Gwadar Airport

Gwadar International Airport is the main airport serving Gwadar, a port city in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is located 12 km (7.5 mi) from Gwadar city center, near the town of Jiwani. The airport is the functioning international airport in Balochistan and is part of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Gwadar International Airport was inaugurated in May 2018 and began operations in October 2018. The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan operates this airport and can handle up to 1,500 passengers daily. The airport offers flights to and from major Pakistani cities and international destinations such as Dubai, Istanbul, and Kuala Lumpur. This post will discuss Gwadar International Airport’s history, features, and exciting facts. It is one of the Key Airports in Pakistan.

History of Gwadar International Airport

Gwadar International Airport (IATA: GWD, ICAO: OPGD) is an international airport located in Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan. It finds on the Makran coast near the Persian Gulf, about 120 kilometers from the Iranian border.

The airport was established in 1991 and was formerly a Pakistan Air Force military base (PAF). The runway was extended in 1998 and upgraded in 2008 to a length of 3,100 meters. 

To facilitate the transportation of goods to and from a proposed free trade zone in Gwadar, the airport operated for a short period in the late 1990s. In 2003, the PAF handed the airport over to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In 2011, the CAA began upgrading the airport to international standards and for commercial flights in 2014. The airport has two terminals and can handle up to 250,000 passengers annually.

The airport has flights to Karachi, Islamabad, and Quetta. There are plans to expand the airport in the future.

Operating Airlines and Destinations

Gwadar International Airport (GWD) is a public airport serving the city of Gawadar, Pakistan. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority manages the airport.

Currently, two airlines operate flights to and from Gawadar Airport:

1. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA): Karachi, Islamabad.

2. SereneAir: Karachi, Islamabad.

Gawadar Airport offers flights to the following destinations:

1. Karachi (KHI) -Airblue, Pakistan International Airlines

2. Islamabad (ISB) -Airblue, Pakistan International Airlines

3. Lahore (LHE) -Airblue, Pakistan International Airlines

4. Quetta (UET) -Airblue, Pakistan International Airlines

5. Gwadar (GWD) -Airblue, Pakistan International Airlines

6. Chitral (CJL) -Pakistan International Airlines

7. Rahim Yar Khan (RYK) -Pakistan International Airlines

8. Turbat (TUK) -Pakistan International Airlines

9. Sialkot (SKT) -Pakistan International Airlines

10. Multan (MUX) -Pakistan International Airlines

11. Sukkur (SKZ) -Pakistan International Airlines

12. Faisalabad (LYP) -Pakistan International Airlines

New Gwadar International Airport

The new Gwadar International Airport is a planned international airport in the port city of Gwadar, Pakistan. The airport is expected to be completed in 2023 and will replace Gwadar Airport. The new airport will feature a 3,600-metre runway and the capacity to serve 1.5 million passengers annually. Additionally, the airport will feature a large cargo terminal, air traffic control tower, passenger terminal, and a range of other facilities. The airport is developing as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

New Gwadar International Airport Design & Features

Gwadar International Airport will be a modern airport to meet the highest international standards. It will include two runways, two passenger terminals, two cargo terminals, a control tower, and several other amenities. 

  • The main terminal building will design to handle up to 6 million passengers per annum. It will feature a range of facilities, including check-in desks, baggage reclaims, retail outlets, restaurant and bar facilities, and a transit lounge. 
  • The cargo terminals will have an area of approximately 50,000 square meters and can handle up to 300,000 tons of cargo per annum. The cargo terminals will include advanced cargo handling, storage, and customs clearance facilities. 
  • The airport will also have a modern control tower with the latest technology and advanced navigational and communication systems.
  • The airport will also feature a range of short- and long-term parking areas and will be connected to the local road network, making it easily accessible. Overall, Gwadar International Airport is setting up a modern, world-class facility that will serve the area for years.

New Gwadar International Airport Construction Cost

The New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) is a major infrastructure development project undertaken in the coastal city of Gwadar in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan raises funds for this project, which expects to cost around $246 million

Launch of The New Gwadar International Airport in 2023

The Federal Minister has directed the authorities to ensure that the inauguration and shifting of flight operations from the old Gwadar Airport to the New Gwadar Airport is completed by March 2023. He has instructed them to work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and local authorities for the timely completion of this project.

Expected Facilities and Services in New Gwadar Airport

Facilities and services at the new Gwadar International Airport include:

  • Air-conditioned Interior: The new Gwadar Airport has a modern interior with a spacious lounge, a VIP lounge, a duty-free shop, a restaurant, a café, and a prayer room. The facility also has a variety of retail outlets and services to meet the needs of travelers. Additionally, the airport offers a wide range of amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, charging points for mobile devices, and a fully-equipped business center.
  • Arrivals and Departures Hall: The airport will have an efficient and spacious arrival and departure hall to ensure that travelers can quickly check in and out of their flights. 
  • Duty-Free Shopping: A duty-free shopping facility will be available at the New Gwadar Airport. The duty-free shopping facility offers a wide range of items at tax-free prices, including perfumes, electronics, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and other products.
  • Cafeteria: The new Gwadar International Airport will feature a full-service restaurant offering a range of food and beverage options. The cafe will locate in the terminal building and open to all passengers and visitors. The cafeteria will offer hot and cold snacks, sandwiches, pastries, and drinks. The menu will include a variety of local and international dishes. In addition, the cafeteria will offer free Wi-Fi, phone charging stations, and ample seating. The restaurant will also have a self-service checkout system, allowing passengers to quickly and easily purchase their food and drinks.
  • Internet Access: The airport will have free Wi-Fi access for travelers. 
  • Car Rental: At this time, there is no car rental facility at New Gwadar Airport. However, there are several car rental companies located in nearby towns that offer car rental services. If you are pursuing a car rental facility at New Gwadar Airport, you should contact one of these companies to see if they can accommodate your needs. 
  • Currency Exchange: The airport will have a currency exchange facility for travelers who need to exchange foreign currency. 
  • Hotel Booking: The airport will offer travelers the convenience of booking hotel rooms through the airport.
  • VIP Lounges: The airport will offer travelers a spacious and modern lounge facility. The lounge features comfortable seating areas, power outlets, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a wide selection of refreshments. The lounge has a well-stocked library, a reading area, and a business center. There are also plenty of comfortable loungers where travelers can relax before their flight. The lounge is conveniently located near the boarding gates and is accessible to all passengers.
  • Elevator and Accelerator: The airport will feature two escalators and two elevators for passenger convenience. The airport will also feature an acceleration lane to help facilitate faster boarding and disembarking from the aircraft. The acceleration lane will be connected to the main terminal and equipped with an automated boarding system that will allow passengers to board and disembark their flights quickly.
  • Parking: The airport will provide short-term and long-term parking options for passengers. 


  • Baggage Handling: The airport will offer baggage handling services to ensure that travelers’ luggage will be handled with care. 
  • Immigration and Customs: The airport will have efficient immigration and customs facilities to ensure travelers can move through the airport without any problems. 
  • Security: The airport will have state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that travelers are safe and secure. 
  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS): The FIDS will provide real-time information about flight arrivals and departures and any delays or cancellations.
  • Ground Transportation: The airport will offer various ground transportation options such as buses, taxis, and shuttle services for travelers to get to their destinations.
  • Medical Services: The airport will have medical facilities such as emergency medical services and pharmacy services for travelers in need.
  • Air Traffic Control: The airport will have an air traffic control tower to monitor and direct aircraft movements.


Gwadar Airport Important for Pakistan’s Economic Development

Gwadar airport is vital for Pakistan’s economic development because it is the gateway to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The airport will facilitate trade and personnel between Gwadar and other parts of Pakistan and China and provide a significant hub for transportation and logistics. It will help promote economic growth, create jobs, and provide an essential link in the development of the CPEC, which expects to bring billions of dollars of investment into Pakistan.

New Gwadar International Airport Location

Gwadar International Airport locates in Gurandani, 26 KM east of Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is situated on the Makran Coastal Highway, about 15 km from the center of Gwadar city. The coordinates for the airport are 25°13′56″N 062°19′38″E.

Interesting Facts about the New Gwadar Airport 

  • New Gwadar International Airport will be the next largest in Pakistan, with a total area of 10,500 acres.
  • It will feature two runways, one of which will be 3,600 meters long and the other 4,000 meters, allowing it to accommodate large-sized aircraft like the Airbus A380. The airport will handle up to 1.5 million passengers annually, making it the third busiest airport in Pakistan after Islamabad and Karachi.
  • It will furnish the latest air navigation technology and a state-of-the-art passenger terminal.
  • The airport is developing with China’s assistance and will be the first airport in Pakistan to devise under a bilateral agreement.
  • Gwadar International Airport will create many job opportunities, both directly and indirectly. Presently, the airport will employ people in various administrative and operational roles, including airport security and ground staff. Indirectly, the airport will create jobs in hospitality, retail, transportation, and other related industries expected to grow in Gwadar due to the increased air traffic.
  • It expects to accomplish in early 2021 and be operational in March 2023.
  • The airport will be located approximately 30 kilometers from Gwadar and connected to the city via a six-lane expressway.


How big will Gwadar’s new airport be?

The new Gwadar International Airport is the future largest airport in Pakistan, with an area of over 4,800 acres. It will have two runways, a large cargo terminal, and a passenger terminal with 12 million passengers per year.

Which airport is close to Gwadar international airport?

Konarak Airport (ZBR / OIZC) is the nearest international airport. There are domestic and international flights out of Chabahar, Iran, which is 197 kilometers away from GWD.

Turbat International Airport (TUK / OPTU), located 229 kilometers from GWD and serving both domestic and international travel, is another significant airport.


The New Gwadar International Airport is a significant milestone in developing the Gwadar Port, which is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The airport will help to strengthen further the trade and economic ties between Pakistan, China, and other countries in the region. It will also provide employment opportunities for the locals, help to increase tourism, and increase investment. The New Gwadar International Airport is an essential step in the realization of the CPEC project and will play an important role in the future development of the port city.