and restaurants offer Pakistani cuisine to passengers. Furthermore, the PCAA manages all ground-handling services at this Airport, ensuring everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. Whether you want to fly from Multan or travel to Multan, plenty of options are available to meet your needs and help you get there!