Faisalabad International Airport

Previously known as Lyallpur, Faisalabad is Pakistan’s third-largest metropolitan city, the second-largest in the province of Punjab after Lahore, and a significant industrial powerhouse in the country. In honor of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, the Government changed the city name from Lyallpur to “FAISALABAD.” Popularly known as the Manchester of Pakistan, Faisalabad houses the country’s busiest Airport. If you are visiting Pakistan and intend to visit Faisalabad, this guide on the Faisalabad Airport will assist you in getting the most out of your journey to Pakistan’s commercial city. In this post, we’ll explore how Faisalabad international airport has benefitted travelers throughout the years and discover everything else about this great Airport that is important for you.   

Overview of Faisalabad International Airport 

One of Pakistan’s busiest airports, Faisalabad Airport, is also the central hub for International Airlines. It serves a substantial share of tourists in addition to people from the other regions of Punjab state. The Airport provides service to the residents of Faisalabad and several nearby towns, including Jhang, Jaranwala, Khurrianwala, Chiniot, Gojra, Sangla Hill, Toba Tek Singh, Samundri, Chenab Nagar, Dijkot, Bhawana, Sargodha, Pir Mahal, and Khichian. 

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has implemented a new active policy to allow additional airlines to operate from the city because the people of Faisalabad have a sizable population living overseas. The PCAA renovated the terminal building as part of the Airport’s extensive renovation program to accommodate larger planes and increased passenger traffic. 

Besides being one of the busiest airports in the country, it is well known for providing excellent amenities to its customers, including free Wi-Fi. Learn more about this Airport by reading on! 

History of Faisalabad International Airport

The history of Faisalabad airport dates back to the British era. Because it never hurts to review the past, we have tried to cover every inch and feature of the Faisalabad airport. Here is a thorough chronology showing how the Airport has changed and served both domestic and foreign travelers since 1958:   

1942: The local Government granted permission to construct a bricked strip of 5000′ by 100′ after realizing the strategic location of Faisalabad within the British Empire and South Asia. Many regional airplanes used the strip for a brief while, but the airstrip quickly became obsolete as technology advanced. 

1958: To increase imports and exports from Karachi, Pakistan’s Flag Carrier, Pakistan International Airlines, started domestic operations in 1958. 

1965: In 1965, the authorities reconstructed the Bricked Airstrip to fulfill the specifications of that time. To enable the Airport to handle larger jet-fueled airplanes, they expanded the runway’s length to 9000′ X 100′ and constructed the surface using bitumen. 

1966-1967: The authorities decided to build a Terminal for the Faisalabad Airport and an Apron to manage Prop Aircraft like the Fokker F-27 Friendship. 

1972: Since the former runway had degraded quite noticeably, the Government erected a new parallel runway with dimensions of 9000 feet by 100 feet west of the old runway. The brand-new runway could accommodate even bigger jets, like the Boeing 737. 

1993: The aviation authority expanded the Terminal building and developed the CIP Lounge to accommodate the increased influx of Passengers

1989-1990: The aviation authority built Boing Apron and Taxiway and stretched to 300 feet by 300 feet to handle the Airbus A-300.

1998: More flights and more traffic for the Faisalabad airport became possible in 1998 when direct Hajj Operations began from the Aerodrome Yearly. 

Faisalabad International Airport Location 

Located on Jhang Road, 14 kilometers to the southwest of the central city, in Punjab Province of Pakistan, New Faisalabad International Airport is a well-recognized Airport in Pakistan. Renowned for its exciting lifestyle and strong ties to global trade and industries, Faisalabad is an extraordinary location. Given the Airport’s virtually optimal position, it isn’t wrong to say that the Faisalabad Airport has significantly improved communication and transportation in Pakistan. 

Structure of Faisalabad International Airport 

The superb infrastructure and extraordinary Faisalabad airport location have all the requirements for domestic and international flights.  


The Faisalabad airport’s primary runway, constructed to accommodate jet aircraft like the Boeing 737, was officially opened in 1972. The CAA decided in 1991 to reinforce the runway so the New Faisalabad International airport could handle wide-body aircraft such as the Boeing 767-200ER, Airbus A300, and Airbus A310. The runway is currently 9,272 feet, 151 feet long (2,826 meters, 46 meters). 

Cargo Complex 

The CAA decided to establish an airport cargo complex in 1976. As situated on the passenger terminal’s right side, these complex handles commodities imported and exported by air. Pakistan International Airlines currently has a leasehold on the structure. The city’s main PIA booking office manages most of the Cargo, where the Cargo is gathered and delivered to the Airport. To move cargo activities closer to the apron, the CAA planned to construct a new cargo complex in 2015. 

Expansion Projects  

The Prime Minister’s aerospace coordinator, Shujaat Azeem, tweeted on February 22, 2015, that PCAA would modernize the Faisalabad Airport to meet international standards and that additional foreign planes would soon depart from the city. Qatar Airways launched its three times weekly service connecting Doha to Faisalabad on March 5, 2015, operated by Airbus A321/A320 aircraft. Shujaat Azeem, Engineer Rizwan Ashraf, Rana Mohammad Afzal Khan, and Air Marshal Muhammad Yousaf (the director general of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority) conducted an assessment of the Airport on April 9, 2015. They will renovate the Airport to comply with IATA/ICAO standards. The PCAA undertook the following plans for the expansion project:  

  • Expansion of passenger terminal 
  • Developing a new cargo complex 
  • Extending and improving the runway so it can accommodate larger aircraft 
  • The building of a new taxiway. 
  • Modernizing the airplane stands (Apron) 
  • They will be renovating the business class, departure, and arrival lounges. 
  • Airport approach road refurbishment (including LED lighting) 

On January 20, 2018, former Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi inaugurated the new structure following the conclusion of the Airport’s expansion work. The new building’s covered area rose from 36,000 square feet to 73,000 square feet, providing space for 200 domestic and 400 international flight passengers. Additionally, they introduced 12 counters for international and four for domestic flights. The airport facilities now contain modern fire hydrants, CCTV cameras, and a fire alarm system. A Modern display system was also put in place to display flight schedules. There are also two passenger boarding bridges, a Fokker apron, and an Alfa Taxiway on the runway.

Operating Airlines 

The table below lists operating airlines that fly directly to and from Faisalabad international airport and their destinations.  

Pakistan International AirlinesKarachi, Muscat, Dubai-International
Air ArabiaSharjah
Gulf AirBahrain
Air Arabia Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi

Faisalabad International Airport Code 

The Location Identifier (also known as the IATA code) is a unique three-letter code developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to identify airports in logistics and aviation. The organization’s primary goal is to guarantee the dependability, safety, efficiency, and security of airports registered with it.   

The Faisalabad Airport Code is LYP. 

On the other hand, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is directive of creating the ICAO codes, applied for official purposes. This organization is responsible for enforcing Flight plans and air traffic control. The Faisalabad Airport’s ICAO Code is OPFA.   

Flight Schedules  

Many international and national airlines operate through New Faisalabad International Airport, such as PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, and Gulf Air. It’s easy to stay informed about the flight schedule of Faisalabad Airport. You must visit CAA Flight Enquiry, housed in the terminal building, or call the CAA helpline for further assistance. Similarly to this, new information is on display on flight information display boards. You can also contact the flight inquiry counter if you need additional information.    

Transport Options:  

About a 25-minute ride from the central city, the New Faisalabad International Airport is about 14 Km west of the town, 3 Km from the Main Jhang Road. Faisalabad Airport is conveniently near the city’s main roadways and expressways. As a result, there are numerous ways for passengers to get to the Airport. You may quickly reach your destination in Faisalabad via various transportation options. There are a variety of Radio Vehicle and Shuttle Services (air-conditioned / Non-air-conditioned) available at New Faisalabad International Airport to comfort passengers and visitors. Their counters are accessible throughout the day at the Arrivals Concourse area. Nothing beats landing after a long journey, grabbing your luggage at the security checkpoint, and then heading outside to the Airport’s arrival lounge to receive your taxi slip and approach the taxi stand. The closest train station is at Faisalabad, which is 24 miles (39 kilometers) from the Airport through Jhang Road. The railway station offers numerous connections to various locations in the country. The Faisalabad Bypass provides access to the Risalewala railway station, also situated southeast of the Airport. There are multiple reservation desks at Faisalabad Airport’s International / Domestic Arrivals Hall for taxi and shuttle services. The specifics of a few are listed below:    

Prime Metro Radio Cab 

• UAN: 041 – 111-222-787 

• Phone: 0336 1111250 

Worth Visiting Destinations near Faisalabad Airport 

Located in a prime area of Faisalabad, you can spot numerous well-known landmarks in the vicinity of Faisalabad Airport. In Faisalabad, close to Faisalabad International Airport, some of the most famous and worth-visiting locations include:    

  • Jamia Masjid Aqsa Ahl e Hadees 
  • Chenab Club 
  • Clock Tower Faisalabad 
  • Sindbad Amusement Park 
  • Lyallpur Museum 
  • Jinnah Garden 
  • GATWALA Wildlife Park 

Popular Routes – Domestic & International   

Top International Flight Routes from Faisalabad Airport Include:   

Faisalabad ⇒ Sharjah 

Faisalabad ⇒ Dubai 

Faisalabad ⇒ Doha 

Faisalabad ⇒ Jeddah 

Faisalabad ⇒ Bahrain 

Faisalabad ⇒ Medina 

Faisalabad ⇒ Muscat 

Faisalabad ⇒ Abu Dhabi 

Faisalabad ⇒ London 

Faisalabad ⇒ Manchester 

Faisalabad ⇒ Istanbul 

Faisalabad ⇒ Prague 

Faisalabad ⇒ Naples 

Faisalabad ⇒ Krakow 

Faisalabad ⇒ Kuwait 

Top Domestic Flight Routes Include:   

Faisalabad ⇒ Karachi 

Faisalabad ⇒ Multan 

Faisalabad ⇒ Skardu 

Faisalabad ⇒ Lahore 

Faisalabad ⇒ Islamabad 

Airport Facilities:  

New Faisalabad international airport provides many facilities to its passengers. Let’s have a look at them.  

Bank Services, ATMs, and Currency Exchange 

There are numerous banks, automated teller machines (ATMs), and currency exchange facilities at Faisalabad Airport. For the convenience of esteemed clients and travelers, it is simple to receive cash, exchange foreign currencies on a 24/7 basis, as well as conduct other activities, including transferring money and paying bills.   

At Faisalabad International Airport, passengers and visitors can have access to a wide range of banking services thanks to the presence of these banks:   

  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)   
  • Habib Bank (Pvt.) Limited   
  • Allied Bank Limited   

They offer various financial services for travelers, including currency exchange, money transfers, and ATM cash withdrawals. With the help of these three banks, travelers can quickly and easily access their funds at the Airport.   

In addition to these three banks and money exchanges, the Airport also features 24-hour ATMs from the following:   

  • Habib Bank Limited   
  • Allied Bank Limited     

These ATMs provide convenient access to quick cash withdrawals with no additional fees or hassles.   

Whether you’re traveling for business or vacations, the Airport proudly provides passengers with world-class banking services in Pakistan. With the help of these banks and ATMs, travelers can enjoy easy access to their money when needed.   

Special Facilities for Senior Citizens and Special Individuals 

Senior citizens and all favored Special travelers get access to all the necessary facilities. If a passenger has such demands, they should inform the airline before arriving. They can contact the relevant airlines at their dedicated counters in the arrival and departure halls and concourse halls. 

There is also a fast track for completing arrival and departure formalities, a ramp for travelers using wheelchairs, and designated parking for particular individuals. 

Passenger Facilitation Porter  

The Faisalabad airport offers Passenger Facilitation Services (PFS), often referred to as “Passenger Porter Services,” on a round-the-clock basis for travelers’ convenience. The most challenging part of traveling is managing your luggage, especially if you’re in a big group or with kids and need to take care of everyone’s belongings. Porter can also help you with your luggage travel fast, conveniently, and on the shortest path to your destination.   

PFS Charges; 

• Domestic Passengers……………..Rs. 200/- 

• International Passengers…………Rs. 400/- 

Passengers Guidelines   

  • Display your boarding pass or e-ticket to the security staff.   
  • Laptops, computers, and gaming devices should be taken out of their carrying cases and deposited in a plastic bin.   
  • Pass through the metal detector archway with your carry-on belongings, pets, and infants/children.   
  • Harassment, crude humor, and abusive conduct won’t be permitted. Such behavior will cause delays and maybe even missing airplane departures.   
  • Bring no goods that are prohibited or restricted on board. In this case, contact the airline in question or a representative.   
  • Please be aware that for X-ray screening, all the electronic items must be taken out of carry-on baggage and placed separately in plastic baskets.   
  • Avoid repetition. Never put valuables like cash, jewelry, laptops, cell phones, tablets, cameras, watches, etc., in your checked luggage before a flight.   
  • Swords, knives, and other sharp things are not allowed at the security checkpoint. We suggest packing these goods in your checked luggage.   
  • Passengers should have enough time to walk through security checkpoints and check their luggage. Security personnel won’t be held liable for delays caused by passengers who arrive late.   
  • The Islamic Republic of Pakistan strictly forbids the importation and transportation of alcohol. However, on a permit basis, non-Muslims can use this facility at hotels and other designated locations.   
  • Please be familiar that it is illegal to drink in public.   

Flying Training Institutes: 

The following two flight schools are there at the New Faisalabad International airport, and they regularly train new pilots and aeronautical enthusiasts there.  

  • Air Academy Pakistan 
  • Shaheen Air Flying Training School (SAFTS) 

Faisalabad Airport’s Contact Number 

Call the Faisalabad Airport contact number if you require any additional details:   

UAN: 111-222-114 

Toll-Free: 080000114 

Email: info.faisalabad@caapakistan.com.pk 

Closest Hotels to Faisalabad International Airport

Many hotels exist for those looking for a convenient place to stay near the New Faisalabad International Airport. Visitors can reserve a room at one of the numerous hotels near the Airport. Here are some of the top hotels that offer excellent service and amenities:  

Silk Hotel 

Located 13.6 Kilometers from Location of Faisalabad Airport, you can get in touch with the reputable Silk Hotel. It has modern décor, elegant furnishings in its rooms and suites, and a restaurant offering delicious Continental breakfast. Room service, free Wi-Fi, a shared lounge, and other amenities are available at this establishment. A guest can take advantage of the front desk’s 24-hour availability, a kitchenette, and currency exchange options. Moreover, you can shop your heart out in nearby Kohinoor One and Sitara Mall.  

Location: Susan Road, Medina Town 

Contact: 0306 7222232 

OXYGYM Club Hotel and Suites 

This accommodation is a luxurious five-star hotel featuring high-quality rooms and suites with great views, an on-site restaurant, Continental Breakfast, and a fitness club. This hotel offers all the comforts and amenities that the top hotels offer. It is the best place near Faisalabad Airport to enjoy special gatherings. They can organize special events like anniversaries, Honeymoons, and birthday parties.  

Location: Sargodha Road, Shadman Town 

Contact: 0321 7272141 

Interesting Facts about the City of Faisalabad  

Surprisingly, Faisalabad produces around 20% of Pakistan’s annual GDP. Agriculture accounts for about 21% of the GDP of Faisalabad. Having its location alongside the banks of the river Chenab, Faisalabad is a source of a variety of food products, including: 

  • Sugarcane 
  • Fruits 
  • Vegetables 
  • Cotton 
  • Wheat 
  • Maize 
  1. Known for its manufactured products, Faisalabad is the epicenter of athletic products and textiles. The city is famous as the Manchester of Pakistan due to its creation of high-quality export items. 
  2. After Karachi and Lahore, Faisalabad is Pakistan’s third most densely populated city. It has a total population of 2,506,595 people. The inhabitants of Faisalabad are diligent, devoted, and self-reliant. Because of this, the people of Faisalabad are proud of their city. 
  3. The Government has developed Numerous universities in this region due to Faisalabad’s booming textile and agricultural industries. These consist of the following: 
  • University of Agriculture 
  • National Textile University 
  • Government College University 


When was Faisalabad airport built?  

Found in the early 1950s, Faisalabad Airport is one of Pakistan’s most famous airports. CAA concluded the renovation of the entire Terminal building in 2018. The Faisalabad Airport presently serves as the main gateway for our national airline’s flag carrier and numerous other commercial airlines and foreign flights. 

When to arrive for your flight? 

It depends on the time of your flight and your destination. These are the primary factors because there are always a lot of travelers in the vicinity of the Airport. We advise arriving at least two hours before takeoff if you travel domestically from Faisalabad Airport. Transfers occur as per a relatively rigid and drawn-out protocol for international flights. Therefore, arriving at least 4 hours before the scheduled takeoff time is preferable if you are about to fly abroad.  


To better serve you and guarantee a comfortable travel experience, Faisalabad International Airport provides exceptional services, first-rate amenities, and airlines operating globally. In addition to these amenities, a VIP lounge and on-site restaurants offer travelers the traditional food of Pakistan. Moreover, the PCAA oversees all ground-handling activities at this Airport to ensure everything runs well. Whether you drive or fly to Faisalabad, several options meet your needs and get you there.